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Updated on Jul 9, 2024 07:55
For those who love to bake, finding a great baking channel on YouTube can be a delightful source of inspiration and learning. Popular bakers on the platform create engaging content, from intricate pastries to rustic bread loaves, teaching techniques that cater to both novice cooks and seasoned bakers. Identifying the best among these can be incredibly helpful, providing viewers with reliable resources for culinary creativity. By bringing individuals together to vote for their favorite baking channels, a clearer picture of top-quality content emerges. This process not only assists new viewers in finding highly recommended tutorials and recipes, but also encourages creators to maintain high standards and continue innovating. Your participation helps tailor a community-centered guide to the best baking resources available online.

Who Is the Most Popular Baker on YouTube?

  1. 1
    Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino is an American YouTuber, baker, and author, best known for her cooking show 'Nerdy Nummies', one of the most well-known baking shows on YouTube.
    • Subscribers: 13.5 million
    • Total Views: 3.8 billion
  2. 2


    Tasty is BuzzFeed's popular cooking channel, known for its easy-to-follow recipes and food videos, including a wide range of baking tutorials.
    • Subscribers: 21 million
    • Total Views: 5.2 billion
  3. 3

    Preppy Kitchen

    John Kanell runs Preppy Kitchen, where he teaches viewers how to create delicious, beautiful baked goods and dishes in a fun and accessible way.
    • Subscribers: 3.35 million
    • Total Views: 400 million
  4. 4

    Cupcake Jemma

    Jemma Wilson, known online as Cupcake Jemma, is a British baker and YouTuber, famous for her bakery Crumbs & Doilies and her straightforward, easy-to-follow baking tutorials.
    • Subscribers: 2.7 million
    • Total Views: 250 million
  5. 5

    Joshua Weissman

    Joshua Weissman is an American chef, author, and YouTuber, known for his approachable cooking and baking recipes, focusing on making everything from scratch.
    • Subscribers: 6.5 million
    • Total Views: 700 million
  6. 6

    How To Cook That

    How To Cook That is a YouTube channel run by Ann Reardon, an Australian food scientist, baker, and author, known for her creative desserts, cakes, and chocolates.
    • Subscribers: 5 million
    • Total Views: 800 million
  7. 7

    The Icing Artist

    Laurie Shannon is 'The Icing Artist', a YouTuber specializing in creating fun and creative cake decorating videos, from character cakes to wedding cakes.
    • Subscribers: 4.5 million
    • Total Views: 700 million
  8. 8

    Bigger Bolder Baking

    Chef Gemma Stafford hosts Bigger Bolder Baking, a top YouTube baking show where she shares her expert baking tips, techniques, and recipes for creating over-the-top desserts.
    • Subscribers: 2.95 million
    • Total Views: 300 million
  9. 9

    Man About Cake

    Hosted by Joshua John Russell, Man About Cake is a channel dedicated to cake decorating, chocolate work, and confectionary arts, offering tips, tricks, and tutorials for enthusiasts.
    • Subscribers: 1.5 million
    • Total Views: 150 million
  10. 10


    Emmy Cho, better known as Emmymade, is a YouTuber who explores food through baking, cooking, and taste tests, often with a focus on sweets and desserts.
    • Subscribers: 3 million
    • Total Views: 600 million

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More about the Most Popular Baker on YouTube

Rosanna Pansino
Rank #1 for the most popular baker on YouTube: Rosanna Pansino (Source)
The world of baking on YouTube has grown rapidly. Many bakers have gained large followings, sharing recipes, tips, and techniques. These bakers have turned their passion into a full-time career, reaching millions of viewers. The most popular baker on YouTube stands out due to several key factors.

First, the quality of their videos is high. They use good lighting, clear audio, and multiple camera angles. This ensures that viewers can see each step of the process. The videos are well-edited, cutting out unnecessary parts and focusing on the important steps. This makes it easy for viewers to follow along.

Second, the baker's personality plays a big role. They are friendly and engaging, making viewers feel welcome. They explain each step in simple terms, making even complex recipes seem easy. Their enthusiasm for baking is clear, and it inspires viewers to try new things. They also interact with their audience, responding to comments and taking suggestions for new videos.

Third, the variety of recipes is impressive. The baker covers a wide range of baked goods, from simple cookies to elaborate cakes. They often include recipes for different skill levels, so both beginners and experienced bakers can find something to try. They also explore different cuisines, introducing their audience to new flavors and techniques.

Fourth, the baker often shares tips and tricks that make baking easier. These can include shortcuts, substitutions, and ways to fix common mistakes. This practical advice is valuable for home bakers, helping them improve their skills and avoid frustration.

The baker's success on YouTube has led to other opportunities. They may have published cookbooks, appeared on TV shows, or partnered with brands. These ventures help them reach an even wider audience and grow their business.

The rise of this baker on YouTube shows the power of the platform. It allows talented individuals to share their skills and connect with people around the world. By producing high-quality content, engaging with their audience, and offering valuable tips, this baker has built a loyal following and become a trusted source of baking inspiration.

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