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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Apr 10, 2024 07:26
Welcome to StrawPoll's latest ranking challenge: "What is the most popular Pin on Pinterest?"! As avid Pinterest enthusiasts, we've curated an exciting list of the most sought-after, inspiring, and trending Pins from a variety of categories like DIY, fashion, travel, and more! Now, it's your turn to make a difference and have your voice heard by voting for your all-time favorite Pin. Not seeing your top pick? Don't worry, you can even suggest a missing option to be included in the ranking. Join us in this riveting quest to discover the ultimate Pinterest Pin that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. Let the voting begin and may the best Pin win!

What Is the Most Popular Pin on Pinterest?

  1. 1
    This pin provides creative ideas for decorating homes, which is very popular among Pinterest users.
    The DIY Home Decor Ideas pin on Pinterest is a curated collection of creative and budget-friendly ideas to enhance the interior design of a home. It provides inspiration for DIY enthusiasts, offering easy-to-follow instructions and tips to personalize and transform living spaces.
    • Pin Type: DIY Home Decor Ideas
    • Pin Category: Home Decor
    • Number of Repins: Over 10,000
    • Number of Likes: Over 15,000
    • Number of Comments: Over 500
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  2. 2

    Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

    Fit Foodie Finds
    With more and more people becoming health-conscious, this pin offers healthy meal prep ideas that are quick and easy to prepare.
    Healthy Meal Prep Ideas is a collection of recipes and tips for preparing nutritious meals in advance. It focuses on making meal prepping easy, convenient, and delicious, helping individuals maintain a balanced and healthy diet. The ideas range from breakfast to dinner options, catering to different dietary preferences and restrictions.
    • Number of pins: over 100k
    • Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
    • Preparation time: varies based on recipe
    • Cooking time: varies based on recipe
    • Calorie range: 300-600 calories per meal
  3. 3

    Easy DIY Crafts

    DIY & Crafts
    Pinterest users love this pin as it provides ideas for easy and affordable DIY crafts that can be done at home.
    Easy DIY Crafts is a popular Pin on Pinterest that provides creative and fun ideas for DIY projects. The projects are designed to be easily accomplished by people of all skill levels, making them accessible to everyone. From home decor and organization solutions to gift ideas and holiday crafts, Easy DIY Crafts offers a wide range of creative inspiration. The creator of this popular Pin is DIY & Crafts, a Pinterest account dedicated to sharing innovative and do-it-yourself ideas.
    • Category: DIY Crafts
    • Skill Level: All levels
    • Types of Projects: Home decor, organization, gift ideas, holiday crafts
    • Ease of Accomplishment: Easy
    • Creativity Level: High
  4. 4

    Wedding Ideas

    Pinterest User
    Weddings are always popular, and this pin offers inspiration for everything from bridal wear to decorations.
    The 'Wedding Ideas' Pin on Pinterest is a collection of various wedding-related inspirations, including decor, themes, dresses, and more. It serves as a helpful resource for couples who are planning their upcoming weddings. The Pin features a wide range of ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect wedding day.
    • Pin Type: Board
    • Category: Weddings
    • Number of Pins: Over 1000
    • Repin Count: Over 500,000
    • Likes: Over 1 million
  5. 5

    Makeup Tutorials

    Sarah Johnson
    Makeup tutorials are always in demand, and this pin offers step-by-step instructions for achieving different looks.
    Makeup Tutorials is a popular Pin on Pinterest that provides step-by-step guides and video tutorials for various makeup looks and techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, it offers a wide range of tutorials to help you enhance your beauty skills. From everyday natural makeup to extravagant special effects makeup, Makeup Tutorials has got you covered.
    • Pin Category: Beauty
    • Total Repins: 1.2 million
    • Total Likes: 900k
    • Pin URL:
    • Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5
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  6. 6

    Fashion Inspiration

    This pin provides inspiration for fashion enthusiasts, featuring the latest trends and styles.
    Fashion Inspiration is a vibrant and captivating pin on Pinterest that serves as a go-to source for fashion enthusiasts seeking creative ideas and styling inspiration. The pin features an eclectic mix of outfits, runway looks, accessories, and fashion trends from around the world.
    • Category: Fashion
    • Pin Type: Image
    • Pin Format: Vertical
    • Pin Size: 1000x1500 pixels
    • Aspect Ratio: 2:3
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  7. 7
    Travel enthusiasts love this pin as it offers ideas for beautiful and exotic travel destinations around the world.
    The 'Travel Destinations' pin on Pinterest showcases the most popular and captivating places around the world. This pin is a curated collection of breathtaking destinations that travelers dream of visiting.
    • Pin title: Travel Destinations
    • Pin type: Board
    • Number of followers: 2.8 million
    • Pin category: Travel
    • Number of saves: 14 thousand
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  8. 8

    Quotes and Sayings

    Jessica Wright
    This pin offers inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings, which are popular among Pinterest users.
    The 'Quotes and Sayings' Pin board on Pinterest is a collection of inspirational, funny, and thought-provoking quotes and sayings from various sources. It aims to provide users with a daily dose of motivation, laughter, and wisdom.
    • Pin board category: Quotes and Sayings
    • Number of Pins: 5,000+
    • Followers: 1 million+
    • Most Repinned Quote: Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.
    • Average repin count: 500+
  9. 9

    Hair and Beauty Tips

    Pamela Smith
    This pin offers tips and tricks for hair care and beauty, which are always in demand.
    The 'Hair and Beauty Tips' pin on Pinterest is a popular collection of tips, tutorials, and inspiration for hair and beauty enthusiasts. It covers a wide range of topics including hair care, styling techniques, makeup tips, skincare routines, and more. The pin is a go-to resource for anyone looking to enhance their beauty and grooming routines.
    • Pin Type: Collection
    • Number of Pins: 500+
    • Total Saves: 100k+
    • Categories: Hair, Beauty, Makeup, Skincare
    • Language: English
  10. 10
    With more people taking up gardening as a hobby, this pin offers ideas and inspiration for creating beautiful gardens.

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Ranking factors for popular Pin

  1. Likes and comments
    The number of likes and comments on a Pin indicates people's engagement and interest in the content. Pins with higher likes and comments are more likely to be considered popular.
  2. Saves
    Another important factor is the number of saves a Pin receives, which means people find it helpful or inspiring and want to revisit it later.
  3. Clicks and traffic
    Pins that drive high amounts of traffic to the source website are also deemed popular, as they generate interest and prompt users to learn more about the content.
  4. Follower count
    If a Pin is posted by an account with a large number of followers, it has a higher chance of being seen by more people, increasing its potential popularity. However, this is not always the case as followers may not engage with the content.
  5. Visual appeal
    Attractive and eye-catching images or videos are more likely to grab users' attention and become popular on Pinterest.
  6. Relevance
    A Pin becomes popular when it resonates with users and is relevant to their interests. Seasonality, trends, and timely events also play a role in the popularity of a Pin.
  7. Curation and presentation
    High-quality captions, the use of appropriate keywords, and a well-curated board help increase the visibility and appeal of a Pin.
  8. Influence
    If a Pin is promoted or shared by influencers and other popular accounts, it can gain more visibility and traction.
  9. Engagement rate
    The engagement rate is the ratio of the total number of repins, likes, and comments to the number of views a Pin gets. A high engagement rate indicates that the content is resonating with users and thus, more likely to be popular.

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