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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate showdown of the best brews in NSW! The land of sun, surf, and suds has a long-standing love affair with beer, and it's time we settle the debate on which one tops the list. So, we've assembled a thirst-quenching lineup of New South Wales' finest beers for you to rank and cast your vote. From the frothy head of a classic lager to the rich, bold flavors of a craft IPA, we've got it all covered. But wait, what if your go-to beer isn't on the list? Fret not, fellow beer enthusiasts! You can suggest your favorite missing option, and let the world know about that hidden gem. So, grab a cold one, sit back, and let the battle of the brews commence. Cheers to finding the most popular beer in NSW!

What Is the Most Popular Beer in NSW?

  1. 1

    Victoria Bitter (VB)

    Thomas Aitken
    Victoria Bitter is a classic Australian lager with a distinct bitter taste that has been around since 1854. It is the best-selling beer in Australia and a popular choice among working-class and older drinkers.
    Victoria Bitter (VB) is a well-known Australian beer that has gained popularity for its distinct flavor and refreshing taste. This iconic beer has become a staple among beer drinkers in Australia.
    • Alcohol Content: 4.9%
    • Beer Type: Lager
    • Color: Pale amber
    • Bitterness: Moderate
    • Aroma: Malty, hoppy
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    Carlton Draught
    Uttamstef12 · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Carlton Draught

    Carlton & United Breweries
    Carlton Draught is another iconic Australian beer with a smooth, crisp taste and a rich history dating back to 1864. It is known for its distinctive red logo and sponsorship of major sporting events.
    Carlton Draught is a popular Australian beer known for its smooth and crisp taste. It is a traditional lager-style beer with a light golden color and a moderate foam head. Carlton Draught is best enjoyed cold, delivering a refreshing drinking experience with balanced malt and subtle hop flavors. It has a clean finish and is highly drinkable.
    • Beer Type: Lager
    • Color: Light Golden
    • Foam Head: Moderate
    • Taste: Smooth and Crisp
    • Flavors: Balanced Malt and Subtle Hops
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    Tooheys New
    Kimjon12 · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Tooheys New

    Tooheys Brewing Company
    Tooheys New is a full-strength lager brewed in NSW since 1930. It has a balanced, malty flavor and is a favorite among locals, especially in the Sydney area.
    Tooheys New is a well-known Australian lager beer that has gained immense popularity across the country. It is considered a classic Australian beer and is loved by locals and visitors alike. The beer has a smooth and crisp taste, with a balanced blend of bitterness and sweetness. It has a pale golden color and a light to medium body, making it a refreshing choice for any occasion. Tooheys New is widely available in pubs, bars, and liquor stores throughout Australia, making it easily accessible for beer enthusiasts.
    • Beer Style: Lager
    • Alcohol Content: 4.6% ABV
    • Color: Pale golden
    • Body: Light to medium
    • Taste: Smooth and crisp
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    XXXX Gold
    Ben Stone · CC BY-SA 4.0

    XXXX Gold

    Castlemaine Perkins
    XXXX Gold is a Queensland-based beer that has gained popularity in NSW thanks to its easy-drinking, refreshing taste and marketing campaigns targeting young adults.
    XXXX Gold is a well-regarded Australian beer known for its smooth and refreshing taste. It is a mid-strength lager that appeals to a wide range of beer drinkers. Created by Castlemaine Perkins, a brewery located in Brisbane, Queensland, XXXX Gold has become one of the most popular choices in the Australian beer market.
    • Beer type: Lager
    • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 3.5%
    • Color: Pale golden
    • Brewing method: Bottom fermented
    • Availability: Nationwide
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    Great Northern
    Bunnymix · Public domain

    Great Northern

    Great Northern Brewing Co.
    Great Northern is a relatively new beer brand that has quickly become a top seller in NSW due to its light, crisp flavor and low-carb content. It is often marketed as a premium, beach-inspired beer.
    Great Northern is a popular beer in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. It is a refreshing and easy-drinking lager that is enjoyed by many beer enthusiasts. With its crisp and clean taste, Great Northern is the go-to choice for those looking for a light and satisfying beer.
    • Beer Type: Lager
    • Alcohol Content: 4.2% ABV
    • IBU (International Bitterness Units): 18
    • Color: Straw to pale gold
    • Aroma: Subtle maltiness, hints of grain and grass
  6. 6

    Pure Blonde

    Carlton & United Breweries
    Pure Blonde is a low-carb, low-calorie beer that has gained a following among health-conscious drinkers looking for a lighter option without sacrificing flavor. It is brewed by Carlton & United Breweries and has won several awards for its taste.
    Pure Blonde is a popular beer in NSW known for its refreshing taste and low carbohydrate content. It is a light, crisp, and clear lager that appeals to those seeking a lighter beer option. Crafted with the finest ingredients, Pure Blonde offers a smooth and balanced flavor profile, making it a favorite choice among beer enthusiasts.
    • Beer Type: Lager
    • Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 4.2%
    • Calories: 88 calories per 355ml
    • Carbohydrate Content: 2.6 grams per 355ml
    • Color: Pale Straw
  7. 7

