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Updated on Feb 18, 2024 06:04
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate platform to settle the great debate – "What is the most popular Ferrari color?" As passionate car enthusiasts, we know that color plays a significant role in shaping the overall allure of these magnificent beasts. That's why we've curated an exciting ranking, featuring the most iconic and sought-after Ferrari hues! We invite you to join thousands of fellow aficionados and cast your vote for the ultimate Ferrari shade or suggest a missing option that deserves the spotlight. Let's collectively embark on this exhilarating journey and discover the true champion of Ferrari colors – because here at StrawPoll, your voice drives our community!

What Is the Most Popular Ferrari Color?

  1. 1

    Rosso Corsa

    This iconic red color has been associated with Ferrari for decades and is a symbol of the brand's racing heritage. It is the most classic and traditional Ferrari color.
    Rosso Corsa is a vibrant red color that has become synonymous with Ferrari. It is a shade of red that embodies the spirit, passion, and elegance of the iconic Italian automaker. Rosso Corsa, also known as Racing Red, is the most popular and recognizable color choice for Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Color Code: Ferrari 300 / PPG 13364
    • Color Type: Solid
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Color Family: Red
    • Hue: Warm
  2. 2
    Black is a timeless color that gives Ferraris a sleek and sophisticated look. It's a popular choice for those wanting a more understated and elegant car.
    Nero is a classic and sophisticated black color often seen on Ferrari cars. It exudes elegance and sleekness, enhancing the overall iconic design of the vehicles.
    • Color Name: Nero
    • Color Code: Solid Black
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Coverage: Full Body
    • Effect: Deep and Rich
  3. 3
    Ferrari's silver color, Grigio, is a modern and sleek color that looks great on the brand's more contemporary models.
    Grigio is a classic color option offered by Ferrari, known for its timeless elegance and sophistication. Derived from the Italian word for 'gray', Grigio encompasses various shades of gray ranging from light to dark. It is a popular choice among Ferrari enthusiasts, as it enhances the sleek and sleek lines of the legendary Italian sports cars.
    • Color family: Gray
    • Variants: Various shades of gray
    • Finish: Metallic
    • Appearance: Elegant and sophisticated
    • Popularity: High
  4. 4

    Bianco Avus

    White is a popular color for luxury cars, and the Bianco Avus is no exception. It contrasts beautifully with the black accents on Ferraris.
    Bianco Avus is a popular Ferrari color known for its elegant and timeless appearance. It is a brilliant shade of white that exudes class and sophistication. The pristine and bright nature of Bianco Avus highlights the sleek lines and contours of any Ferrari model, making it a highly sought-after option among Ferrari enthusiasts.
    • Hexadecimal Code: #FFFFFF
    • Type: Solid
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Opacity: High
    • Reflectivity: Medium
  5. 5
    This blue color is named after the iconic cycling race and gives Ferrari's a sporty yet elegant look.
    Blu Tour De France is a vibrant, deep blue color that is highly sought after by Ferrari enthusiasts. It exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, while also delivering a powerful presence on the road. The color is reminiscent of the iconic blue often associated with the Tour De France bicycle race, hence its name.
    • Color Code: 508
    • Type: Metallic
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Hue: Deep blue
    • Intensity: Vibrant
  6. 6

    Giallo Modena

    Ferrari's yellow color is a bold and eye-catching choice that stands out on the road.
    Giallo Modena is a vibrant yellow color that embodies the iconic charm of Ferrari. It exudes a sense of luxury, energy, and excitement, making it one of the most popular choices among Ferrari enthusiasts.
    • Color Code: Giallo Modena
    • RGB Values: 255, 213, 0
    • Hex Code: #FFD500
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Appearance: Vibrant yellow with a glossy finish
  7. 7
    Another silver option, Argento Nurburgring, is a more classic and subdued choice than Grigio.
    Argento Nurburgring is a silver metallic color that takes its inspiration from the famous Nurburgring race track in Germany. It is designed to capture the essence of speed, elegance, and sophistication.
    • Color: Silver metallic
    • Inspiration: Nurburgring race track
    • Finish: Metallic
    • Characteristics: Speed, elegance, and sophistication
    • Shade: Silver
  8. 8
    Rosso Scuderia
    Morio · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Rosso Scuderia

    This deeper, darker red color is a popular choice for Ferrari's more aggressive and sporty models.
    Rosso Scuderia is a vibrant and iconic red color often associated with Ferrari. It is inspired by the red used on Ferrari's Formula One racing cars. Rosso Scuderia is known for its captivating and attention-grabbing appearance on the road.
    • Color Code: F1 2007
    • RGB Value: R: 193, G: 0, B: 42
    • Hex Value: #C1002A
    • CIE-LAB Value: L*: 41, a*: 70, b*: 40
    • Gloss Level: High gloss
  9. 9
    A deep green color that looks great on Ferrari's more vintage models.
    Verde British Racing is a vibrant shade of green that is highly sought after by Ferrari enthusiasts. It exudes a sense of speed and elegance, making it a classic choice for the iconic Italian sports cars. The color is known for its deep and lustrous appearance, captivating attention wherever it goes.
    • Color code: Verde British Racing
    • Hex value: #005531
    • RGB value: 0, 85, 49
    • CMYK value: 100, 0, 42, 66
    • Luminance: 12%
  10. 10
    This blue color is a brighter and more playful option, perfect for those wanting a more whimsical Ferrari.
    Azzurro California is a vibrant and striking blue color that is often associated with Ferrari sports cars. It is characterized by its deep, rich tone and metallic finish, giving it a distinct and luxurious appearance. Azzurro California represents the spirit of the Italian Riviera and invokes feelings of freedom, excitement, and elegance.
    • Color Type: Metallic
    • Finish: High gloss
    • Shade: Deep blue
    • Luminosity: Bright
    • Appearance: Vibrant and striking

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Ranking factors for popular color

  1. Online searches and trends
    Monitor online searches related to Ferrari colors and keep an eye on trends in social media discussions and forums to gauge people's preferences for Ferrari colors.
  2. Ferrari owners' clubs and communities
    Ferrari owners' clubs and communities can provide valuable insights into the color preferences of Ferrari enthusiasts.
  3. Customer surveys and feedback
    Conduct surveys and collect feedback from Ferrari customers, both current and potential, to gather information about their color preferences.
  4. History and tradition
    Consider the historical and traditional significance of certain colors in relation to the Ferrari brand, such as red being synonymous with race cars.
  5. Special editions and limited releases
    Take note of the colors that are released as part of special editions and limited production runs, as they could indicate a high demand for certain colors.
  6. Media coverage and influencer endorsement
    Monitor media coverage and influencers' endorsements of specific colors on Ferrari vehicles. A popular color may receive more attention from journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers, which can impact consumer preferences.
  7. Industry trends
    Consider overall automotive industry trends and color preferences. While Ferrari is a unique brand, broader industry trends could still influence customer preferences.
  8. Market-specific preferences
    Accounting for regional and market-specific preferences is essential, as color preferences may vary by location and culture.
  9. Availability and accessibility
    Color options available in different markets and the ease with which customers can access and view them can influence popularity. Certain colors may become more popular because they are more readily available or promoted more heavily.

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