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Updated on Apr 14, 2024 06:44
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate destination for passionate Borderlands 3 players! If you've ever felt the thrill of unleashing chaos as your favorite character, it's time to make your voice heard in our explosive ranking of "What is the most fun character to play in Borderlands 3?" Join thousands of fellow Vault Hunters and cast your vote for the most exhilarating, action-packed character in this epic adventure. Not seeing your top pick on the list? Don't worry, you can suggest a missing option and rally support for your favorite gunslinger. So, gear up, grab your guns, and let the battle commence as we settle the score and crown the ultimate Borderlands 3 badass!

What Is the Most Fun Character to Play in Borderlands 3?

  1. 1
    Her Iron Bear mech is incredibly fun to use and can be customized with different weapons and mods. Plus, her Bottomless Mags skill tree allows her to fire endlessly without reloading.
    Moze is a playable character in Borderlands 3, focusing on her mech suit called Iron Bear. Created by Gearbox Software, Moze offers a unique and fun playstyle with her heavy artillery and explosive abilities.
    • Action Skill: Iron Bear
    • Build Type: Mechanical Soldier
    • Explosive Arsenal: Specializes in explosive weapons
    • Bottomless Mags: Never has to reload
    • Demolition Woman: Boosts grenade damage
  2. 2
    Zane's Digi-Clone and Barrier abilities make him a versatile character, and his Hitman skill tree allows him to deal massive damage with his guns.
    Zane is an agile and versatile operative in Borderlands 3. He relies on his unique abilities to blend in and wreak havoc on his enemies. With a touch of Irish charm and a range of high-tech gadgets, Zane is a charismatic character that brings a mix of offense and defense to any battle.
    • Action Skills: Zane can use three different Action Skills: Digi-Clone, SNTNL drone, and Barrier.
    • Under Cover: Zane has a skill tree that emphasizes defensive capabilities and shield regeneration.
    • Hitman: Zane has a skill tree that enhances his gunplay and damage output.
    • Double Agent: Zane has a skill tree that focuses on his ability to deceive enemies and generate chaos on the battlefield.
    • Skill Augmentations: Zane can choose from various skill augmentations that modify and enhance his Action Skills.
  3. 3
    FL4K's pets, including a Skag and a Spiderant, add an extra element of fun to combat. Plus, his Hunter skill tree allows him to deal massive critical hit damage.
    FL4K is a versatile and deadly character in Borderlands 3. Also known as the Beastmaster, FL4K is a master of employing a variety of powerful pets to aid in combat. With a unique playstyle focused on pet management and long-range sniping, FL4K offers an exhilarating and strategic gameplay experience.
    • Action Skill: Fade Away - FL4K becomes invisible, gains a damage boost, and generates a copy of themselves that draws enemy fire.
    • Skill Trees: Hunter, Master, and Stalker
    • Pet Options: FL4K can choose from three different pets: Spiderant, Skag, and Jabber.
    • Critical Damage: FL4K excels at dealing critical hits and has specific skills to boost critical damage.
    • Precision Shot: FL4K's skill trees offer various abilities to enhance long-range precision shots.
  4. 4
    Amara's Siren abilities allow her to control the battlefield, with skills like Phasegrasp and Phaseslam. Plus, her Brawler skill tree allows her to deal massive melee damage.
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  5. 5
    While not originally included in Borderlands 3, Krieg was added as DLC in the Director's Cut. His Psycho abilities, including his Buzz Axe Rampage, make him a chaotic and fun character to play.
  6. 6
    Another DLC character, Tina is a fan-favorite NPC from previous Borderlands games. Her Bunkers & Badasses skill tree allows her to summon creatures and deal explosive damage.
    Tina is a character in Borderlands 3 who brings a unique and whimsical playstyle to the game. Inspired by the eccentric character Tiny Tina from previous Borderlands titles, Tina delivers explosive mayhem with a touch of unpredictability.
    • Playstyle: Ranged explosives and elemental damage
    • Action Skill: Double Dynamite - Throws multiple explosive projectiles that deal massive damage
    • Skill Tree : Demolition Expert, bringing enhanced explosive capabilities
    • Unique Mechanic: Triggering random effects with explosive attacks
    • Passive Skill: Explosions have a chance to spawn additional projectiles
  7. 7
    While not a new character, Axton returns in Borderlands 3 as a playable character in the Designer's Cut DLC. His Commando abilities, including his Sabre Turret, make him a great support character.
  8. 8
    Another returning character, Salvador was added as DLC in the Director's Cut. His Gunzerker abilities allow him to dual-wield weapons and deal massive damage.
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  9. 9
    Like Axton and Salvador, Maya returns in Borderlands 3 as a playable character in the Designer's Cut DLC. Her Siren abilities, including her Phasecast and Phaselock, make her a great crowd-control character.
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  10. 10
    Gaige returns in Borderlands 3 as a non-playable character, but can be summoned as a pet by Moze. Her Mechromancer abilities, including her Deathtrap robot, make her a fun and unique character.
    Gaige is a playable character in Borderlands 3, also known as Mechromancer. She was created by Gearbox Software. Gaige is known for her ability to summon a flying robot companion called Deathtrap, who aids her in battle. She is a fun and unique character to play, offering a different playstyle compared to other vault hunters.
    • Action Skill: Summon Deathtrap
    • Skill Tree: Best Friends Forever, Little Big Trouble, Ordered Chaos
    • Playstyle: Pet-focused, with crowd control and elemental damage
    • Unique Ability: Anarchy stacks mechanic
    • Weapons: SMGs, shotguns, and pistols