    James Squire

    Malt Shovel Brewery
    James Squire is a craft beer range that celebrates the legacy of Australia's first brewer. It offers a diverse range of styles and flavors, from hoppy pale ales to rich stouts, and has won numerous awards for its quality.
    James Squire is a popular beer brand in NSW, known for its craft beers that celebrate the adventurous spirit of its namesake, James Squire. It offers a range of quality beers that cater to different tastes and preferences.
    • Beer Type: Craft Beer
    • Alcohol Content: Varies by beer type
    • Flavors: Varies by beer type
    • Brewing Process: Small-batch, handcrafted
    • Availability: Year-round
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  8. 8
    Hahn is a brand that offers a variety of beers, including Hahn SuperDry, Hahn Premium Light, and Hahn Ultra. It is known for its crisp, refreshing taste and low-carb content, making it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.
    Hahn is a well-known beer brand in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. It is a popular choice among beer lovers for its high quality and diverse range of offerings. Hahn beers are crafted with utmost care and precision, using the finest ingredients to deliver a unique and satisfying taste experience.
    • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Ranges from 4% to 6%
    • Beer Style: Various styles including lagers, pale ales, and specialty brews
    • Color: Ranges from pale golden to deep amber
    • Flavor Profile: Balanced, crisp, and often featuring hop-forward characteristics
    • Brewing Process: Traditional brewing techniques with modern innovations
  9. 9
    Coopers is an independent brewery based in South Australia that has a loyal following among beer connoisseurs. Its range includes traditional ales, stouts, and lagers that are unfiltered and naturally conditioned for a full flavor.
    Coopers is a renowned Australian beer brand with a long-standing history. It is known for its traditional brewing methods and distinctive flavor profiles. Coopers beers have gained popularity not only in New South Wales (NSW) but across the country.
    • Type: Ale
    • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Varies, typically around 4-6%
    • Ingredients: Malted barley, hops, yeast, water
    • Color: Ranges from pale golden to dark amber depending on the variant
    • Bitterness: Varies by variant, typically moderate
  10. 10

    Little Creatures

    Little Creatures Brewing
    Little Creatures is a Western Australia-based brewery that has expanded to the east coast and gained a reputation for its bold, hop-driven beers. Its flagship beer, Little Creatures Pale Ale, is a favorite among craft beer lovers for its citrusy, tropical flavor.
    Little Creatures is a craft beer brand based in Fremantle, Western Australia. It is known for its distinctive and flavorful beers that have gained popularity not only in Western Australia but also in New South Wales. The brand was created with a focus on brewing quality craft beer that captures the spirit of Fremantle.
    • ABV (Alcohol By Volume): 4.4% - 6.2%
    • Beer Style: Various styles like Pale Ale, IPA, Pilsner, and others
    • Ingredients: Malted barley, hops, yeast, and water
    • Flavor Profile: Balanced, hop-driven flavors with fruity and citrusy notes
    • Color: Ranges from pale golden to amber or copper

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Ranking factors for popular beer

  1. Sales Volume
    One of the key factors in ranking beer popularity in NSW would be sales volume, which indicates a high demand for a particular beer by consumers. The higher the sales volume, the more popular a beer is likely to be.
  2. Market Share
    Market share can help determine the popularity of a beer by examining the percentage of the total beer market in NSW a particular brand occupies. A beer with a large market share is more likely to be popular among consumers.
  3. Consumer Ratings and Reviews
    To gauge consumer preferences, consult beer rating websites, mobile apps, and forums where enthusiasts discuss and rate beers. A beer with a high average rating from a sizeable number of reviewers is likely to be quite popular.
  4. Awards and Recognitions
    Beers that have won awards or received recognitions at beer competitions or festivals are likely to be popular and highly regarded. This can serve as an indicator of a beer's popularity.
  5. Social Media Presence
    Analyzing social media engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments on beer-related posts can help determine the popularity of a beer in NSW. This includes monitoring brand-related hashtags and mentions.
  6. Brand Recognition
    Beers that are produced by well-established and well-known breweries in NSW may have a higher level of brand recognition, making them more popular among consumers.
  7. Distribution and Availability
    A beer's popularity is also affected by its availability in various locations, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout NSW.
  8. Price Point
    The price of a beer can influence its popularity, with some consumers preferring budget-friendly options and others opting for premium or craft beers. A beer that is popular among a certain demographic may be priced accordingly.
  9. Advertising and Marketing Efforts
    How a beer is marketed can influence its popularity. Beers with memorable adverts, attractive packaging, or extensive marketing campaigns may enjoy increased visibility and popularity.
  10. Trends and Changing Tastes
    The popularity of different beer styles and flavours can shift over time as consumers' tastes evolve and new trends emerge. Monitoring these trends can help determine which beers might be gaining or losing popularity in the NSW market.

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