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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Sep 23, 2023 07:20
Step right up, typing aficionados and keyboard conquerors! It's time to put your finger-flexing skills to the ultimate test with our latest ranking of "What is the most fun typing game?". At StrawPoll, we've curated a diverse and electrifying list of the best typing games that are sure to challenge your agility, accuracy, and speed. But it doesn't end there - we want YOU to have a say! Cast your vote for your all-time favorite or throw in a wildcard by suggesting a hidden gem we might have missed. Join the frenzy and help us crown the ultimate typing game champion, while discovering new ways to hone your skills and have a blast! Don't let your fingers rest; click through and let the games begin!

What Is the Most Fun Typing Game? (September 2023)

  1. 1
    This game is a spin-off of the House of the Dead series and replaces shooting zombies with typing words to defeat them. It's a unique and entertaining way to improve your typing skills.
    The Typing of the Dead is a unique and fun typing game that takes the traditional light gun arcade game, The House of the Dead, and replaces the guns with keyboards. It challenges players to type out words and phrases to defeat hordes of zombies and other monstrous creatures.
    • Genre: Typing, Arcade
    • Platform: Windows, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC
    • Release Date: 1999
    • Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    • Number of players: 1-2
  2. 2
    Nitro Type
    Americanknowledge96 · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Nitro Type, LLC.
    This typing game is all about racing cars. Players type as fast as they can to make their car go faster and beat their opponents. It's a fun way to compete with others while improving your typing speed.
    Nitro Type is a fun and competitive online typing game where players can race against each other to improve their typing speed and accuracy. The goal is to type out a given phrase or sentence as quickly and correctly as possible.
    • Customizable Cars: Players can earn in-game currency and use it to upgrade and customize their cars.
    • Player vs. Player Competition: Players can compete against others in real-time racing battles.
    • Leaderboards and Rankings: Players can track their progress and compete for the top spot on the leaderboards.
    • Nitros and Power-Ups: Players can use nitros and power-ups to gain an advantage in races.
    • Achievements and Badges: Players can earn achievements and badges for reaching milestones and completing challenges.
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    TypeRacer LLC
    This game allows players to race against other typists to see who can type a specific phrase the fastest. It's a great way to challenge yourself and improve your accuracy.
    TypeRacer is an online typing game that allows players to improve their typing skills while competing against others in a race. Users can join or create races and type a given paragraph as fast as possible, accurately matching the displayed text. The game provides an interactive and engaging way to practice typing speed and accuracy.
    • Platform: Web-based
    • Multiplayer: Yes
    • Game Modes: Individual and team races
    • Text Library: Large collection of diverse paragraphs
    • Race Format: Real-time race against other players
  4. 4

    Typing Maniac

    This game is all about typing words as fast as possible to prevent bombs from exploding. It's a fast-paced and exciting game that will test your typing skills.
    Typing Maniac is a fast-paced typing game that challenges players to type words or random letters as quickly as possible. It offers an addictive and fun experience for improving typing speed and accuracy.
    • Game Modes: Single-player and multiplayer modes available
    • Difficulty Levels: Multiple difficulty levels to cater to different skill levels
    • Word Categories: Wide range of word categories to keep the game engaging
    • Time Attacks: Challenging time attack modes that add excitement
    • Leaderboards: Online leaderboards to compare scores with other players
  5. 5


    Dominic Szablewski
    This game is a space shooter where players type words to shoot down enemy spaceships. It's a fun and challenging game that will improve your typing accuracy.
    ZType is an exciting and addictive typing game. Players are required to type words that appear on the screen in order to shoot down enemy spaceships. The game offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that combines fast-paced action with typing skills.
    • Platform: Web browser
    • Genre: Typing
    • Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
    • Modes: Single-player
    • Controls: Keyboard
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  6. 6
    Diego Delso · CC BY-SA 4.0


    This game is a combination of typing and Tetris. Players type words to make blocks fall and create rows. It's a creative and entertaining way to practice typing.
    KeyBricks is a captivating typing game that combines the excitement of brick-breaking games with the goal of improving typing speed and accuracy. Players control a paddle at the bottom of the screen, using it to bounce a ball up towards a wall of bricks. Each brick contains a letter or symbol, and the objective is to type the corresponding key on the keyboard before the ball reaches the paddle. Successful typing destroys the brick, while mistyped or missed keys result in the ball bouncing back. The game offers different levels of difficulty, speed, and various power-ups to keep players engaged and challenged.
    • Platform: Web browser
    • Modes: Single-player
    • Languages: English
    • Levels: Multiple difficulty levels
    • Power-ups: Various power-ups to enhance gameplay
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  7. 7

    Keyboard Ninja

    Typing Games Ltd.
    This game is all about typing words to defeat ninjas. It's a fun and unique way to improve your typing skills while fighting off enemies.
    Keyboard Ninja is a fast-paced and addictive typing game that tests your typing speed and accuracy. The game features a ninja-themed interface and challenges players to type words or sentences as quickly and accurately as possible. Created by Typing Games Ltd., Keyboard Ninja is a popular choice for those looking to improve their typing skills while having fun.
    • Game Type: Typing
    • Theme: Ninja
    • Difficulty Levels: Multiple
    • Word Length: Variable
    • Game Modes: Single Player
  8. 8

