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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 1, 2023 08:13)
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate destination for the most vibrant and engaging polls and rankings! Today, we're excited to present you with our latest sizzling hot ranking - "What is the most popular HypeSquad?" It's time to flaunt your fandom and show your support for your favorite HypeSquad! Dive in, cast your vote, and watch as the battle for supremacy unfolds in real-time. Can't find your go-to squad on the list? No worries! Just suggest a missing option and rally your fellow fans to make it soar to the top! Be a part of the buzz, join the conversation, and let's discover together which HypeSquad reigns supreme in the world of StrawPoll!

What Is the Most Popular HypeSquad?

  1. 1
    The Anime HypeSquad is a community created by Discord for anime enthusiasts who are passionate about discussing their favorite anime shows and characters. It provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share their love for anime, and organize various events and activities related to anime and manga.
    • Category: HypeSquad
    • Name: Anime HypeSquad
    • Target Audience: Anime enthusiasts
    • Purpose: To connect and engage anime fans, and organize anime-related events
    • Community Size: Thousands of members
  2. 2

    Art HypeSquad

    This HypeSquad is for artists who are interested in sharing their work and collaborating with others. They organize events and activities related to different forms of art, such as painting, drawing, and digital art.
    The Art HypeSquad is a community within Discord's HypeSquad program that focuses on promoting and celebrating various forms of art.
    • Emphasis: Artistic creativity and expression.
    • Community: A supportive and inclusive community of artists and art enthusiasts.
    • Events: Organizes art-related events, contests, and exhibitions on Discord.
    • Collaboration: Encourages collaboration and networking among artists.
    • Categories: Covers a wide range of art, including traditional, digital, photography, design, and more.
  3. 3
    The Event HypeSquad is a specialized branch of HypeSquad that caters to individuals who have a passion for attending and organizing various events. From gaming conventions to music festivals, sports matches, and other interest-driven activities, the Event HypeSquad members excel in bringing people together through exciting and engaging experiences.
    • Event Organization: Members of the Event HypeSquad are adept at planning and executing events of various scales.
    • Event Promotion: They possess the skills to effectively promote events and engage a wide audience.
    • Event Coordination: Event HypeSquad members excel in coordinating logistics, schedules, and ensuring successful event execution.
    • Networking: They have a strong ability to connect with other event organizers, sponsors, and industry professionals.
    • Passion for Events: Members have a genuine love for attending and being a part of various events across different domains.
  4. 4
    This HypeSquad is for gamers who love to play and talk about their favorite games. They organize events and activities related to gaming, such as tournaments, game nights, and discussions.
    The Gaming HypeSquad is a community focused on promoting and celebrating gaming culture. The squad encourages gamers to come together, share their passion, and engage in various gaming activities.
    • Focused Community: Emphasizes gaming-related discussions and activities.
    • Events and Challenges: Organizes exciting events, tournaments, and challenges for its members.
    • Exclusive Perks: Offers exclusive perks and rewards to members, such as badges and merchandise.
    • Leadership Opportunities: Provides leadership opportunities for members to help shape the community.
    • Exclusive Game Content: Access to exclusive game content and early access opportunities.
  5. 5
    This HypeSquad is for people who are interested in learning new skills and knowledge. They organize events and activities related to education, such as workshops, lectures, and webinars.
    The Learning HypeSquad is one of the most popular branches of the HypeSquad program. It focuses on promoting knowledge-sharing and continuous learning within the community.
    • Exclusive Events: Access to exclusive events centered around learning and education.
    • Webinars: Regular webinars on various topics related to personal and professional growth.
    • Mentorship Program: Opportunity to participate in mentorship programs where experienced professionals offer guidance and support to members.
    • Learning Resources: Access to a wide range of curated learning resources such as tutorials, e-books, and online courses.
    • Community Discussions: Engage in discussions with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and learn from others in the community.
  6. 6

    Music HypeSquad

    This HypeSquad is for music lovers who enjoy listening to and creating music. They organize events and activities related to different genres of music, such as concerts, jam sessions, and music production workshops.
    The Music HypeSquad is a popular HypeSquad designed for individuals who are passionate about music and want to promote it within the community. It aims to bring together music enthusiasts, artists, DJs, producers, and fans to collaborate, create, and celebrate music.
    • 1: Exclusive access to music-related Discord merchandise
    • 2: Special music-focused events and contests
    • 3: Access to a dedicated Music HypeSquad Discord server
    • 4: Opportunity to connect and network with other music enthusiasts
    • 5: Early access to music-related features and updates on Discord
  7. 7
    This HypeSquad is for people who love to stream and watch streams. They organize events and activities related to streaming, such as streamer meetups, collaborations, and competitions.
    The Streaming HypeSquad is a popular category within the HypeSquad program, which focuses on promoting and supporting streamers and content creators in the gaming industry. Members of the Streaming HypeSquad are actively involved in streaming platforms, online communities, and events dedicated to gaming and streaming.
    • Streamer Support: Assisting streamers with technical issues, growth strategies, and networking opportunities.
    • Events and Meetups: Organizing and participating in streamer-related events, conferences, and meetups.
    • Partnership Opportunities: Facilitating partnerships between streamers/content creators and gaming companies.
    • Exclusive Perks: Access to exclusive features, early access to new features, and custom streaming-related goodies.
    • Community Building: Fostering a community of streamers and fostering collaborations among members.
  8. 8
    The Support HypeSquad is a popular HypeSquad that focuses on providing assistance and support to others. It is a community of individuals who are passionate about helping others and actively engage in organizing events and activities related to mental health, volunteer work, and community service.
    • Focus: Supporting and helping others
    • Events: Organizing events related to mental health, volunteer work, and community service
    • Activities: Engaging in activities that promote well-being and support
    • Community: A tight-knit community of individuals passionate about support
    • Networking: Connecting with like-minded individuals
  9. 9

