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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jul 19, 2024 06:58
Choosing the right keyboard size can significantly impact both your comfort and productivity. With so many options available, from compact versions to full-sized models, it can be challenging to determine which one best meets your needs. By ranking popular keyboard sizes based on user votes, this tool offers valuable insights into which sizes are preferred by most people. Your input is crucial in shaping these rankings. By voting for your preferred keyboard size, you contribute to a broader understanding of user preferences. This real-time ranking updates dynamically with each new vote, reflecting the latest trends and opinions. Check out how different sizes stack up and cast your vote to see where your favorite fits into the mix.

What Is the Most Popular Keyboard Size?

  1. 1


    A compact keyboard that retains function keys and a small number of navigational keys in a tight layout.
    • Key Count: 80 to 84
    • Popular Use: Compact workspaces
  2. 2


    An extremely compact keyboard that removes number row, function row, and most non-alphabetic keys, emphasizing portability.
    • Key Count: 40 to 50
    • Popular Use: Extreme minimalism and portability
  3. 3


    A smaller keyboard that includes arrow keys and a few navigation keys but lacks function row keys.
    • Key Count: 66 to 70
    • Popular Use: Portable use and small desks
  4. 4


    A compact full-size keyboard that maintains a number pad but reduces the spacing between keys and removes some navigation keys.
    • Key Count: 96 to 100
    • Popular Use: Balancing compact size and full functionality
  5. 5

    Tenkeyless (TKL)

    A keyboard without the number pad, containing 87 or 88 keys, often preferred for its compact size.
    • Key Count: 87 or 88
    • Popular Use: Gaming and office use
  6. 6
    Split Keyboards

    Split Keyboards

    Keyboards that are divided into two or more parts, allowing for a more natural hand, wrist, and arm position.
    • Key Count: Varies
    • Popular Use: Ergonomics and comfort
  7. 7
    Ergonomic Keyboards

    Ergonomic Keyboards

    Keyboards designed with ergonomics in mind, which can vary greatly in size and shape to reduce strain during typing.
    • Key Count: Varies
    • Popular Use: Reducing typing strain
  8. 8


    A keyboard with 104 or 105 keys including alphabetic characters, numbers, function keys, and a separate number pad.
    • Key Count: 104 or 105
    • Popular Use: General computing and gaming
  9. 9


    Similar to a full-size keyboard but with a more compact arrangement, including a smaller right shift key and a smaller space between the number pad and the main keys.
    • Key Count: 104 or 105
    • Popular Use: Users needing full functionality with a slightly smaller footprint
  10. 10


    A compact keyboard design that omits the number pad, function row, and navigational keys, focusing on minimalism.
    • Key Count: 61
    • Popular Use: Minimalist setups and gamers

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Additional Information

More about the Most Popular Keyboard Size

Keyboards come in various sizes. Each size meets different needs. The most popular size strikes a balance between function and space. It includes all the keys most users need. This size fits well on most desks.

The layout is simple. It has letter keys, number keys, and function keys. Users can type, game, or work with ease. The keys are close together. This makes typing fast and smooth. The size allows for a comfortable hand position. Users do not need to stretch their fingers much.

This keyboard size is versatile. It suits many tasks. People use it at home, in offices, and in schools. It is good for writing, coding, and browsing. Gamers also like this size. It often has extra keys for gaming needs. These keys can be customized.

The design is compact. It saves desk space. Users can place other items on their desks. Some keyboards of this size are wireless. This adds to the clean look of a desk. The compact design makes it easy to carry. Users can take it to different places.

The keyboard is easy to find. Many brands make this size. It comes in various styles and colors. Users can choose one that fits their taste. Some models have backlit keys. This is useful in low light. Others have ergonomic designs. These reduce strain on the hands.

The price varies. There are budget options and high-end models. Users can find one that fits their budget. The quality also varies. Some keyboards last longer than others. It is good to read reviews before buying. This helps in choosing a durable one.

The keys are responsive. This is important for typing and gaming. The feedback from the keys is satisfying. It helps in typing accurately. The keys are also quiet. This is good for shared spaces. Loud keyboards can be distracting.

The size is a good choice for most users. It offers a balance of features and convenience. It is not too big or too small. It has all the keys needed for daily tasks. The compact design saves space. The variety of styles and prices makes it accessible to everyone.

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