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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 1, 2023 10:59)
Get ready to hop right into the action and let your voice be heard! StrawPoll invites you to join our electrifying ranking of the most popular character in the beloved game, Crossy Road! With thousands of fans and countless quirky characters to choose from, we're on the edge of our seats waiting for your vote. From the classic Chicken, the elusive Hipster Whale, to the hidden gems waiting to be discovered, we want to know who leads the pack in this pixelated world. Cast your vote, suggest a missing character, and help us unveil the ultimate Crossy Road champion! Jump in and let the adventure begin!

What Is the Most Popular Character in Crossy Road?

  1. 1
    The original Crossy Road character and the one that started it all. It's a classic and simple character that appeals to all ages.
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    • Feeding Type: Omnivore
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  2. 2

    Hipster Whale

    Matt Hall
    The mascot of the game and the company behind it. It's a cute and quirky character that represents the game's playful and lighthearted spirit.
    The Hipster Whale is a popular character in the game Crossy Road. It is depicted as a stylish and trendy whale with hipster attributes such as thick-rimmed glasses and a mustache. The Hipster Whale gained a significant following due to its quirky appearance and unique design.
    • Game Appearance: Crossy Road
    • Design: Stylish whale with hipster attributes
    • Accessories: Thick-rimmed glasses, mustache
    • Popularity: Highly popular character
    • Creator: Matt Hall
  3. 3
    A unicorn-horse hybrid that's both adorable and majestic. It's a popular choice among fans who love fantasy creatures.
    The Unihorse is a popular character in Crossy Road, an addictive mobile game where players navigate a variety of obstacles as different characters. The Unihorse is a unique and charming character that stands out with its distinctive appearance and abilities. It resembles a unicorn with a horse-like body and a single horn on its head, which adds a touch of magic to its overall design. With its rainbow-colored mane and tail, the Unihorse exudes a sense of whimsy and joy.
    • Appearance: Horse-like body with a single horn on its head, rainbow-colored mane and tail.
    • Special Ability: Can jump over multiple lanes at once.
    • Unlock Method: Randomly obtained through prize machines or can be purchased with in-game currency.
    • Crossy Road Version: Added in Version 2.3.1
    • Character Type: Rare character
  4. 4
    A silly and gross character that's surprisingly fun to play with. It's a unique choice that adds humor to the game.
    The Poopy Pigeon is a popular character in the mobile game Crossy Road. It is a pigeon with a comical appearance and is known for its humorous movements and behavior.
    • Type: Animal
    • Unlocking Method: Randomly unlocked using in-game coins
    • Special Ability: Leaves a trail of poop behind while moving
    • Playability: Playable character
    • Availability: Available as a default character
  5. 5
    A classic duck character that's been popular in many other games. It's a familiar and easy-to-recognize choice for fans.
    The Mallard is a species of duck known for its stunning beauty, vibrant colors, and elegant appearance. It is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful ducks in the world.
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    • Wingspan: Around 81-98 cm
  6. 6
    A gift box that's both cute and festive. It's a popular choice during holidays and special events.
    Gifty is a popular gift box character in Crossy Road. It is a rectangular box wrapped in colorful gift paper with a bow on top. When it moves, it hops like other characters in the game, but its unique design stands out from others. Gifty is often used during special occasions or holiday-themed updates in the game.
    • Character Type: Gift Box
    • Movement: Hopping
    • Design: Rectangular box wrapped in gift paper
    • Special Occasions: Holiday-themed updates
    • Unlock Method: Randomly obtained or via in-app purchase
  7. 7
    A famous video game character that makes a cameo appearance in Crossy Road. It's a nostalgic choice for older fans and a recognizable one for younger ones.
    Pac-Man is a classic arcade game that was first released in 1980. It is a maze-based game where the player controls a character named Pac-Man, who must navigate through a maze while avoiding ghosts and eating dots to score points. The game has become one of the most popular and iconic video games of all time.
    • Release Year: 1980
    • Genre: Arcade
    • Platform: Multiple platforms
    • Number of Players: Single player or multiplayer
    • Game Modes: Various, including classic and enhanced versions
  8. 8
    A crustacean character that's fun to play with thanks to its unique walking animation. It's a popular choice among fans who like quirky and unusual characters.
    The Crab is a playable character in the game Crossy Road. It is a small crustacean known for its sideways movement and pincers.
    • Size: Small
    • Movement: Sideways
    • Ability: Can walk or swim sideways through obstacles
    • Unlock Method: Randomly unlocked through gacha machine
    • Rarity: Common
  9. 9

    Floppy Fish

    Hipster Whale
    A fish that's both floppy and cute. It's a popular choice among fans who like aquatic creatures.
    Floppy Fish is a character in the popular mobile game Crossy Road. It is a vibrant blue fish with floppy fins and expressive eyes, known for its adorable appearance. The character was created by the Australian game development studio Hipster Whale.
    • Color: Blue
    • Appearance: Vibrant with floppy fins and expressive eyes
    • Type: Aquatic
    • Characteristics: Adorable and cute
    • Mobility: Swims in a fluid motion
  10. 10
    A popular Internet meme that became a playable character in Crossy Road. It's a choice that appeals to fans of the meme and adds a touch of humor to the game.
    Doge is a popular character in the game Crossy Road. It is based on the internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog with captions written in broken English. The Doge character in the game is a pixelated version of the meme, with a playful and cute appearance.
    • Species: Shiba Inu
    • Appearance: Pixelated and cute
    • Unlocked: Available from the start or can be unlocked through gameplay
    • Movement: Hops and jumps forward
    • Special Ability: Leaves a rainbow trail while moving

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Ranking factors for popular character

  1. Design and Appearance
    Consider the character's visual appeal, color palette, and overall design. Unique and attractive characters will likely be more popular among players.
  2. Uniqueness and Originality
    A popular character should stand out from the rest and have distinctive features or abilities that differentiate it from the other characters in the game.
  3. Ease of Unlocking
    Characters that are easy to unlock or acquire through gameplay will naturally be more popular, as more players will have access to them.
  4. Nostalgia and Pop Culture
    Characters that are based on popular culture, famous personalities, or childhood memories are likely to gain more popularity among players.
  5. In-game advantages
    If a character provides any in-game advantage or special abilities, such as a helpful boost or power-up, it might contribute to their popularity.
  6. Fun factor
    The level of enjoyment and satisfaction derived from using the character in the game is an important factor to consider.
  7. Rarity
    Rare and hard-to-find characters can become more popular due to the excitement and sense of achievement players experience when they finally unlock them.
  8. Marketing and Promotions
    Characters that are heavily promoted through in-game events, promotional materials, or social media may contribute to their popularity.
  9. Community preferences
    Pay attention to player feedback, online forums, and community discussions to get a sense of which characters are beloved by the game's fanbase.
  10. Accessibility
    A popular character should be easily accessible and available to play, whether players are newcomers or experienced gamers.

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