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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinions take center stage! Today, we're on a mission to crown the ultimate chick flick, and we need your help! We've compiled a list of swoon-worthy, laughter-inducing, and tear-jerking films that have defined the chick flick genre over the years. It's time to grab your popcorn and your gal pals, as you vote for your all-time favorite or suggest a hidden gem that deserves its moment in the spotlight. Will it be a classic like "Dirty Dancing" or a modern sensation like "The Notebook"? Only your votes will decide! So, join us on this journey of love, friendship, and sisterhood as we discover the most popular chick flick of all time. Happy voting!

What Is the Most Popular Chick Flick?

  1. 1
    A classic romance film that has become a staple in the chick flick genre. The film showcases a love story between two people from different social classes and the obstacles they must overcome to be together.
    The Notebook is a romantic drama film that revolves around the story of a young couple who fall in love in the 1940s. The couple's love is tested by societal pressures, war, and illness, but they continue to hold onto their love for each other. The film is known for its emotional storyline, beautiful cinematography, and memorable performances by its lead actors.
    • Release Date: June 25, 2004
    • Running Time: 123 minutes
    • Box Office: $115 million
    • Lead Actors: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
    • Genre: Romance/Drama
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    Mean Girls
    Paramount Pictures · Public domain

    Mean Girls

    Tina Fey
    A comedy that follows a teenage girl as she navigates the social hierarchy of high school. The film has become a cultural phenomenon and is often quoted and referenced in popular culture.
    Mean Girls is a popular chick flick released in 2004. It revolves around Cady Heron, a teenager who moves from Africa to attend an American high school. She quickly becomes friends with Janis and Damian, who introduce her to the school's popular girl clique called 'the Plastics.' As Cady tries to fit in, she gets caught up in the drama and politics of teenage social hierarchy. The movie explores themes of friendship, identity, and the consequences of being cruel. Mean Girls is known for its humor, quotable dialogues, and satirical take on high school life.
    • Release Date: April 30, 2004
    • Genre: Comedy, Chick Flick
    • Director: Mark Waters
    • Writer: Tina Fey (Screenplay), Rosalind Wiseman (Novel)
    • Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried
  3. 3
    A romantic comedy that tells the story of a wealthy businessman who hires a prostitute to be his companion for a week. The film explores themes of love, class, and social mobility.
    Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy film released in 1990 about a wealthy businessman, Edward, who hires a prostitute named Vivian for a week to accompany him to various social events. As they spend time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other despite their vastly different backgrounds.
    • Release Date: March 23, 1990
    • Running Time: 119 minutes
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Cast: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Ralph Bellamy, Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo
    • Budget: $14 million
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  4. 4