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Ranking factors for fun character

  1. Playstyle
    Consider the playstyle you enjoy the most, whether it's aggressive, long-range, support, or defensive. Each character has a unique skill tree and abilities that cater to different styles of play.
  2. Character personality
    Each character in Borderlands 3 comes with their own unique personality, dialogue, and backstory. You may prefer a character that has a personality you find entertaining or relatable.
  3. Solo vs. Co-op play
    Consider if you mostly play solo or with friends in co-op mode. Some characters might have skills and abilities that shine more in solo play, while others may excel at team-focused strategies in co-op.
  4. Versatility and adaptability
    Characters that offer versatility and can adapt to various situations in the game might be considered more fun to play. It's worth examining the character's complete skill trees to see which offer a good mix of abilities, allowing you to adapt to different circumstances.
  5. Difficulty and learning curve
    Some characters may take more time to master than others due to the complexity of their playstyle or abilities. If you enjoy a challenge and want to spend time learning a character's nuances, this might factor into your choice. Similarly, if you want a more casual experience, you may prefer a character with a simpler playstyle.
  6. Aesthetics and design
    The visual appearance and design aspects of the character might also influence your choice. A character's outfit, weapon, and overall look can contribute to the enjoyment of playing them.
  7. Synergy with other characters
    If you often play in a group, it might be useful to choose a character that complements the other characters in your team, creating synergistic interactions and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  8. Build variety
    Characters that offer a diverse range of potential builds (different combinations of skills, abilities, and perks) might be considered more fun to play, as they allow for different gameplay approaches and experimentation.

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Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the fourth main entry in the Borderlands series and was released in September 2019. The game takes place in a fictional universe where players take on the role of a Vault Hunter, a person who seeks out ancient alien vaults filled with treasures and technology. Borderlands 3 features a vast array of playable characters, each with their unique personalities, abilities, and playstyles. The game offers four initial playable characters, with additional characters available through downloadable content. Each character has a unique skill tree that allows players to customize their abilities and playstyle further. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide on the most fun character to play in Borderlands 3. However, players often gravitate towards characters that match their preferred playstyle, whether it be aggressive and up-close combat or long-range sniping. Ultimately, the most fun character to play in Borderlands 3 is subjective and varies from player to player.

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