    Type for your Life

    TypingMaster Inc.
    This game is a survival game where players type words to run away from a monster. It's a fun and exciting game that will improve your typing speed.
    Type for your Life is a fast-paced and engaging typing game that challenges players to type as quickly and accurately as possible. The game features a variety of levels and difficulty settings to cater to both beginners and experienced typists. Players must type out a series of words or sentences within a specified time limit to progress through the game. Each correct keystroke earns points, while any mistakes deduct points. The game is designed to improve typing speed, accuracy, and overall keyboarding skills in a fun and interactive way.
    • Game Modes: Multiple game modes to choose from, including timed challenges, survival mode, and practice mode.
    • Difficulty Levels: Various difficulty settings to suit different skill levels, offering a challenge for both beginners and advanced typists.
    • Word Database: A vast collection of words and sentences that ensures diverse and engaging typing exercises.
    • Progress Tracking: Comprehensive progress tracking system to monitor typing speed and accuracy improvements over time.
    • Customization Options: Ability to customize the appearance of the game interface, including themes, fonts, and colors.
  9. 9
    This game is a shooter where players type words to shoot down enemy spaceships. It's a fast-paced and challenging game that will test your typing skills.
    QWERTY Warriors is a popular online typing game that challenges players to improve their typing speed and accuracy while defending their base against advancing enemies. The game features a simple yet addicting gameplay where players use the QWERTY keyboard layout to type words that appear on the screen. As players type the words correctly, they fire bullets at the enemies to eliminate them. The game becomes progressively faster and more challenging as players advance through the levels.
    • Game Type: Typing
    • Platform: Web browser
    • Controls: QWERTY keyboard layout
    • Difficulty Levels: Multiple
    • Graphics: 2D
  10. 10

    Type Runner

    Typing Games Co.
    This game is a platformer where players type words to make their character jump and avoid obstacles. It's a creative and fun way to practice typing.
    Type Runner is a fast-paced typing game that tests your typing speed and accuracy while providing an exciting and challenging gameplay experience. It combines the elements of a running game with the necessity to type accurately and quickly to keep up with the game's pace. The game features various levels, each with unique obstacles and challenges that require fast and precise typing skills to overcome. With its engaging and addictive gameplay, Type Runner is perfect for both casual players looking to improve their typing skills and typing enthusiasts seeking a fun and challenging game.
    • Platform: Web browser
    • Modes: Single-player
    • Difficulty: Multiple difficulty levels
    • Gameplay: Running game combined with typing challenges
    • Levels: Multiple levels with unique obstacles and challenges

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Ranking factors for fun typing game

  1. Engagement level
    How well the game keeps a player's interest throughout the gameplay, ensuring they remain focused and entertained while typing.
  2. Learning curve
    The game should offer a balance of challenge and ease, allowing players to progressively improve their typing skills without becoming too overwhelmed or bored.
  3. Feedback and rewards
    Players should receive real-time feedback on their performance, including their typing speed, accuracy, and progress. Rewards such as levels, badges, or leaderboards can also provide motivation for improvement.
  4. Typing speed and accuracy improvement
    The game's effectiveness in helping players enhance their typing speed and accuracy should be a key factor in its ranking.
  5. Design and interface
    The game should have an appealing and user-friendly design, with intuitive controls and minimal distractions to facilitate an enjoyable and smooth user experience.
  6. Customization and variety
    A top-ranked typing game should offer various modes, challenges, or difficulty levels that cater to a wide range of player abilities and preferences.
  7. Accessibility
    The game should be easily accessible to players of all ages and abilities, including those with disabilities or impairments that may affect their typing performance.
  8. Replayability
    A top-ranked typing game should encourage players to repeatedly engage with the game and strive to improve their skills, either through challenging gameplay or a compelling storyline.
  9. Functionality
    The game should run smoothly across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers without any crashes or glitches.
  10. Educational value
    While fun is a priority, the game should also provide educational benefits and help players develop useful typing skills that can be applied outside of the game.

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Typing games have become a popular way to improve typing skills and have fun at the same time. These games offer a variety of challenges, from simple typing exercises to more complex typing games that test your speed and accuracy. Many of these games are designed to be both entertaining and educational, making them a great way to learn and practice typing skills. One of the most popular types of typing games is the typing race, where players race against each other to see who can type the fastest. Other popular games include typing tests, where players are given a set of words or phrases to type as quickly and accurately as possible, and typing challenges, where players must type increasingly difficult words and phrases. Overall, typing games are a fun and engaging way to improve your typing skills and challenge yourself to become a faster and more accurate typist. So, whether you're looking to improve your typing skills for work or just want to have some fun, there's a typing game out there for you.