The Most Famous Shakespeare Actor Alive: Celebrating Today's Theatrical Titans

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Updated on Feb 18, 2024 07:18
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate hub for showcasing your opinion on the world's most enthralling topics! Today, we bring you a riveting ranking that delves into the realm of thespians who have breathed life into the iconic works of the Bard. "Who is the most famous Shakespeare actor alive?" is the question we pose, and we're counting on you to share your insights and cast your vote for the actor who you believe has masterfully portrayed the legendary characters penned by Shakespeare. From the regal allure of Hamlet to the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet, these actors have graced the stage and screen, captivating audiences with their sublime performances. So, immerse yourself in this engaging discourse, vote for your favorite, suggest a missing maestro in the comments, and let the best Shakespearean actor bask in the glory of your collective applause — all on StrawPoll!

Who Is the Most Famous Shakespeare Actor Alive?

  1. 1
    He is a world-renowned actor and has played numerous Shakespearean roles throughout his career. He is known for his portrayal of King Lear and Macbeth.
    Sir Ian McKellen in other rankings
  2. 2
    He is a celebrated actor and director who has directed and acted in several Shakespearean adaptations. He is known for his portrayal of Henry V, Hamlet, and Macbeth.
    Kenneth Branagh in other rankings
  3. 3
    She is a legendary actress who has played several Shakespearean roles in stage productions and film adaptations. She is known for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth and Titania.
    Judi Dench in other rankings
  4. 4
    He is a highly respected actor who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Macbeth and Othello. He is also known for his portrayal of Prospero in The Tempest.
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    Patrick Stewart in other rankings
  5. 5
    Tom Hiddleston
    Gage Skidmore · CC BY-SA 2.0
    He is a talented actor who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Coriolanus and Prince Hal in Henry IV. He is also known for his portrayal of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    Tom Hiddleston in other rankings
  6. 6
    David Tennant
    Rhododendrites · CC BY-SA 4.0
    He is a versatile actor who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Hamlet and Richard II. He is also known for his portrayal of the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.
    David Tennant in other rankings
  7. 7
    Mark Rylance
    Georges Biard · CC BY-SA 3.0
    He is a highly respected stage actor who has won several awards for his performances in Shakespearean plays. He is known for his portrayal of Richard III and Olivia in Twelfth Night.
  8. 8
    Derek Jacobi
    Kontrola · CC BY-SA 3.0
    He is a legendary actor who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Hamlet and Malvolio in Twelfth Night. He is also known for his portrayal of the Master in Doctor Who.
  9. 9
    He is a highly respected actor who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Coriolanus and Richard III. He is also known for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter film series.
    Ralph Fiennes in other rankings
  10. 10
    Emma Thompson
    Elena Ternovaja · CC BY-SA 3.0
    She is a highly respected actress who has played several Shakespearean roles, including Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew. She is also known for her roles in films such as Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually.
    Emma Thompson in other rankings

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Ranking factors for famous alive

  1. Body of work
    The actor's repertoire of Shakespearean roles and the range of characters they have portrayed.
  2. Critical acclaim
    The recognition and positive feedback received from theater critics and scholars for their performances of Shakespearean roles.
  3. Popularity and audience appeal
    The actor's ability to draw large audiences and maintain a dedicated fan base.
  4. Awards and honors
    Recognition in the form of prestigious theater awards or nominations for Shakespearean performances.
  5. Versatility
    The actor's ability to successfully perform a variety of Shakespearean genres (comedies, tragedies, historical plays).
  6. Longevity and experience
    The actor's sustained presence in the theater industry and the number of years they have dedicated to performing Shakespeare.
  7. Artistic interpretation
    The actor's ability to bring a fresh and unique perspective to Shakespeare's works, injecting their own creativity and interpretation into their performances.
  8. Impact and influence
    The actor's contribution to the broader understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare through their performances and engagement with the works.

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Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the greatest playwrights in history, and his works have been performed countless times across the globe. Many actors have taken on the challenge of bringing Shakespeare's characters to life, but only a select few have truly become synonymous with the Bard's work. From stage to screen, there have been numerous actors who have left an indelible mark on Shakespeare's plays. In this poll, we're asking the question: who is the most famous Shakespeare actor alive? It's a tough question to answer, as there are many talented actors who have given memorable performances of Shakespeare's iconic characters. However, we're excited to see who comes out on top in this poll, and to celebrate the actors who have helped to keep Shakespeare's legacy alive for generations to come.

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