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Who Is the Most Famous Pittsburgh Penguin?

  1. 1
    Mario Lemieux is widely regarded as one of the greatest hockey players of all time, Lemieux led the Penguins to two Stanley Cup championships and was a six-time NHL scoring champion.
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    Sidney Crosby
    Michael Miller · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Sidney Crosby is the current captain of the Penguins and a three-time Stanley Cup champion, Crosby has won multiple NHL awards and is widely considered one of the best players of his generation.
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    Jaromir Jagr is a former Penguin who won two Stanley Cup championships with the team, Jagr is one of the most prolific scorers in NHL history and has played for multiple teams over a long and successful career.
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    Evgeni Malkin
    Michael Miller · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Evgeni Malkin is a two-time Stanley Cup champion and former NHL scoring champion, Malkin has been a key player for the Penguins since he joined the team in 2006.
  5. 5
    Ron Francis is a former Penguin who was a member of two Stanley Cup championship teams, Francis was one of the best two-way players in NHL history and is now the general manager of the Seattle Kraken.
  6. 6
    Paul Coffey is a Hall of Fame defenseman who won a Stanley Cup with the Penguins in 1991, Coffey was one of the best offensive defensemen in NHL history and played for multiple teams over a long career.
  7. 7
    Kris Letang
    Michael Miller · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Kris Letang is the current Penguins defenseman and a three-time NHL All-Star, Letang has been a key player for the team since he joined in 2006 and has won multiple awards and accolades.
  8. 8
    Tom Barrasso is a former Penguins goaltender who won two Stanley Cup championships with the team, Barrasso was one of the best goalies of his era and played for multiple teams over a long career.
  9. 9
    Marc-Andre Fleury
    Michael Miller · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Marc-Andre Fleury is a former Penguin who won three Stanley Cup championships with the team, Fleury is one of the best goalies of his generation and has played for multiple teams over a long and successful career.
  10. 10
    Bryan Trottier
    Horge · CC BY 3.0
    Bryan Trottier is a former Penguin who won two Stanley Cup championships with the team, Trottier was one of the best centers in NHL history and played for multiple teams over a long and successful career.
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Ranking factors for famous Pittsburgh Penguin

  1. On-Ice Performance
    The player's skill, achievements, and contributions to the team's success are significant factors. This can include accolades like individual awards, championships won, scoring records, and statistical accomplishments.
  2. Team Legacy
    The impact the player had on the team's history and overall success is crucial. This includes considering their leadership abilities, role within the team, and how they contributed to the Penguins' brand and identity.
  3. Popularity and Fan Base
    The player's popularity among Penguins fans, as well as their overall recognition and appeal to a broader audience, should be considered. This can be influenced by factors such as their playing style, personality, community involvement, and marketability.
  4. Longevity and Loyalty
    The length of time the player spent with the Penguins and their level of commitment to the team can also be significant. The more seasons a player has spent with the team, the greater the opportunity to leave a lasting impact and develop a dedicated fan base.
  5. Cultural Impact
    The player's impact on the sport of hockey and popular culture can also be taken into account. This includes factors such as media coverage, endorsements, philanthropy, and how they helped grow the game or influenced future players.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the most successful teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), having won five Stanley Cup championships. The team has had many talented players over the years, but who is the most famous Pittsburgh Penguin? The answer to this question is subjective and can vary depending on who you ask. However, there are a few players who stand out as some of the most iconic and beloved Penguins in franchise history. From Mario Lemieux, who led the team to two Stanley Cup victories as a player and another as an owner, to Sidney Crosby, who has won three Stanley Cups and numerous individual awards, the Pittsburgh Penguins have had no shortage of superstar players. Other notable Penguins include Jaromir Jagr, who won two Stanley Cups with the team, and Evgeni Malkin, who has won two Stanley Cups and a Hart Trophy as the NHL's most valuable player. Regardless of who you believe is the most famous Penguin, one thing is clear: the Pittsburgh Penguins have a storied history and a legacy of greatness that continues to this day.

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