The Most Popular 'BGT' Judge: Determining Public's Favorite

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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Apr 9, 2024 08:24
Get ready to cast your vote in our latest StrawPoll showdown, as we rank the most popular 'Britain's Got Talent' judges of all time! From the sassy Simon Cowell to the fabulous Alesha Dixon, we've got them all lined up and waiting for your verdict. But the power is in your hands, and only you can decide who will take the crown as the ultimate BGT judge. Can't find your favorite judge on our list? Fear not! Simply suggest a missing option, and join thousands of fans to make your opinion heard. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the exhilarating world of BGT and help us determine which judge truly holds the key to our hearts. Let the voting begin!

Who Is the Most Popular 'BGT' Judge?

  1. 1
    He is the creator of 'BGT' and has been a judge on the show since its inception in 2007. He is known for his honest and often harsh critiques, which have made him a fan favorite.
    Simon Cowell in other rankings
  2. 2
    He joined 'BGT' as a judge in 2012 and has since become a fan favorite for his witty humor and playful antics on the show.
    David Walliams in other rankings
  3. 3
    She has been a judge on 'BGT' since 2007 and is known for her glamorous fashion sense and bubbly personality.
    Amanda Holden in other rankings
  4. 4
    Alesha Dixon
    Johnvedwards · CC BY-SA 3.0
    She joined 'BGT' as a judge in 2012 and has since become a fan favorite for her positive energy and uplifting critiques.
    Alesha Dixon in other rankings
  5. 5
    They are the hosts of 'BGT' and have been with the show since its inception in 2007. They are known for their comedic banter and playful personalities.
    Ant & Dec in other rankings
  6. 6
    He joined 'BGT' as a judge in 2019 and has since become a fan favorite for his expertise in dance and choreography.
    Ashley Banjo in other rankings
  7. 7
    He was a judge on 'BGT' from 2007 to 2010 and is known for his controversial and often polarizing opinions on the show.
    Piers Morgan in other rankings
  8. 8
    He was a judge on 'BGT' in 2011 and is known for his comedic timing and playful banter with the other judges.
    Michael McIntyre in other rankings
  9. 9
    She was a judge on 'BGT' in 2009 and is known for her stunning beauty and fashion sense.
    Kelly Brook in other rankings
  10. 10
    He was a judge on 'BGT' in 2011 and is known for his larger-than-life personality and iconic roles in television and film.
    David Hasselhoff in other rankings

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Ranking factors for popular judge

  1. Popularity with the audience
    The judge's overall popularity and likability among the viewers is important. This can be determined through public polls, social media following, and general sentiment towards the judge.
  2. Judge's experience and expertise
    Their background, qualifications, and experience in the entertainment industry, especially in the specific field relevant to the show, can play a significant role in their popularity.
  3. Entertainment value
    The judge's ability to entertain the audience with their humor, wit, and engaging personality can make them more popular.
  4. Fairness and constructive criticism
    Judges who provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism to the contestants, while maintaining fairness and impartiality, often gain appreciation from the audience.
  5. Memorable moments
    Judges who create memorable moments on the show, through their interactions with contestants or fellow judges, can leave a lasting impression on the viewers and contribute to their popularity.
  6. Consistency and longevity
    Judges who have consistently been on the show for multiple seasons and maintained their popularity over time can be seen as more influential and beloved.

About this ranking

This is a community-based ranking of the most popular 'BGT' judge. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or judge is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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Background: "Britain's Got Talent" is a popular reality TV show in the UK that aired for the first time in 2007. The show has been a huge success since its inception and has become one of the most-watched and beloved shows in the country. The show is judged by a panel of judges who are responsible for selecting the best performers from the auditions. Over the years, the show has had some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as judges, including Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams. Each judge brings their unique perspective and expertise to the show, making "Britain's Got Talent" a must-watch for fans of reality TV and entertainment. In this article, we will be exploring which judge is the most popular among the viewers of the show.

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