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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 20, 2024 07:12
Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for the hottest polls and rankings! Today, we're turning up the heat with an exciting ranking showdown featuring the fabulous members of Fifth Harmony. It's time to settle the debate once and for all - Who is the most famous member of this sensational girl band? From their powerhouse vocals to their stunning looks, each member has left an indelible mark on the world of music. But who will take the crown in this epic battle of fame and talent? It's time to make your voice heard and cast your vote for your favorite Fifth Harmony member or suggest an option if you think we've missed someone. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this thrilling ranking and let the harmonizing begin!

Who Is the Most Famous Member of Fifth Harmony?

  1. 1

    Camila Cabello

    Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao
    She is the most well-known member of Fifth Harmony, having left the group in 2016 to pursue a successful solo career.
    Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter known for her pop and Latin-influenced music. She gained prominence as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony before launching a successful solo career.
    • Date of Birth: March 3, 1997
    • Place of Birth: Cojimar, Havana, Cuba
    • Genres: Pop, Latin pop
    • Debut Album: Camila (2018)
    • Hit Songs: Havana, SeƱorita, Never Be the Same
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  2. 2
    She has gained immense popularity after leaving the group and releasing hit singles like "Motivation" and collaborating with artists like Khalid and Sam Smith.
  3. 3
    Lauren Jauregui
    Karen Cante · CC BY 2.0
    She is a popular member of the group and has released solo music as well.
  4. 4
    Ally Brooke
    Natanya Hansen · CC BY 2.0
    She has also released solo music and has been a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.
  5. 5
    Dinah Jane
    Natanya Hansen · CC BY 2.0
    She has also released solo music and has collaborated with artists like Ty Dolla $ign.
  6. 6

    Fifth Harmony

    Simon Cowell
    As a group, they were extremely popular and successful, having released multiple hit singles and albums.
    Fifth Harmony is an American girl group that gained popularity through the reality TV show 'The X Factor' in 2012. They are known for their energetic performances and harmony-driven pop music.
    • Formation: Formed on the second season of 'The X Factor' in 2012
    • Members: Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello
    • Debut Album: Reflection (2015)
    • Breakout Hit: Worth It (2015)
    • Popular Songs: Work from Home, All in My Head (Flex), Down, and more
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  7. 7
    He was the creator and mentor behind Fifth Harmony, having formed the group on his show, The X Factor.
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  8. 8
    She was a mentor to the group during their time on The X Factor and has collaborated with them on multiple occasions.
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  9. 9
    She co-wrote Fifth Harmony's hit song "Sledgehammer" and has collaborated with them on other projects.
  10. 10

    Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande
    She has praised Fifth Harmony in the past and has collaborated with them on projects like the song "All In My Head (Flex)".
    Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame with her powerful vocals, wide vocal range, and catchy pop songs. Grande is known for her distinctive high ponytail, youthful image, and intricate vocal harmonies. She has achieved significant commercial success and has won numerous awards in her career.
    • Vocal Range: 4 octaves
    • Albums: 6 studio albums
    • Billboard Hot 100 Hits: 20 top 10 hits
    • Grammy Awards: 1 Grammy Award
    • MTV Video Music Awards: 4 awards
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Fifth Harmony is a girl group that originated from the second season of the American version of the reality singing competition show, The X Factor. The group was formed in 2012 and consisted of five members: Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello. Fifth Harmony gained popularity through their catchy pop songs and impressive vocal harmonies. They released three studio albums before announcing their indefinite hiatus in 2018, much to the dismay of their devoted fanbase. Each of the members of Fifth Harmony has gone on to pursue solo careers, but they continue to be remembered and celebrated as a group. In this poll, we ask the question: who is the most famous member of Fifth Harmony? It's a tough call, as each of the girls has made a name for herself in the music industry. But we want to hear your opinion!

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