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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 1, 2023 08:36)
Welcome to StrawPoll, the ultimate destination for Minecraft fanatics! We're excited to present our latest ranking: "What is the most popular modpack in Minecraft?" With thousands of players delving into the exciting world of Minecraft and exploring various modpacks, we've curated a list of fan-favorites that have taken the game to new heights. Our interactive poll allows you to cast your vote for the modpack you believe reigns supreme, and if you feel like we're missing out on a hidden gem, don't hesitate to suggest it! Join the StrawPoll community, make your opinion count, and uncover the undisputed champion of Minecraft modpacks. Let the battle for blocky brilliance begin!

What Is the Most Popular Modpack in Minecraft?

  1. 1

    SkyFactory 4

    This modpack is all about survival and resource management, with a focus on building your own skyblock world. It includes popular mods like Ex Nihilo, Tinkers' Construct, and Applied Energistics.
    SkyFactory 4 is a popular Minecraft modpack that challenges players to survive and thrive in a unique skyblock environment. This modpack was created by Darkosto and is widely enjoyed by Minecraft players around the world.
    • Version: 1.12.2
    • Number of mods: Over 200
    • Skyblock Challenges: Customized and extensive
    • Resource Automation: Advanced automation systems
    • Quest System: Guided progression through quests
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  2. 2
    This modpack is known for its extreme difficulty and realistic survival mechanics, with features like thirst, temperature, and disease. It includes over 100 mods, including Tough As Nails, Better Foliage, and Dynamic Trees.
    RLCraft is a popular Minecraft modpack known for its challenging and realistic gameplay. It was created by a modder known as 'Shivaxi'.
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Realism: High
    • Survival Focus: Intense
    • Exploration: Vast
    • Monsters: Tough and powerful
  3. 3

    FTB Revelation

    Feed The Beast Team
    This modpack is a general-purpose pack that includes many popular mods, such as Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, and Draconic Evolution. It's designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing players to build and explore at their own pace.
    FTB Revelation is a popular modpack for Minecraft that offers a vast and diverse gameplay experience. It was created by the Feed The Beast team, a group of modders and developers who are well-known in the Minecraft community for their high-quality modpacks. The modpack is designed to provide players with an enjoyable and expansive adventure, combining the magic of exploration and the creativity of building. With a dedicated focus on balance and compatibility, FTB Revelation offers a stable and immersive modded Minecraft experience.
    • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
    • Total Mods: 200+
    • Tech Mods: 50+
    • Magic Mods: 30+
    • Dimensions: Multiple
  4. 4

    Enigmatica 2

    This modpack is all about exploration and adventure, with over 200 mods that add new dimensions, biomes, mobs, and quests. It includes popular mods like Thaumcraft, Botania, and Blood Magic.
    Enigmatica 2 is a highly regarded modpack for Minecraft that offers a well-balanced and immersive gameplay experience. It was created by NillerMedDild, a respected member of the Minecraft modding community.
    • Multiblock Structures: Complex structures that require careful assembly
    • Version: 1.12.2
    • Number of Mods: Over 200
    • Quest-based Progression: Guided quests to help players progress
    • Expert Mode: An optional hardcore mode for experienced players
  5. 5

    SevTech: Ages

    This modpack is a progression-based pack that takes players through different eras of Minecraft history, from prehistoric times to the space age. It includes over 200 mods, such as Better With Mods, Immersive Engineering, and Galacticraft.
    SevTech: Ages is a popular modpack in Minecraft that focuses on progression through different ages, starting from the Stone Age and ending with Space Age. The modpack includes a variety of mods that introduce new mechanics, features, and challenges for players to overcome as they advance through each age. It provides a unique gameplay experience by emphasizing exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and technology advancement.
    • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
    • Modpack Version: 3.1.4
    • Required RAM: 4GB
    • Recommended RAM: 8GB
    • Total Mods: 467
  6. 6

    All the Mods 6

    The All the Mods Team
    This modpack is a compilation of many popular mods, including some that are not available in other packs. It includes over 300 mods, such as Astral Sorcery, Mystical Agriculture, and Industrial Foregoing.
    All the Mods 6 is a popular modpack in Minecraft that offers a comprehensive collection of mods for players to enhance their gameplay experience. It aims to provide a diverse and feature-packed modpack for both beginners and experienced players alike.
    • Minecraft Version: 1.16.5
    • Modloader: Forge
    • Total Mods: 250+
    • Curated Mods: Yes
    • Focused Themes: No
  7. 7

