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Updated on Feb 26, 2024 06:21
Step right up and join the excitement as we dive into the world of Rocket League to discover the most popular Octane skin! Here at StrawPoll, we've gathered a spectacular array of dazzling designs that have captured the hearts of players across the globe. Now, we need your help to crown the ultimate Octane skin – the one that truly ignites your passion for the game. Cast your vote, and if you believe we've missed a worthy contender, fear not! You have the power to suggest it and rally support for your favorite. Don't miss out on this thrilling race to the top; join the action now and make your voice heard in the battle for the most popular Octane skin!

What Is the Most Popular Octane Skin?

  1. 1

    El Diablo

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin has a unique design with a devilish appearance and is one of the most popular skins for Octane.
    El Diablo is a popular Octane skin known for its devilish and menacing appearance. It transforms Octane into a fearsome adrenaline junkie with devil horns, glowing red eyes, and a fiery motif. The skin features a black and red color scheme with intricate demonic designs all over. Overall, El Diablo gives Octane a wicked and intense look that matches his high-speed playstyle.
    • Skin Rarity: Legendary
    • Release Date: February 4, 2020
    • Availability: In-store purchase or Apex Packs
    • Exclusive: No
    • Price: 1,800 Apex Coins
  2. 2

    Jade Tiger

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a vibrant green and orange color scheme with tiger stripes, making it a fan-favorite for its flashy design.
    The 'Jade Tiger' is a highly sought-after legendary skin for Octane, featuring a vibrant jade green and black tiger-striped design. It showcases Octane's bold and fearless personality on the battlefield.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Availability: Exclusive/Limited
    • Release Date: March 19, 2019
    • In-game Cost: 1,200 Crafting Metals
    • Animation: Dynamic tiger stripes glow on Octane's suit
  3. 3

    Speed Demon

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a sleek, black and red design, and is one of the original skins available for Octane.
    The Speed Demon is an electrifying Octane skin that packs a punch of adrenaline and style. Its vibrant color scheme and sleek design make it a fan-favorite among Apex Legends players.
    • Rarity: Epic
    • Availability: In-game Store
    • Release Date: Season 1: Wild Frontier
    • Price: 1,200 Apex Coins
    • Color Scheme: Red, Black, and White
  4. 4
    This skin features a white and blue color scheme with lightning bolt patterns, making it a popular choice for its cool design.
    Whiplash is a high-energy and fast-paced heavy metal song by Metallica. Released in 1983, it is one of the band's signature tracks and a fan favorite at their live performances. Known for its relentless speed and aggressive guitar riffs, Whiplash embodies the intensity and power that defines Metallica's sound. The lyrics of the song reference the moshing and headbanging culture associated with heavy metal music. Overall, Whiplash is a classic thrash metal anthem that showcases Metallica's musical prowess.
    • Certification: N/A
    • Album: Kill 'Em All
    • Release Date: 1983
    • Genre: Thrash Metal
    • Length: 4:06
  5. 5
    Launch Pad
    NASA/Richard Clark · Public domain

    Launch Pad

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a colorful, geometric design that is eye-catching and unique.
    The Launch Pad is a popular Octane skin in Apex Legends. It features a vibrant and futuristic design, with a mix of metallic and neon colors. The skin adds a unique flair to Octane's appearance, reflecting his adrenaline-fueled and high-energy playstyle.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Release Date: October 1, 2019
    • Availability: Limited time event skin
    • In-Game Cost: Unknown (Purchasable with in-game currency during the event)
    • Full Price: Unknown (Purchasable with real-money during the event)
  6. 6

    Fast Track

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a black and green color scheme with a futuristic design, making it a popular choice for its sleek appearance.
    The Fast Track is a popular Octane skin in Apex Legends that features a racing theme, perfect for the adrenaline junkies. It gives Octane a sleek and futuristic appearance, with a combination of vibrant orange and black colors. The skin showcases Octane's love for speed and showcases his need for constant action on the battlefield.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Release Date: March 20, 2019
    • Availability: In-game store or Apex Packs
    • Unlock Method: Purchasable with in-game currency or Apex Coins
    • Exclusive: No
  7. 7
    Gold Rush
    Roland Totheroh, Cinematographer · Public domain

