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Updated on May 25, 2024 07:48
When considering the influential musical family of DeBarge, opinions often vary on who stands out the most. Each member has contributed uniquely to the music industry, making it challenging to pinpoint the most prominent. By establishing a ranking based on popular vote, this approach offers clarity and a collective voice to decide who truly shines brightest among them. This method of ranking engages fans and music enthusiasts alike, allowing each voter to partake in celebrating the DeBarge legacy. Your votes help determine the order and reflect the collective admiration for their contributions to music. Engage in this interactive environment to cast your vote and see how your opinion stacks up against others.

Who Is the Most Famous Member of the DeBarge Family?

  1. 1

    El DeBarge

    El DeBarge is a singer-songwriter and musician, known for his falsetto voice. He was the lead singer of the family's group, DeBarge, and enjoyed success with hits like 'Rhythm of the Night.'
    • Notable Solo Hit: 'Who's Johnny'
    • Grammy Nominations: Multiple
  2. 2

    Chico DeBarge

    Chico DeBarge is a solo R&B/soul singer and a younger brother in the DeBarge family. He is known for his hit single 'Talk to Me' and has carved out a successful solo career despite personal challenges.
    • Notable Hit: 'Talk to Me'
    • Album: 'Long Time No See'
  3. 3

    Bobby DeBarge

    Bobby DeBarge was the lead singer of the R&B/funk band Switch and an older brother to the members of DeBarge. He was known for his remarkable falsetto voice.
    • Band: Switch
    • Vocal Range: Falsetto
  4. 4

    James DeBarge

    James DeBarge was a member of the DeBarge family band, known for his contributions to the group's success. He gained additional fame through his brief marriage to pop icon Janet Jackson.
    • Marriage to Janet Jackson: 1984
    • Instrument: Keyboards
  5. 5

    Bunny DeBarge

    Bunny DeBarge is the only female sibling in the DeBarge family band. She is best known for her work with the group and her solo career, including the hit single 'Save the Best for Me (Best of Your Lovin').'
    • Album: 'In Love'
    • Family Role: Eldest sister
  6. 6

    Randy DeBarge

    Randy DeBarge is one of the members of the family band DeBarge, contributing to the group's vocal harmonies and success in the music industry.
    • Group Role: Vocals and bass guitar
    • Notable Group Hit: 'All This Love'
  7. 7

    Tommy DeBarge

    Tommy DeBarge was a founding member of the R&B/funk band Switch before joining his siblings in DeBarge. He played bass and provided background vocals.
    • Original Band: Switch
    • Instrument: Bass guitar
  8. 8

    Mark DeBarge

    Mark DeBarge played the trumpet and contributed vocals for the family band DeBarge. He was part of the group's rise to fame in the 1980s.
    • Instrument: Trumpet
    • Notable Group Hit: 'Time Will Reveal'
  9. 9

    Kristinia DeBarge

    Kristinia DeBarge is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the daughter of James DeBarge and gained fame with her hit single 'Goodbye.'
    • Hit Single: 'Goodbye'
    • Debut Album: 'Exposed'
  10. 10

    Etterlene 'Mama' DeBarge

    Etterlene DeBarge, known as 'Mama' DeBarge, is the matriarch of the DeBarge family. She is a singer, songwriter, and the author of the book 'Other Side of the Pain' which discusses her family's history.
    • Book: 'Other Side of the Pain'
    • Contribution: Family's musical foundation

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Additional Information

More about the Most Famous Member of the DeBarge Family

The DeBarge family made waves in the music industry during the 1980s. They are known for their soulful sound and catchy melodies. The family band, DeBarge, had several hits that climbed the charts. Their music blended pop, R&B, and soul, creating a unique sound that resonated with many.

The DeBarge family grew up in Detroit, Michigan. They later moved to Grand Rapids. Music was a big part of their lives from an early age. They sang in church and at family gatherings. Their father, a minister, encouraged their musical talents.

The family signed with Motown Records in the late 1970s. This was a big break for them. Motown was home to many famous artists. The DeBarge family fit right in. Their first few albums did well, but it was their third album that made them stars. It featured several hit singles that are still popular today.

One member stood out from the rest. This person had a voice that could melt hearts. They often took the lead on the group's biggest hits. Their charisma and talent made them a fan favorite. They also wrote many of the group's songs, showcasing their skill as a songwriter.

Despite their success, the DeBarge family faced many challenges. Fame brought pressure and scrutiny. Personal struggles and family issues often made headlines. These challenges took a toll on the family and their careers.

The standout member of the DeBarge family also pursued a solo career. This move proved successful. Their solo albums received critical acclaim and produced several hit singles. Their voice and style continued to captivate audiences.

The DeBarge family left a lasting impact on the music industry. Their songs remain beloved by fans old and new. The standout member's contributions to music are especially noteworthy. Their talent and charisma helped define the sound of an era.

Though the family faced many hardships, their music continues to inspire. The standout member's legacy lives on through their songs. Their voice remains a symbol of the DeBarge family's enduring appeal.

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