    Sky Odyssey

    FTB Team
    This modpack is a skyblock pack with a focus on exploration and adventure, featuring custom biomes, dungeons, and bosses. It includes popular mods like ProjectE, Extra Utilities 2, and Chisel.
    Sky Odyssey is a popular modpack for Minecraft that offers a unique skyblock experience with various challenges and quests. Players start on a floating island in the sky and must strategize to progress through different stages of advancements and goals.
    • Version: 1.16.5
    • Mods: Over 150 mods
    • Quests: Over 2,000 quests
    • Customization: Extensive modpack customization options
    • Resource Gathering: Includes various resource generation mechanisms
  8. 8

    Stoneblock 2

    This modpack is a unique pack that takes place entirely inside a massive stone cube, with no sky or natural light. It includes over 200 mods, such as Applied Energistics 2, Blood Magic, and Thermal Expansion.
    Stoneblock 2 is a popular modpack for Minecraft that offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. It takes players deep underground into a world made entirely of stone, where they must strive to survive and thrive.
    • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
    • Number of Mods: 287
    • Type: Questing Modpack
    • World Type: Cave
    • Progression: Non-linear
  9. 9

    FTB Infinity Evolved

    The Feed The Beast Team
    This modpack is a classic pack that includes many popular mods, such as BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft 2, and Thaumcraft 4. It's designed to be a balanced and stable pack for both single and multiplayer.
    FTB Infinity Evolved is a highly popular modpack for Minecraft that offers a comprehensive and immersive gameplay experience. It combines various mods to expand the game's content and features, offering endless exploration and opportunities.
    • Version: 1.7.10
    • Minecraft Forge:
    • Number of Mods: 200+
    • Questing: Yes
    • Enhanced World Generation: Yes
  10. 10

    E2E: Enigmatica 2 Expert

    This modpack is a challenging pack that requires advanced knowledge of Minecraft mods and mechanics. It includes over 200 mods, such as GregTech Community Edition, Mekanism, and Immersive Petroleum.
    E2E: Enigmatica 2 Expert is a popular modpack for Minecraft that focuses on challenging gameplay and progression. It is designed to provide a more demanding and immersive experience for experienced players who are looking for a greater level of difficulty and complexity.
    • Version: 1.63
    • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
    • Number of Mods: 260+
    • Quest-Based Progression: Extensive quest system to guide players through the modpack
    • Crafting Overhaul: Custom recipes and tweaks to increase the challenge and encourage exploration of different mods

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Ranking factors for popular modpack

  1. Number of downloads
    The total number of times the modpack has been downloaded can indicate its popularity among players.
  2. Active player base
    A modpack may have a higher chance of being popular if it has a large and active player base consistently playing and using it. You can look at the number of players currently playing modpack servers to gauge this.
  3. Community feedback
    The overall sentiment of the community can speak volumes about a modpack. Reviews, comments, and ratings on forums or modpack distribution sites can provide insights into the player's experience and satisfaction with the modpack.
  4. Compatibility and stability
    A popular modpack should be compatible with different Minecraft versions and have minimal compatibility issues or crashes. Stability ensures a smooth gameplay experience.
  5. Variety of mods included
    A large number of diverse mods within the modpack can attract more players, as they cater to a wider range of interests and playstyles.
  6. Balance and gameplay
    A popular modpack should offer balanced gameplay and not be too overpowered or underpowered. Good balance makes the gameplay more fun, challenging, and engaging.
  7. Updates and development frequency
    A regularly updated and maintained modpack can be popular as it shows the developer's commitment to keeping content fresh and solving any issues that arise due to Minecraft updates or mod conflicts.
  8. Theme and aesthetic
    A cohesive and engaging theme for the modpack can make it stand out among competitors.
  9. Accessibility and ease of use
    A modpack that is easy to install and use can contribute to its popularity, as it lowers the barrier for players who may not be familiar with mods or the installation process.
  10. Streamers and influencers
    If well-known streamers, YouTubers, or other gaming influencers play and promote the modpack, it can contribute to its popularity.

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