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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! As a proud home to thousands of polls and rankings on diverse subjects, we invite you to participate in an exciting quest to determine the most famous person hailing from Jonesboro, Arkansas! Renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, Jonesboro has produced an array of influential figures who have left an indelible mark on various fields. From Hollywood stars to celebrated athletes, the list of contenders is truly impressive. So, who do you think deserves the top spot? Cast your vote now or suggest a missing name to make this ranking as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Let's come together to celebrate the talent and success of Jonesboro's finest and discover who truly stands out as the most eminent personality from this charming city! Dive in and let the voting begin!

Who Is the Most Famous Person from Jonesboro, Arkansas?

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    The drummer and singer for The Band, Levon Helm was born in Elaine, Arkansas, but he grew up in nearby Turkey Scratch and attended high school in Jonesboro. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and respected musicians of his generation.
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    John Grisham
    Scott Brenner · CC BY 2.0
    The bestselling author of legal thrillers such as "The Firm" and "A Time to Kill," John Grisham was born in Jonesboro and grew up in nearby Southaven, Mississippi. He has sold over 300 million books worldwide and has had many of his works adapted into successful films.
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    The Emmy Award-winning actor and environmental activist, Woody Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas, but he grew up in Lebanon, Ohio, and later attended college at Hanover College in Indiana before moving to New York City to pursue acting. He lived in Jonesboro for a time in the early 1980s and worked as a DJ at a local radio station.
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    Beth Ditto
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    The lead singer of the indie rock band Gossip, Beth Ditto was born and raised in Searcy, Arkansas, but she moved to Olympia, Washington, in the late 1990s to join the punk rock scene there. She attended college in Jonesboro for a short time before dropping out to pursue music full-time.
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    The former co-owner of Stax Records, Al Bell was born in Brinkley, Arkansas, but he later moved to Jonesboro to attend Arkansas State University. He played a key role in the success of Stax in the 1960s and 1970s, helping to produce classic soul hits by artists like Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, and Sam & Dave.
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    The award-winning author of novels such as "The Brief History of the Dead" and "The Illumination," Kevin Brockmeier was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, but he attended college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. He has been praised for his imaginative and lyrical writing style.
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    The actor best known for his roles in films like "American Beauty" and "The Hunger Games," Wes Bentley was born and raised in Jonesboro. He got his start in acting by attending a summer program at Juilliard in New York City and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood.
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    The comic book artist known for his work on titles such as "Daredevil" and "Batman," Scott McDaniel was born and raised in Jonesboro. He got his start in the industry by working on independent comics before landing a job at Marvel Comics in the early 1990s.
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    Although he was not born in Jonesboro, Bill Clinton attended high school in nearby Hot Springs, Arkansas, and he later attended college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. He went on to become the 42nd President of the United States, serving from 1993 to 2001.
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    The former Governor of Arkansas from 2007 to 2015, Mike Beebe was born and raised in Amagon, Arkansas, but he later attended college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. He served in the Arkansas State Senate and as the state's Attorney General before being elected governor in 2006.

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