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The world of SCPs is filled with eerie, intriguing, and extraordinary entities, each with unique tales and anomalous features that captivate the curiosity of many. For fans and newcomers alike, quantifying the appeal and impact of these SCPs offers a structured way to gauge which anomalies strike the deepest chords. Through a publicly ranked list, insights emerge about which SCPs resonate most powerfully within the community. Voting on such a list not only fuels an ongoing dynamic but also empowers individuals to actively participate in shaping the conversation around these enigmatic beings. Each vote contributes to a clearer picture of general interest and intrigue. Encouraging participation ensures that the rankings reflect current sentiments and can help guide new fans toward the SCPs that have made the strongest impressions.

What Is the Most Popular SCP in the World?

  1. 1
    This is one of the earliest and most iconic SCPs, featuring a statue that can only move when not being observed.
    SCP-173 is a Euclid-class sculpture made of concrete and rebar, standing 1.92 meters tall. It is animate and extremely hostile, requiring constant observation to prevent it from moving. It is known to attack and kill any individual within its line of sight.
    • Classification: Euclid
    • Height: 1.92 meters
    • Material: Concrete and rebar
    • Behavior: Animate and hostile
    • Observation Requirement: Constant observation
  2. 2
    This SCP is known for its terrifying appearance and tendency to attack anyone who sees its face.
    SCP-096, also known as 'The Shy Guy', is a humanoid creature contained by the SCP Foundation. It is approximately 2.38 meters tall and displays a slender build. SCP-096's skin is devoid of pigmentation, giving it a pale and almost translucent appearance. It is extremely aggressive and will enter a state of extreme distress when its face is observed by anyone.
    • Height: 2.38 meters
    • Build: Slender
    • Skin: Pale and translucent
    • Behavior: Extreme aggression upon face observation
    • Containment: Enclosed within a steel cube
  3. 3
    This SCP is a plague doctor who can turn people into "zombies" by touching them.
    SCP-049 is a humanoid entity that appears to be a medieval plague doctor. It is approximately 1.9 meters tall and wears a long, black hooded robe with gloves. Despite its appearance, SCP-049 does not resemble a human beneath its robe and mask. Instead, it is composed of a substance similar to clay. The entity is capable of speech and possesses intelligence equal to, if not surpassing, that of a human.
    • Object Class: Euclid
    • Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is to be contained in a secure humanoid containment chamber, and must be restrained at all times. Regular psychological evaluations are to be performed to assess its mental state.
    • Special Containment Procedures: In the event that SCP-049 becomes aggressive or attempts an escape, personnel are authorized to use necessary force. Any personnel exhibiting symptoms of SCP-049's anomalous effects are to be quarantined immediately.
    • Anomalous Effects: SCP-049's primary anomalous effect is its ability to 'cure' individuals of various ailments and diseases, primarily through physical contact. However, this method involves the entity causing extreme necrosis and decomposition in the subject's body. Post-mortem examination reveals that the 'cured' individuals are deceased, even though SCP-049 believes it has successfully treated them.
    • Interaction with SCP-049: Personnel are advised to avoid direct physical contact with SCP-049. Only authorized individuals with Level 3 security clearance or higher may engage in interviews or experiments with the entity.
  4. 4
    These are creatures that mimic human speech and can lure people into their grasp.
    SCP-939 is a species of endothermic, pack-hunting predators that resemble large canines with reptilian traits. These creatures are highly intelligent and possess the ability to perfectly mimic any human voice they have heard. SCP-939 primarily rely on vocal mimicry to lure prey into close proximity.
    • Designation: SCP-939
    • Classification: Keter
    • Origin: Unknown
    • Average Size: 2 meters at the shoulder
    • Habitat: Found in isolated underground chambers
  5. 5
    This SCP is a never-ending IKEA store, which has captivated many people's imaginations.
    SCP-3008 is a Roblox game based on the SCP Foundation universe, where players find themselves trapped inside an infinite Ikea store. The objective is to survive as long as possible against an endless horde of SCP-3008-1 entities and find a way to escape.
    • Genre: Survival horror
    • Platforms: Roblox
    • Release Date: April 11, 2018
    • Version: Latest: v1.7.4a
    • Gamepass Options: Multiple available
  6. 6
    This SCP is a seemingly endless staircase that descends into darkness, with unknown horrors lurking within.
    SCP-087 is a Euclid-class anomaly known as the 'The Staircase'. It is an unlit concrete staircase located in an undisclosed university campus, with descend leading to an unidentified subterranean area. The staircase seems to be infinite in depth, with exploration revealing boundless flights of stairs.
    • Object Class: Euclid
    • Location: Undisclosed university campus
    • Depth: Infinite
    • Anomaly Name: The Staircase
    • Subterranean Area: Unidentified
  7. 7
    This SCP is a nearly indestructible creature that is constantly trying to escape containment.
    SCP-682, also known as the 'Hard-to-Destroy Reptile,' is a creature of unknown origin and appearance. It is classified as an extremely hostile and highly adaptive lizard-like entity, displaying a strong resistance to damage and an extreme regenerative capacity. SCP-682 possesses an aggressive nature and has shown a high level of intelligence and problem-solving abilities.
    • Weight: 4 tons
    • SCP Number: 682
    • Classification: Keter
    • Height: 5 meters
    • Average Speed: About 30 km/h
  8. 8
    This SCP is a friendly, gelatinous creature that brings joy to those around it.
    SCP-999, also known as "The Tickle Monster", is a small, orange, slime-like creature that displays highly empathetic behavior. It is capable of understanding and responding to human emotions, particularly those of happiness and joy. SCP-999 has a strong desire to spread happiness and is often described as being extremely adorable. Its gelatinous mass allows it to move quickly and quietly without making any noise.
    • Size: Approximately 2 meters in diameter
    • Appearance: Orange, gelatinous, amorphous creature
    • Behavior: Highly empathetic and joyful
    • Abilities: Ability to heal physical and psychological ailments, emit a pleasant scent, and nullify negative emotions
    • Diet: Primary diet consists of candies and sweets
  9. 9
    This SCP is a machine that can transform or refine any object placed inside it, with unpredictable results.
    SCP-914, also known as 'The Clockwork' or 'The Perfect Machine', is an anomalous machine that possesses the ability to modify and refine objects. It consists of a large chamber with various gears, levers, and buttons, which can be used to control its operation. When an object is placed inside SCP-914 and the appropriate settings selected, the machine will alter the object's properties in a seemingly random and sometimes unpredictable manner.
    • Object Classification: Safe
    • Location: Site-██
    • Size: 3 meters in height, 2 meters in width, and 1.5 meters in depth
    • Power source: Unknown
    • Processing modes: Rough, Coarse, 1:1, Fine, Very Fine
  10. 10
    This SCP is a recent addition to the series, which tells a story of how the Foundation's mission has become corrupted over time.
    SCP-5000 is a highly classified anomaly within the SCP Foundation database. It is a sentient and potentially memetic entity that has been causing widespread psychological distress and behavioral changes among Foundation personnel. The exact nature and specifics of SCP-5000 are under constant study and containment.
    • Origin: Unknown
    • Designation: SCP-5000
    • Threat Level: Unknown
    • Containment Status: Active
    • Physical Description: No consistent form or appearance