    Gold Rush

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a shiny gold and black design, making it a popular choice for players who want to show off their wealth and prestige.
    Gold Rush is a popular Octane skin in Apex Legends that gives Octane a shiny and extravagant appearance. The skin features a vibrant gold color scheme with intricate patterns and detailing, making him stand out on the battlefield.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Availability: Rotating in-store cosmetic item
    • Release Date: March 23, 2021
    • Lore: The Gold Rush skin symbolizes Octane's desire for wealth and excitement.
    • Weapon Skins: Matching gold-themed weapon skins available for compatible weapons.
    Gold Rush in other rankings
  8. 8

    Hot Pursuit

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a red and yellow color scheme with flaming patterns, making it a popular choice for its fiery design.
    Hot Pursuit is a popular Octane skin that features a sleek and futuristic design. The skin gives Octane a vibrant and energetic look, reflecting his speedy nature and love for adrenaline. The main color scheme of Hot Pursuit consists of a combination of black, red, and silver, giving the skin a high-tech appearance. The patterns on the skin resemble racing stripes, further emphasizing Octane's need for speed.
    • Skin Rarity: Legendary
    • Availability: Featured in the in-game store
    • Release Date: March 19, 2019
    • Required Level: Level 65
    • Lore Description: Inspired by Octane's obsession with extreme racing, the Hot Pursuit skin represents his pursuit of being the fastest legend in the Apex Games.
  9. 9

    The Victory Lap

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a simple white and blue design with checkered patterns, making it a popular choice for its classic racing theme.
    The Victory Lap is a legendary skin for Octane in Apex Legends. It features a sleek design with a predominantly black color scheme, accentuated by vibrant neon green details. The skin showcases Octane's need for speed with racing-inspired decals and sponsors plastered across the suit. The Victory Lap skin brings a fresh and dynamic look to the adrenaline-fueled legend.
    • Legend: Octane
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Color Scheme: Black and neon green
    • Design Style: Racing-inspired
    • Decals: Prominent racing decals and sponsors
  10. 10

    Cyber Security

    Respawn Entertainment
    This skin features a futuristic, cybernetic design with a blue color scheme, making it a popular choice for its unique appearance.
    The Cyber Security skin is a highly sought-after Octane skin in Apex Legends. It features a futuristic cyberpunk theme, with sleek black armor adorned with neon blue highlights. The skin exudes a high-tech, edgy aesthetic, making Octane look formidable and ready for any battle in the virtual world.
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Availability: Limited-time event or Apex Packs
    • Helmet: Adds a cybernetic-looking helmet with glowing visor
    • Suit: Replaces Octane's default jumpsuit with a sleek cyberpunk armor
    • Legs: Equips robotic-like legs with neon blue accents

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Ranking factors for popular skin

  1. Design
    The overall look, color scheme, and style of the skin should appeal to a wide range of players and be visually appealing.
  2. Rarity
    The rarity level and exclusivity of the skin may make it more desirable and popular among players who want to stand out in the game.
  3. Theme
    Whether the skin follows a specific theme or character concept can be a significant factor in its popularity. Some players may be more inclined toward skins that are in line with their preferences or gaming style.
  4. Cultural relevance
    Some skins may become popular because they pay homage to a particular culture, holiday, or event, making them more recognizable and favored by players.
  5. Release date
    Newer skins may generally be more popular than older ones, as they might feature improved graphics and designs, and players will be more excited about obtaining them.
  6. Customization options
    Skins that allow for customization through different styles, colors, or add-ons may have an edge in popularity, as players can personalize their look further.
  7. In-game performance
    If a particular skin is associated with in-game benefits, such as visibility or camouflage, that provide an advantage in gameplay, it may become more popular.
  8. Price and accessibility
    Skins that are more accessible and affordably priced may be more popular among the general player base, as they can be more easily obtained.
  9. Official rankings and community opinions
    Popular public opinion, official rankings from the game developers, or recognition from well-known esports players or gaming influencers can significantly impact a skin's popularity.
  10. Sentimental value
    Some skins may hold sentimental value or nostalgia for players who associate the skin with their gaming experiences or particular milestones in their gaming journey.

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