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Welcome to StrawPoll, a platform that thrives on your opinions! Today, we're diving into the electrifying world of DECA events, and we need your help to determine the ultimate fan favorite. With thousands of participants engaged in various competitions, it's time to settle the score and rank the most popular DECA event. From intense business simulations to innovative marketing challenges, DECA never ceases to amaze us. So, get ready to ignite your passion, flex your decision-making skills, and let your voice be heard. Cast your vote for your all-time favorite DECA event, or suggest a missing option that deserves a spot in our prestigious ranking. Time is ticking, so don't wait – join the debate and help us uncover the most sought-after DECA event!

What Is the Most Popular DECA Event?

  1. 1

    Financial Consulting

    DECA International
    This event involves providing financial advice to a business or individual. It is popular because of its relevance to the real world and its potential to have a significant impact on the client's financial success.
    Financial consulting is a competitive event in DECA that focuses on providing solutions and advice to financial-related business problems. Participants act as consultants to analyze a business scenario or case study and recommend strategies to improve financial performance. The event is designed to develop and showcase the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in finance and consulting.
    • Competition Level: High
    • Category: Individual event
    • Industry Focus: Finance and consulting
    • Presentation Format: Oral presentation with visual aids
    • Time Limit: 10 minutes for preparation, 10 minutes for presentation
  2. 2
    This event focuses on creating a viable business plan and presenting it to a panel of judges. It is popular because it allows students to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills.
    Entrepreneurship is a business major that focuses on the study of innovation and the development of new businesses. It delves into the theory, strategies, and practical aspects of starting, managing, and growing successful ventures. Entrepreneurship teaches students how to identify opportunities, create and evaluate business ideas, secure funding, build teams, and execute effective business plans.
    • Innovation: Entrepreneurship emphasizes the concept of innovation and creativity in business endeavors.
    • Risk-taking: It encourages students to take calculated risks and deal with the uncertainties of starting and running a business.
    • Leadership: Entrepreneurship fosters leadership skills, as entrepreneurs are often responsible for leading and motivating their teams.
    • Financial Management: The major covers topics related to financial planning, budgeting, and managing resources.
    • Marketing: Entrepreneurship includes the study of market analysis, customer behavior, and developing effective marketing strategies.
  3. 3
    This event involves developing a marketing plan for a product or service. It is popular because marketing is a crucial aspect of any business and requires a broad range of skills.
    Marketing Management is a popular event in DECA where participants demonstrate their knowledge and skills in planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling marketing activities to achieve organizational objectives. This event focuses on strategic marketing decision-making, market research, product development, promotion, pricing, and distribution strategies.
    • Competition Level: High
    • Team Size: 2-3 members
    • Time Limit: 15-20 minutes preparation, 10-15 minutes presentation
    • Written Component: Yes
    • Oral Presentation: Yes
  4. 4
    This event focuses on the management and operation of a hospitality business, such as a hotel or restaurant. It is popular because it provides students with hands-on experience in a rapidly growing industry.
    Hospitality Services is a DECA event that focuses on the management and operations of the hospitality industry. Participants simulate the role of professionals in various hospitality settings, such as hotels, restaurants, and event management companies. They develop important skills related to customer service, marketing, financial analysis, and event planning.
    • Competition Level: High
    • Event Type: Individual or Team
    • Categories: Hotel and Lodging Management, Restaurant and Food Service Management, Event Planning, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
    • Required Skills: Customer service, communication, marketing, financial analysis, event planning
    • Presentation Format: Roleplays, written projects, and/or research presentations
  5. 5
    This event involves developing a marketing plan for a sports or entertainment product. It is popular because it allows students to explore their passion for sports and entertainment while developing marketable skills.
    Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a competitive event in DECA that focuses on marketing strategies and practices specifically related to the sports and entertainment industries. Participants are required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in areas such as branding, sponsorship, event promotions, ticket sales, market research, and fan engagement.
    • Target Audience: Business and marketing students at the high school and college level
    • Competition Format: Individual or team-based competition
    • Preparation Time: Participants are given time to prepare and submit a written project or case study before the event
    • Roleplays: Participants may also engage in roleplays where they act as sports or entertainment marketing professionals addressing specific business challenges or scenarios
    • Judging Criteria: Judges evaluate participants based on their marketing knowledge, presentation skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall professionalism
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    Business Finance

