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Updated on Oct 4, 2023 07:02
Welcome to StrawPoll, your go-to destination for settling life's most pressing debates! Today, we're diving headfirst into the world of Barstool Podcasts, where sports, pop culture, and humor collide. With an ever-growing lineup of entertaining shows, it's time to let your voice be heard in our ultimate ranking: "What is the most popular Barstool Podcast?" Cast your vote for your favorite show, champion your top pick, or even suggest a missing contender. Ready to see if your podcast of choice reigns supreme? Grab your headphones, prepare for some binge-worthy content, and join the fun as we separate the champions from the challengers in this epic battle for Barstool Podcast supremacy!

What Is the Most Popular Barstool Podcast? (October 2023)

  1. 1
    Pardon My Take
    Henry Lockwood · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Pardon My Take

    Barstool Sports
    This is the most popular Barstool podcast, known for its irreverent humor, sports commentary, and celebrity interviews. With over 2 million listeners per episode, it has become a cultural phenomenon.
    Pardon My Take is a popular Barstool Sports podcast that covers a wide range of sports, pop culture, and current events. It is known for its comedic approach and interviews with athletes, celebrities, and industry experts.
    • Hosts: Big Cat, PFT Commenter
    • Episodes Released: Multiple times per week
    • Episode Length: Typically around 1-2 hours
    • Format: Conversational, with segments and interviews
    • Humor Style: Satirical, sarcastic, and irreverent
  2. 2
    This podcast is hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, who discuss their experiences with sex, dating, and relationships. It has become a controversial but wildly popular show, with over 50 million downloads.
    Call Her Daddy is a popular Barstool Podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The show discusses sex, relationships, and the dating world in a humorous and explicit manner, offering a unique perspective on modern dating culture. With a large and dedicated fan base, the podcast quickly gained popularity for its candid and unfiltered conversations. It offers advice, personal anecdotes, and guest interviews, all centered around provocative topics related to love, sexuality, and self-discovery.
    • Genre: Comedy/Relationship/Advice
    • Episodes: Released weekly
    • Duration: Approximately 60-90 minutes
    • Language: English
    • Release Date: October 2018
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  3. 3

    KFC Radio

    Kevin Clancy
    This podcast is hosted by Kevin Clancy and John Feitelberg, who discuss pop culture, sports, and their own personal lives. It has a loyal following and often features celebrity guests.
    KFC Radio is a highly popular podcast produced by Barstool Sports. It is a comedy talk show hosted by Kevin Clancy, also known as KFC. The podcast features candid discussions and humorous commentary on a wide range of topics including pop culture, relationships, and current events. With its irreverent and unfiltered style, KFC Radio has garnered a large fanbase and consistently ranks among the top podcasts.
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Format: Audio podcast
    • Release Frequency: Twice a week
    • Average Episode Length: 1-2 hours
    • Guests: Frequent guest appearances by other Barstool personalities and notable figures
  4. 4

    Fore Play

    Barstool Sports
    This podcast is hosted by golf enthusiasts Riggs, Frankie, Trent, and Lurch, who discuss all things golf, from course reviews to pro tournaments. It has become a go-to resource for golf fans.
    Fore Play is a popular Barstool Podcast that focuses on the world of golf. The show provides an entertaining and informative take on all things golf-related, including tournament coverage, player interviews, course reviews, and the latest news in the world of golf.
    • Hosts: Riggs, Trent, Frankie
    • Episodes per week: 2-3
    • Episode length: 60-90 minutes
    • Debut year: 2016
    • Social media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  5. 5

    Bussin' With The Boys

    Will Compton and Taylor Lewan
    This podcast is hosted by NFL players Will Compton and Taylor Lewan, who discuss their lives on and off the field, as well as their favorite movies, music, and more. It has become a popular show among football fans.
    Bussin' With The Boys is a popular Barstool Podcast hosted by NFL players Will Compton and Taylor Lewan. The podcast provides a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of professional football players, their experiences, and the culture of the NFL. Compton and Lewan dive into a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, and personal anecdotes, often inviting fellow NFL players, celebrities, and other notable guests to join them in their conversations.
    • Hosts: Will Compton, Taylor Lewan
    • Genre: Sports, Entertainment
    • Format: Audio podcast
    • Length: Approximately 1-2 hours
    • Frequency: Weekly
  6. 6
    This podcast is hosted by former NHL players Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette, who discuss hockey news, interviews with players and coaches, and their own experiences in the league. It has become a must-listen for hockey fans.
    Spittin' Chiclets is a popular Barstool Sports podcast that focuses on all things hockey. The hosts, former NHL players Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, along with producer Mike Grinnell, bring a unique blend of insider knowledge and humor to the show.
    • Hosts: Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney
    • Producer: Mike Grinnell
    • Genre: Sports/Hockey
    • Format: Audio podcast
    • Length: Approximately 90-120 minutes
  7. 7

