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Updated on Sep 20, 2023 13:23
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! We've brought together the brightest stars in the world of female talk-show hosts, and now it's time for you to have your say. From daytime queens to late-night legends, these remarkable women have entertained, informed, and inspired millions of viewers. But, who's the most famous of them all? That's where you come in! Cast your vote for your favorite talk-show maven, or suggest a missing icon who deserves to be in the spotlight. Will the reigning champion keep her crown, or will an underdog take the lead? It's time to make your voice heard, and together, we'll determine who truly rules the airwaves. Join the conversation and let the world know who you think is the most famous female talk-show host!

Who Is the Most Famous Female Talk-show Host? (September 2023)

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    Oprah Winfrey
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    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey
    She is considered the queen of talk shows, having hosted The Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 years. She is known for her interviews with celebrities, politicians, and everyday people. Oprah has also been a philanthropist and media mogul.
    Oprah Winfrey is a highly successful American media executive, talk show host, television producer, actress, and philanthropist. She is considered one of the most influential women in the world of entertainment.
    • Birth Date: January 29, 1954
    • Birth Place: Kosciusko, Mississippi, U.S.
    • Career Start: The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986-2011)
    • Net Worth: Approximately $2.6 billion (as of 2020)
    • Awards: Multiple Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom
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    Ellen DeGeneres
    Toglenn · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres
    Ellen is a comedian, actress, and host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her show features celebrity interviews, games, and giveaways. She is also known for her philanthropy and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.
    Ellen DeGeneres is a well-known American television host, comedian, actress, writer, and producer. She is widely renowned for her charismatic personality, humor, and immense talent. Ellen exudes a captivating aura of confidence, gracefulness, and intelligent wit, making her admired by people from all walks of life.
    • Age: Born on January 26, 1958 (currently 63 years old)
    • Career: Television host, comedian, actress, writer, producer
    • Famous Shows: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    • Awards: Multiple Primetime Emmy Awards, People's Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and more
    • Philanthropy: Supporter of various charities and organizations, including The Trevor Project and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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    Barbara was a journalist and anchor of ABC News. She also hosted The View and 20/20, and is known for her interviews with politicians and world leaders.
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    Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks
    Tyra is a model, actress, and host of The Tyra Banks Show. She is known for her empowering messages to young women and her philanthropic work.
    Tyra Banks is a highly successful American supermodel, television personality, producer, actress, and entrepreneur. She is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry.
    • Birth Name: Tyra Lynne Banks
    • Birthdate: December 4, 1973
    • Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
    • Nationality: American
    • Agency: IMG Models
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    Chelsea Handler
    David Shankbone · CC BY 3.0
    Chelsea is a comedian, actress, and host of Chelsea Lately. Her show features celebrity interviews and comedic commentary on pop culture. She is also an author and activist.
  6. 6
    Wendy is a radio and television host of The Wendy Williams Show. Her show features celebrity news and interviews, as well as hot topics and gossip. She is also an author and actress.
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    Rachel Ray
    Anthony Trollope · Public domain
    Rachel is a television personality and chef, and host of The Rachel Ray Show. Her show features cooking segments, celebrity interviews, and lifestyle topics. She is also an author and philanthropist.
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    Kelly is a television host and actress, and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. She has also appeared on numerous television shows and films.
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    Joan Rivers
    Harry Langdon · Public domain
    Joan was a comedian, actress, and host of The Joan Rivers Show. She was known for her sharp wit and controversial humor. She was also a fashion critic and author.
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    Although not a female talk-show host, Conan is known for his support of women in the industry and has had numerous female guests on his show. He is a comedian and host of Conan. He is also a writer and producer.
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