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Updated on Jun 15, 2024 06:52
Fans of Fall Out Boy often engage in spirited discussions about which of the band's songs is the greatest. These debates can span from casual conversations to detailed analyses on social media and fan forums. A clear ranking of songs, based on fan votes, could provide a definitive answer and serve as a reference for these discussions. By participating in this vote, fans contribute to a dynamic listing that reflects the collective preferences of the community. This not only allows newer fans to see which tracks resonate most with long-time listeners but also gives all fans a voice in celebrating the band's extensive catalog. Your vote matters in shaping this ongoing conversation around the music of Fall Out Boy.

What Is the Most Popular Fall Out Boy Song?

  1. 1

    Dance, Dance

    Another hit from 'From Under the Cork Tree,' praised for its energetic rhythm and lyrics.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 9
    • RIAA Certification: 3x Platinum
  2. 2

    Sugar, We're Goin Down

    A standout track from their 2005 album 'From Under the Cork Tree,' known for its catchy hook.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 8
    • RIAA Certification: 4x Platinum
  3. 3

    Thnks fr th Mmrs

    A major single from their 2007 album 'Infinity on High,' known for its memorable chorus.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 11
    • RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum
  4. 4


    A song from their 2015 album 'American Beauty/American Psycho,' noted for its anthemic quality.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 10
    • RIAA Certification: 4x Platinum
  5. 5

    This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

    A song from 'Infinity on High' that features a mix of pop, punk, and R&B influences.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 2
    • RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum
  6. 6

    I Don't Care

    This track from 'Folie à Deux' stands out for its defiant lyrics and strong melody.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 21
    • RIAA Certification: Platinum
  7. 7

    My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

    A comeback single from their album 'Save Rock and Roll,' its intense energy and lyrics caught many listeners' attention.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 13
    • RIAA Certification: 6x Platinum
  8. 8

    Uma Thurman

    A song from 'American Beauty/American Psycho' that features a catchy riff and references the actress Uma Thurman.
    • Billboard Peak Position: 22
    • RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum
  9. 9

    The Phoenix

    Known for its powerful lyrics and instrumentation, this track is from 'Save Rock and Roll.'
    • Billboard Peak Position: Not available
    • RIAA Certification: Platinum
  10. 10

    Alone Together

    A track from 'Save Rock and Roll' that showcases the band's ability to blend rock and pop.
    • Billboard Peak Position: Not available
    • RIAA Certification: Platinum

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More about the Most Popular Fall Out Boy Song

Dance, Dance
Rank #1 for the most popular Fall Out Boy song: Dance, Dance (Source)
Fall Out Boy, an American rock band, formed in 2001. The band members include Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley. They quickly gained a following with their energetic music and catchy lyrics. Their sound blends punk rock, pop, and emo, which appeals to a wide audience.

The band released their debut album in 2003. It featured fast-paced songs with emotional lyrics. Their second album came out in 2005 and brought them mainstream success. It included several hit singles that received heavy airplay on radio and TV. The songs often dealt with themes of love, heartbreak, and personal struggles.

Fall Out Boy's music videos also played a significant role in their rise. They were known for their creative and sometimes bizarre concepts. These videos helped the band stand out in the crowded music scene of the mid-2000s. Their live performances were also a key factor in their success. The band was known for their high-energy shows and strong connection with the audience.

The band's success continued with their third album, which came out in 2007. This album further solidified their place in the music industry. It featured more polished production and broader themes. The band experimented with new sounds while staying true to their roots. This approach paid off, as the album received critical acclaim and commercial success.

After a brief hiatus in the early 2010s, Fall Out Boy returned with a new album in 2013. This marked a shift in their musical direction. The band incorporated more pop and electronic elements into their sound. This change was well-received by fans and critics alike. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Over the years, Fall Out Boy has continued to evolve. They have released several more albums, each showcasing their growth as musicians. Despite changes in their sound, they have maintained a loyal fan base. Their ability to adapt while staying true to their core has kept them relevant in the ever-changing music industry.

The band's influence extends beyond their music. They have been involved in various charitable efforts and social causes. They have used their platform to raise awareness and funds for important issues. This has further endeared them to their fans and the public.

Fall Out Boy's impact on the music scene is undeniable. They have inspired countless bands and artists. Their blend of punk rock, pop, and emo has left a lasting mark. Their songs continue to resonate with listeners of all ages.

In conclusion, Fall Out Boy's journey from a small band to global superstars is a testament to their talent and perseverance. Their ability to adapt and evolve has kept them at the forefront of the music industry. Their songs, filled with emotion and energy, have become anthems for many. Fall Out Boy's legacy is one of innovation, resilience, and connection with their fans.

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