    Tech HypeSquad

    This HypeSquad is for tech enthusiasts who love to discuss and explore new technologies. They organize events and activities related to coding, hardware, software, and other tech-related topics.
    The Tech HypeSquad is a popular HypeSquad, primarily focused on technology enthusiasts, developers, and those passionate about the tech industry. It aims to bring together like-minded individuals who are excited about the latest innovations and developments in the tech world.
    • Membership: Open to anyone with an interest in technology
    • Activities: Organizes and participates in tech-themed events, workshops, and discussions
    • Community: Offers a supportive and engaging community for tech enthusiasts
    • Resources: Provides access to exclusive resources, tutorials, and opportunities for learning and growth in the tech field
    • Online Presence: Has an active online presence through forums, Discord servers, and social media platforms
  10. 10

    Sport HypeSquad

    This HypeSquad is for sports fans who love to watch and play different sports. They organize events and activities related to different sports, such as pickup games, sports trivia, and watch parties.
    Sport HypeSquad is a dynamic and energetic HypeSquad that primarily focuses on promoting and celebrating various sports and physical activities among the HypeSquad community. It aims to foster a spirit of teamwork, competition, and fitness.
    • Logo: Sport-themed logo featuring iconic athletic elements
    • Events: Organizes sports-related events and tournaments on Discord
    • Community Engagement: Encourages HypeSquad members to participate in physical activities and share their experiences within the community
    • Merchandise: Offers exclusive sport-themed merchandise for HypeSquad members
    • Sports Updates: Regularly shares updates and news about trending sports and athletes

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Ranking factors for popular HypeSquad

  1. Active membership
    The number of active members in a HypeSquad is indicative of its popularity. Active membership refers to people who regularly participate in events, engage with the community, and promote Discord in various online and offline platforms.
  2. Social media presence
    Analyze the HypeSquad's presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Their follower count, engagement rate, and hashtag use are crucial metrics that reflect their popularity.
  3. Online community size
    Assess the size of online communities, such as Discord servers or Reddit groups, dedicated to the HypeSquad. A larger community usually reflects a higher level of interest and enthusiasm among members.
  4. Event attendance and participation
    Evaluate how often the HypeSquad members attend and participate in Discord-related events. This could include gaming tournaments, meetups, conferences, or online events.
  5. Influence and impact
    Determine the impact HypeSquad members have on the overall Discord community. Are they successful in spreading awareness about Discord, getting people to use the platform, or contributing to Discord's growth?
  6. Collaboration and partnerships
    Check if the HypeSquad has collaborated or partnered with other influential organizations, groups, or individuals within the gaming or tech industry.
  7. Awards and recognition
    Recognition and awards received by the HypeSquad can be an indicator of their popularity and impact.
  8. Word-of-mouth and referrals
    The more people talk about a particular HypeSquad and recommend it to others, the more popular it likely is.
  9. Media coverage
    If a HypeSquad has been featured or mentioned in popular media outlets, it can be an indicator of its popularity and influence.
  10. Member satisfaction and loyalty
    Analyze feedback from HypeSquad members regarding their overall satisfaction with the group and its events. High levels of member satisfaction and loyalty often translate to a more popular and successful HypeSquad.

About this ranking

This is a community-based ranking of the most popular HypeSquad. We do our best to provide fair voting, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. So if you notice something or HypeSquad is missing, feel free to help improve the ranking!


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More information on most popular hypesquad

HypeSquad is a group of Discord users who are passionate about the platform and its community. As part of this group, members have access to exclusive perks, events, and opportunities to represent Discord at various events. HypeSquad is divided into three categories: Bravery, Brilliance, and Balance. Each category represents a different set of values and interests within the Discord community. Bravery members are focused on gaming, competition, and pushing boundaries. Brilliance members are interested in creativity, innovation, and technology. Balance members prioritize community building, inclusivity, and support. With thousands of members in the HypeSquad, it's no wonder that each category has its own devoted following. So, what is the most popular HypeSquad? Read on to find out!

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