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Step right into the world of Sophies, where fame and fabulousness collide! At StrawPoll, we've curated an exciting ranking of the most famous Sophies just waiting for your vote. From iconic actresses to trailblazing athletes, these sensational Sophies have made their mark in various fields, and now it's your turn to help us crown the ultimate Sophie! Can't find your favorite Sophie on our list? Don't fret! You can also suggest a missing option and watch her rise to stardom. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this Sophie extravaganza and cast your vote to help us determine who truly deserves the title of the most famous Sophie!

Who Is the Most Famous Sophie? (September 2023)

  1. 1
    Sophie Turner
    Dimitrios Kambouris · CC0
    Known for her role as Sansa Stark in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner is one of the most famous actresses of her generation. She has also starred in films like X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix.
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    Sophie Marceau
    Georges Biard · CC BY-SA 3.0
    A French actress, director, and screenwriter, Sophie Marceau is known for her roles in films like La Boum, Braveheart, and The World Is Not Enough. She has won numerous awards for her work in the film industry.
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  3. 3
    A British singer-songwriter, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is known for her hit songs like "Murder on the Dancefloor" and "Take Me Home". She has released several successful albums and has won numerous awards for her music.
  4. 4
    Sophie Scholl
    Figurator · CC BY-SA 4.0
    A German anti-Nazi activist, Sophie Scholl was a member of the White Rose resistance movement during World War II. She and her brother were arrested and executed for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets. She is now considered a symbol of resistance against totalitarianism.
  5. 5
    Sophie Germain
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    A French mathematician, Sophie Germain made important contributions to the study of number theory and was the first woman to win a prize from the Paris Academy of Sciences. She overcame many obstacles to pursue her passion for mathematics.
  6. 6
    A British actress, Sophie Okonedo has starred in films like Hotel Rwanda, The Secret Life of Bees, and After Earth. She has won numerous awards for her performances and is known for her versatility as an actress.
  7. 7
    A British author, Sophie Kinsella is known for her bestselling Shopaholic series of novels. She has also written several other successful books, including Can You Keep a Secret? and I've Got Your Number.
  8. 8
    The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is a mental health advocate and public speaker. She has also worked as a television host and journalist.
  9. 9
    Sophie Dee
    Toglenn · CC BY-SA 3.0
    A Welsh pornographic actress, Sophie Dee has won numerous awards for her work in the adult film industry. She has also appeared in mainstream films like The Hungover Games and The Frankenstein Theory.
  10. 10
    Sophie Taeuber-Arp
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    A Swiss artist and designer, Sophie Taeuber-Arp was a pioneer of the Dada movement and worked in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and textiles. She was also a teacher and played an important role in the development of modern art.

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    The notable achievements of a Sophie in their respective field, such as professional accolades, awards, or significant contributions to their industry.
  3. Cultural Impact
    The extent to which a Sophie has influenced popular culture, including their presence in media, representation, and their impact on wider society.
  4. Global Recognition
    The international recognition and appeal of a Sophie, considering factors like worldwide fan base, cross-cultural appeal, and brand endorsements.
  5. Historical Significance
    The historical relevance and impact of a Sophie, particularly in terms of their contributions to a specific era, movement, or revolution.
  6. Enduring Legacy
    The longevity and lasting impact of a Sophie's work or reputation over time, including their influence on future generations or their continued relevance in their respective field.
  7. These factors can help in assessing the fame and influence of different individuals named Sophie, considering a range of criteria from contemporary popularity to lasting historical significance.

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Sophie is a name that has been around for centuries and has been given to countless women across the globe. But who is the most famous Sophie? It's a question that has sparked debate and curiosity among many people. Some might argue that Sophie Turner, the actress who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, is the most famous. Others might say it's Sophie Marceau, the French actress who starred in several popular films. And of course, there's Sophie Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward and a member of the British royal family. Regardless of who you think is the most famous Sophie, there's no denying that the name has a rich history and has been associated with many accomplished and successful women. From actresses and musicians to politicians and royalty, there's a Sophie for everyone to admire and look up to. So the next time you hear the name Sophie, take a moment to appreciate all the amazing women who bear that name and the impact they've had on the world.