    Bridget Jones's Diary

    Sharon Maguire
    A romantic comedy based on the novel of the same name. The film follows a single woman as she tries to navigate her personal and professional life while also finding love.
    Bridget Jones's Diary is a romantic comedy film released in 2001 that is based on Helen Fielding's novel of the same name. It follows the story of Bridget Jones, a thirty-something single woman in London, who keeps a diary to track her life, including her experiences with relationships, career, and self-improvement.
    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Release Year: 2001
    • Director: Sharon Maguire
    • Writer: Richard Curtis, Andrew Davies, and Helen Fielding
    • Main Cast: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant
  5. 5
    A comedy that follows a wealthy high school student as she tries to improve the lives of those around her. The film has become a cult classic and is known for its fashion and quotable dialogue.
    Clueless is a popular chick flick that was released in 1995. It is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's novel Emma, set in a high school in Beverly Hills. The story follows Cher Horowitz, a fashionable and popular teenager, as she navigates the challenges of friendship, love, and social status. Cher sets out to give a makeover to new student Tai, but ends up learning valuable lessons about herself along the way.
    • Release Year: 1995
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Director: Amy Heckerling
    • Writer: Amy Heckerling
    • Lead Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd
  6. 6
    A comedy that follows a sorority girl as she enrolls in law school to win back her ex-boyfriend. The film explores themes of female empowerment and the importance of staying true to oneself.
    Legally Blonde is a popular chick flick that was released in 2001. It follows the story of Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority girl who is determined to win back her ex-boyfriend by getting into Harvard Law School. As she faces numerous challenges and stereotypes, Elle proves that being true to herself and using her intelligence can lead to success in both academics and love.
    • Release date: July 13, 2001
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Running time: 96 minutes
    • Main cast: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair
    • Box office: $141.8 million
  7. 7
    A romantic comedy based on William Shakespeare's play "The Taming of the Shrew". The film follows a high school student as she is pursued by a boy who is paid to date her.
    10 Things I Hate About You is a popular chick flick released in 1999. It is a romantic comedy film that follows the story of two sisters: the popular and beautiful Bianca Stratford and her older, non-conformist sister Kat. The film is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's play 'The Taming of the Shrew' and revolves around the attempts of a new student, Cameron James, to win the heart of Bianca by setting up a plan to have Kat fall in love. As they navigate high school drama and romance, unexpected feelings and relationships develop, leading to humorous and heartfelt moments.
    • Release Year: 1999
    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Runtime: 97 minutes
    • Setting: Padua High School
    • Lead Actors: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles
  8. 8
    A romantic comedy that follows a journalist as she tries to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days, while the guy in question is trying to make her fall in love with him.
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a romantic comedy film released in 2003. The story revolves around a journalist, Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson), who attempts to drive away a guy she just met, Benjamin Barry (played by Matthew McConaughey), as a part of her work assignment. However, Benjamin has made a bet that he can make any woman fall in love with him within 10 days. As their conflicting objectives collide, hilarious situations and unexpected romance ensue.
    • Release Date: February 7, 2003
    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Running Time: 116 minutes
    • Starring: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey
    • Production Company: Paramount Pictures
  9. 9
    A comedy-drama that follows a recent college graduate as she lands a job at a fashion magazine and must navigate the cutthroat world of high fashion.
    The Devil Wears Prada is a popular chick flick released in 2006. It is a comedy-drama film based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Lauren Weisberger. The movie follows the story of Andrea Sachs, a young and aspiring journalist who lands a job as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, the powerful and demanding editor-in-chief of a prestigious fashion magazine. As Andrea tries to navigate the cutthroat fashion industry and meet Miranda's high expectations, she undergoes a transformation that challenges her personal and professional life.
    • Release Date: June 30, 2006
    • Director: David Frankel
    • Producer: Wendy Finerman
    • Screenplay: Aline Brosh McKenna
    • Based on: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  10. 10
    A romance film set in the 1960s that follows a young woman as she falls in love with a dance instructor while on vacation with her family. The film is known for its iconic soundtrack and dance scenes.
    Dirty Dancing is a classic romantic drama film set in the summer of 1963. It follows the story of Frances 'Baby' Houseman, a young woman who falls in love with Johnny Castle, a charismatic dance instructor at a summer resort. Against the backdrop of music, dance, and forbidden love, they navigate social barriers and find themselves in a transformative journey of self-discovery and passion.
    • Release Year: 1987
    • Runtime: 1 hour and 40 minutes
    • Genre: Romantic drama
    • Lead Actors: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze
    • Setting: Summer resort in the Catskill Mountains, New York
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Ranking factors for popular chick flick

  1. Audience Appeal
    Consider the movie's target audience, and how well it resonates with, and appeals to, that demographic - this would typically involve mainly women, but should also have a broader appeal.
  2. Box Office Success
    A popular chick flick should have performed well at the box office, indicating its commercial success and public support.
  3. Critical Reception
    Look at the reviews and ratings from critics, as well as the general consensus among film experts and audiences alike. High ratings on aggregator websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb can be a strong indicator of a popular chick flick.
  4. Cultural Impact
    Gauge the extent to which the movie has impacted popular culture, through memes, quotes, fashion trends, or even sparking conversations around relevant social issues.
  5. Emotional Resonance
    A key factor of a chick flick is its ability to evoke strong emotions, often focused on themes related to love, friendship, and personal growth. Consider the emotional impact the movie has had on audiences and how much it resonates over time.
  6. Memorable Characters
    Popular chick flicks often have memorable and relatable characters. Assess the strength of the film's character development and the performances of the actors in those roles.
  7. Star Power
    The presence of popular and talented actors or actresses in a chick flick, which can draw in larger audiences and garner more attention.
  8. Awards and Nominations
    Check if the movie has been nominated for or won any prestigious awards, as this can be an indication of its quality and success.
  9. Timelessness
    Consider how well the movie has stood the test of time and whether it is still relevant and popular among viewers today.

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