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Updated on Jun 18, 2024 07:59
Fans of TXT often find themselves engaged in lively debates over which member stands out as their personal favorite. This dynamic shapes a unique culture within the fan community, where individual preferences contribute to a broader conversation about the group's impact and artistry. Such discussions not only deepen fan engagement but also highlight diverse perspectives on what makes each member special. By participating in voting for the most popular bias in TXT, fans have the opportunity to express their admiration and support in a structured way. This voting process ensures that every voice is heard, and the resulting ranking offers a snapshot of the community's prevailing opinions at any given time. It's a celebration of fan involvement and a direct way to see how the members resonate with audiences around the globe.

Who Is the Most Popular Bias in TXT?

  1. 1


    Yeonjun is known for his versatile talents in dancing, singing, and rapping.
    • Role: Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
    • Birthday: September 13, 1999
  2. 2


    Beomgyu charms fans with his bright smile, musical talent, and energetic performances.
    • Role: Vocalist, Dancer
    • Birthday: March 13, 2001
  3. 3

    Huening Kai

    Huening Kai is the maknae of TXT and is loved for his unique background, multi-instrumental talents, and cheerful personality.
    • Role: Vocalist, Dancer, Visual
    • Birthday: August 14, 2002
  4. 4


    Taehyun is known for his powerful vocals, dance skills, and mature presence on stage.
    • Role: Vocalist, Dancer
    • Birthday: February 5, 2002
  5. 5


    Soobin is the leader of TXT and captivates fans with his gentle personality and deep voice.
    • Role: Leader, Vocalist
    • Birthday: December 5, 2000

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This is a community-based ranking of the most popular bias in TXT. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or bias is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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More about the Most Popular Bias in TXT

Rank #1 for the most popular bias in TXT: Yeonjun (Source)
TXT, also known as Tomorrow X Together, is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2019 under Big Hit Entertainment. The group consists of five members. They quickly rose to fame with their fresh sound, striking visuals, and dynamic performances. Each member brings unique talents, making the group versatile and appealing to a wide audience.

Fans often have a favorite member, known as a "bias." This bias can be due to various reasons. It might be because of their singing or dancing skills, their personality, or their interactions with fans. Some fans choose their bias based on first impressions, while others decide after getting to know each member better through videos and live performances.

One of the key factors that influence a fan's choice is stage presence. Some members have a natural charisma that draws attention. They might have a powerful voice, sharp dance moves, or a captivating gaze. This makes them stand out during performances, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Another important aspect is personality. Fans often feel a connection with members who show traits they admire or relate to. This can be seen in interviews, variety shows, and social media interactions. A member who is funny, kind, or hardworking can win the hearts of many fans. Their off-stage behavior often plays a big role in this.

Visual appeal also plays a significant role. In the world of K-pop, looks can be just as important as talent. A member with striking features or a unique style can attract a lot of attention. Their fashion sense, hairstyle, and overall image contribute to their popularity.

Interactions with fans are crucial too. Members who are active on social media, attend fan events, and show appreciation for their supporters tend to have strong fan bases. These interactions make fans feel valued and create a sense of closeness. A member who is approachable and engaging can easily become a fan favorite.

The versatility of a member can also be a deciding factor. Some members are multi-talented, excelling in singing, dancing, and even acting. Their ability to adapt to different roles and challenges makes them stand out. Fans admire their dedication and versatility, which can lead to a strong bias.

In conclusion, the choice of a bias in TXT depends on various factors. Stage presence, personality, visual appeal, fan interactions, and versatility all play a part. Each member has their strengths, making it easy for fans to find someone they connect with. This diversity is one of the reasons why TXT has such a dedicated and passionate fan base.

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