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Ranking factors for popular SCP

  1. Page views
    One of the key factors in determining the popularity of an SCP is the number of page views it has received on the SCP website. This will give an idea of how many people are interested in reading about a particular SCP.
  2. Fan-made content
    The amount of fan-made content, like artwork, videos, and adaptations, can serve as a measure of an SCP's popularity among the fanbase.
  3. References in popular culture
    Some SCPs may be referenced or mentioned in other popular culture mediums, such as movies, games, or literature. These references can boost the popularity of an SCP significantly.
  4. Impact on the SCP Foundation's evolving narrative
    SCPs that have a strong influence on the SCP Foundation's lore, often introducing world-changing concepts or playing a key role in story arcs, tend to be more popular among the community.
  5. Age and longevity
    Some SCPs have stood the test of time, retaining their popularity and generating interest for years. Older SCPs that are still well-known and talked about today are likely to be very popular.
  6. Accessibility
    How easy it is to understand an SCP's story and concept plays a role in its popularity. SCPs that are too complex or confusing may not be as popular as those with simple, yet intriguing stories and concepts.
  7. Emotional impact
    SCPs that provoke strong emotional reactions, either by being terrifying, heartbreaking, or inspiring awe, tend to stand out and generate interest among readers.
  8. Uniqueness and creativity
    SCPs with unique concepts, well-crafted stories, or innovative approaches to the format are likely to draw more attention and become popular.

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