    DECA Inc.
    This event focuses on financial analysis and management. It is popular because it provides students with a deep understanding of financial concepts and their application in the business world.
    Business Finance is a competitive event in DECA that focuses on financial analysis, planning, and management in a business setting. Participants gain knowledge and skills in areas such as financial statements, investment strategies, risk management, and capital budgeting.
    • Event Type: Individual or team event
    • Eligibility: High school students
    • Competition Level: District, state, and international
    • Time Allowed: 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes of questioning
    • Preparation Time: Varies by competition level
  7. 7
    International Business
    Mellocorp · Public domain
    This event involves developing a business plan for a company looking to expand globally. It is popular because it allows students to explore the complexities of international business and develop cross-cultural communication skills.
    International Business is a business major that focuses on the management and operations of businesses that engage in global activities. It involves studying the complexities of international markets, cultures, and laws to develop strategies for successful business operations on a global scale.
    • Global Market Research: Understanding international markets and conducting market research to identify opportunities and challenges.
    • Cross-Cultural Communication: Developing effective communication skills to navigate cultural differences and negotiate with international partners.
    • International Economics: Studying international trade patterns and economic policies to analyze market dynamics and make informed business decisions.
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Understanding international business laws and regulations to ensure compliance and manage legal risks.
    • Supply Chain Management: Coordinating the movement of goods, services, and information across different countries and managing international logistics.
    International Business in other rankings
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    This event focuses on financial accounting and analysis. It is popular because it provides students with a solid foundation in accounting principles and prepares them for a career in finance.
    Accounting is a business major that focuses on financial information and records. It involves the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities. The individuals who perform accounting work are known as accountants.
    • Broad Knowledge Base: Accounting encompasses various areas such as financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting.
    • Financial Analysis: Accounting provides the ability to analyze financial statements and assess an organization's financial performance and health.
    • Compliance: Accounting involves adhering to regulatory and financial reporting requirements imposed by various governing bodies.
    • Ethics and Professionalism: Accountants are expected to adhere to high ethical standards and maintain professional conduct in their work.
    • Problem Solving: Accounting requires analytical and critical thinking skills to solve complex financial problems and make informed decisions.
  9. 9
    This event involves understanding legal and ethical issues in the business world. It is popular because it provides students with a broad understanding of the legal and ethical responsibilities of businesses.
    Business Law and Ethics is a competitive event within DECA that focuses on testing participants' knowledge and understanding of business law concepts and ethical decision-making. It combines legal principles with ethical considerations to challenge students' understanding of laws, regulations, and ethical practices in the business world.
    • Event Type: Individual
    • Competition Level: District, State, and International
    • Format: Multiple choice exam and role-play scenarios
    • Exam Content: Business law concepts, ethical theories, legal cases
    • Role-Play Content: Ethical dilemmas, legal scenarios
  10. 10
    This event focuses on retail management and marketing. It is popular because it allows students to explore the rapidly evolving world of retail and develop creative marketing strategies.
    Retail Merchandising is a DECA event that focuses on the management and promotion of retail products in order to increase sales and profitability. Participants analyze market trends, develop effective merchandising strategies, and create visually appealing product displays.
    • Competition Level: High
    • Event Type: Individual
    • Duration: 10 minutes preparation, 10 minutes role-play
    • Role-Play Style: Interactive
    • Scoring Criteria: Content, delivery, creativity, and analysis

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Ranking factors for popular event

  1. Participation rate
    A key factor in determining the popularity of a DECA event is the number of participants. Events with a higher number of students participating would be considered more popular.
  2. Success stories and achievements
    Events that have a history of participants achieving success or winning awards can be more popular among students. Keep an eye on the events with consistent top performers and high achievement rates.
  3. Student engagement and interest
    Some DECA events might resonate more with student interests, making them more popular. Gauge student preferences and passion for different subject areas and event formats to determine their popularity.
  4. Event visibility and promotion
    Popular DECA events are often well-promoted and visible on both social media and within the school community. Look for events that receive attention and generate buzz, as these are likely to be more popular.
  5. Sponsorship and support
    DECA events with strong sponsorships and support from educational institutions, local businesses, or industry professionals can indicate higher levels of interest and participation.
  6. Accessibility and availability
    Events that are accessible and available to a broad range of students from different backgrounds and skills can be more popular, as they provide equal opportunities for engagement and achievement.
  7. Curriculum relevance
    DECA events that align with the school curriculum or provide opportunities for real-world applications of classroom concepts can be more appealing to educators and students, making them more popular.
  8. Networking opportunities
    Events that enable participants to build connections with professionals, businesses, or educational institutions can attract interest and contribute to their popularity.
  9. Feedback and testimonials
    Listening to feedback from past participants, educators, and other stakeholders can give valuable insights into the popularity of events. Look for events with positive testimonials and reviews.
  10. Level of competition and challenge
    DECA events that are seen as competitive and challenging can pique student interest, making them more popular. Events that push students out of their comfort zone and offer opportunities for growth and innovation are often highly regarded.

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