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Tamil culture is rich with influential figures ranging from revolutionary leaders and poets to pioneering scientists and artists. Identifying the most famous among them helps not only in acknowledging their contributions but also in inspiring the younger generations. Such recognition sheds light on the diverse talents and the heritage they have enriched through their lifetime achievements. This dynamic ranking responds to your votes to arrange Tamil personalities based on public perception and acclaim. By participating, you contribute to a broader acknowledgment of these individuals' impacts in various fields. Your engagement ensures that the list remains reflective of collective opinions and appreciation, providing a fresh perspective on what makes these personalities stand out.

Who Is the Most Famous Tamil Person?

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    A megastar in Indian cinema, particularly known for his work in Tamil films.
    • Real Name: Shivaji Rao Gaekwad
    • Debut Film: Apoorva Raagangal (1975)
  2. 2

    A. R. Rahman

    An internationally acclaimed composer, musician, and singer, known for his works in Tamil cinema and beyond.
    • Oscar Winning Film: Slumdog Millionaire
    • Original Name: A. S. Dileep Kumar
  3. 3

    Kamal Haasan

    An iconic actor, director, and producer in Indian cinema, known for his work in Tamil movies and his contributions to the film industry.
    • Debut as Child Actor: Kalathur Kannamma (1959)
    • Political Party: Makkal Needhi Maiam
  4. 4

    A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

    The 11th President of India, known as the Missile Man for his work in India's civilian space program and military missile development. Also, he hailed from Tamil Nadu.
    • Presidency Period: 2002-2007
    • Birthplace: Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
  5. 5


    A legendary composer, conductor, and songwriter in the Indian music industry, known for his revolutionary contributions to Tamil film music.
    • Songs Composed: Over 7000
    • Awards: Padma Vibhushan
  6. 6


    A leading actor in Tamil cinema, known for his charismatic screen presence and significant fan following.
    • Full Name: Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar
    • Debut as Lead Actor: Naalaiya Theerpu (1992)
  7. 7

    Sivaji Ganesan

    A legendary actor in Tamil cinema, known for his versatility and powerful performances in numerous films.
    • Real Name: Villupuram Chinnaiah Ganesan
    • Awards: Dadasaheb Phalke Award
  8. 8

    S. S. Rajamouli

    Although not Tamil by ethnicity, Rajamouli is one of India's most famous film directors, known for his work in Telugu cinema and pan-Indian films, including collaborations in Tamil.
    • Famous Film: Baahubali series
    • Awards: Padma Shri
  9. 9

    Sundar Pichai

    The CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., he is one of the most influential Tamil personalities in the global technology industry.
    • Alma Mater: IIT Kharagpur
    • Birthplace: Madurai, Tamil Nadu
  10. 10

    M. S. Dhoni

    Former captain of the Indian national cricket team, hailed from Ranchi, has a significant following in Tamil Nadu, particularly for his association with Chennai Super Kings in IPL.
    • IPL Team: Chennai Super Kings
    • World Cup Wins: T20 (2007), ODI (2011)

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More about the Most Famous Tamil Person

Rank #1 for the most famous Tamil person: Rajinikanth (Source)
Tamil Nadu has a rich history and culture. It has produced many famous individuals. These people have made significant contributions in various fields. Their work has left a lasting impact on society.

In the world of cinema, Tamil Nadu has a vibrant film industry. Many actors and directors from this region have gained fame. They have not only entertained but also inspired many. Their films often reflect social issues and cultural values. They have won numerous awards and accolades.

In the field of politics, Tamil Nadu has seen many influential leaders. These leaders have worked for the welfare of the people. They have introduced policies that have improved the lives of many. Their speeches and writings have inspired generations. They have played a crucial role in shaping the state's political landscape.

In literature, Tamil Nadu has a rich tradition. Many poets and writers from this region have gained recognition. Their works have been translated into many languages. They have won prestigious awards. Their writings often explore themes of love, justice, and human rights. They have contributed to the growth of Tamil literature.

In the field of music, Tamil Nadu has produced many renowned musicians. These artists have gained fame both in India and abroad. They have mastered various forms of music. Their performances have captivated audiences. They have received many awards and honors. Their work has enriched the world of music.

In the field of science, Tamil Nadu has produced many brilliant minds. These scientists have made significant contributions to various fields. Their research has led to important discoveries. They have received numerous awards and honors. Their work has advanced our understanding of the world.

In the field of sports, Tamil Nadu has produced many talented athletes. These sportsmen and women have represented India on the global stage. They have won many medals and trophies. Their achievements have inspired many young people. They have brought glory to the nation.

Tamil Nadu has a rich cultural heritage. This heritage is reflected in the achievements of its people. They have excelled in various fields. Their work has left a lasting impact on society. They continue to inspire future generations. Their contributions are a source of pride for the region.

The people of Tamil Nadu are known for their hard work and dedication. They have a strong sense of community. They value education and strive for excellence. Their achievements are a testament to their perseverance and determination. They have made significant contributions to the world.

Tamil Nadu continues to produce talented individuals. These people are making their mark in various fields. They are carrying forward the legacy of their predecessors. Their achievements are a source of inspiration for many. They are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.

The contributions of these individuals have enriched society. They have left a lasting impact on the world. Their work continues to inspire and motivate others. They are a source of pride for Tamil Nadu. Their legacy will continue to live on for generations to come.

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