    Barstool Pick Em

    Barstool Sports
    This podcast is hosted by Dan Katz, aka "Big Cat," and sports gambling expert "Stu Feiner," who offer their picks and analysis for college and NFL football games. It has become a popular show among sports bettors.
    Barstool Pick Em is a popular Barstool Sports podcast dedicated to providing sports betting advice and analysis on college football and NFL games. The show combines humor, sports knowledge, and gambling expertise to entertain and inform listeners.
    • Podcast Type: Sports Betting
    • Hosts: Dave Portnoy, Dan Katz (Big Cat)
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Average Episode Length: 60-90 minutes
    • Release Date: September 3, 2015
  8. 8

    The Corp

    Barstool Sports
    This podcast is hosted by Barstool founder Dave Portnoy and entrepreneur Dan Katz, who interview business leaders and celebrities about their careers and success stories. It has become a popular show for aspiring entrepreneurs.
    The Corp is a podcast under the Barstool Sports network that focuses on interviewing successful business leaders. In each episode, the hosts sit down with prominent entrepreneurs and executives to discuss their career paths, business strategies, and personal stories. The podcast offers an inside look into the lives of some of the most influential people in the business world.
    • Podcast Type: Interview/Talk Show
    • Hosts: Alex Rodriguez and Dan Katz (Barstool Big Cat)
    • Format: Audio podcast
    • Episodes: Ongoing, new episodes released regularly
    • Topics: Business, entrepreneurship, success stories
  9. 9

    My Mom's Basement

    Robbie Fox
    This podcast is hosted by Barstool's resident "comic book guy" Robbie Fox, who discusses all things pop culture, from movies and TV shows to video games and music. It has become a popular show among fans of geek culture.
    My Mom's Basement is a popular Barstool podcast centered around pop culture, comics, movies, TV shows, and all things related to nerd culture. The host, Robbie Fox, engages in discussions with guests from the entertainment industry and provides insightful commentary on the latest trends and news. The podcast aims to create a welcoming and fun environment for people who are passionate about different aspects of pop culture.
    • Genre: Pop culture, nerd culture
    • Format: Audio podcast
    • Average Episode Length: 60-90 minutes
    • Release Schedule: Weekly
    • First Episode Release Date: November 30, 2017
  10. 10
    The Yak
    4028mdk09 · CC BY-SA 3.0

    The Yak

    Barstool Sports
    This podcast is hosted by Barstool personalities Dan Katz, Big Cat, and others who discuss the latest news and trends in pop culture, sports, and entertainment. It has become a popular show for fans of the Barstool brand.
    The Yak is a popular Barstool Podcast hosted by Dan Katz, known as Big Cat, and a rotating cast of Barstool personalities. The show features casual conversations, irreverent banter, and a unique blend of sports, pop culture, and comedy.
    • Host: Dan Katz (Big Cat)
    • Co-hosts: Rotating cast of Barstool personalities
    • Format: Podcast
    • Topics: Sports, pop culture, comedy
    • Release Schedule: Regularly released episodes

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  2. Social media engagement
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  3. Regularity and consistency
    A podcast that maintains a regular and consistent posting schedule can help keep the audience engaged, which may help increase its popularity.
  4. Guest quality and variety
    The caliber and variety of guests who appear on the podcast can help boost its popularity. High-profile guests and diverse perspectives may attract a larger audience.
  5. Podcast longevity
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  6. Awards and recognitions
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  7. Industry rankings
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    The target audience and listener demographics of the podcast can also be a factor to consider, as certain podcasts may resonate better with specific audience segments.
  9. Content quality and relevance
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