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Updated on Apr 20, 2024 07:34
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion makes a difference! Today, we're diving into the world of soothing sleep stories from the widely popular Calm app. Unwind and join us as we rank the most popular sleep stories that have lulled countless dreamers into a peaceful slumber. Cast your vote for your favorite sleep-inducing tales, narrated by some of the most enchanting voices in the business. Can't find your go-to bedtime story on our list? Don't worry, simply suggest the missing option and let others share in the bliss of your preferred nighttime narrative. Be part of our cozy community and help us determine the ultimate sleep story that transcends into dreamland. Happy voting, and sweet dreams!

What Is the Most Popular Sleep Story on Calm?

  1. 1
    Stephen Fry's soothing voice and storytelling skills make this sleep story a fan favorite. Fry takes listeners on a journey through the lavender fields of Provence, France, and shares the history and science behind the region's famous essential oil.
    Blue Gold is a soothing and immersive sleep story on the Calm app, narrated by the renowned Stephen Fry. It takes listeners on a tranquil journey through a magical and serene underwater world, where they can escape the stresses of daily life and find relaxation before sleep. Through vivid descriptions and calming narration, Blue Gold aims to transport listeners to a tranquil state of mind and facilitate a restful night's sleep.
    • App: Calm
    • Type: Sleep Story
    • Narrator: Stephen Fry
    • Theme: Underwater
    • Goal: Providing relaxation and aiding sleep
  2. 2
    Tamara Levitt's calming voice and descriptive imagery of a peaceful waterfall make this sleep story a go-to for many Calm users.
    The Waterfall by Tamara Levitt is a popular sleep story available on the Calm app. It is a soothing and relaxing story designed to help listeners unwind and fall asleep. The story takes you on a journey to a serene waterfall in a beautiful forest, allowing you to experience the calming sounds of nature and the gentle flow of water. Tamara Levitt, the creator of this sleep story, uses her soothing voice and descriptive storytelling to create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep.
    • Length: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Voice: Soothing and calm
    • Theme: Nature and relaxation
    • Background sounds: Calming sounds of water and nature
    • Narration style: Descriptive and immersive
  3. 3
    Like Blue Gold, The Lavender Fields takes listeners on a journey through the lavender fields of Provence, but with Anna Acton's gentle voice leading the way.
    The Lavender Fields is a soothing sleep story that transports listeners to the picturesque lavender fields of Provence, France. This enchanting story, narrated by Anna Acton, takes you on a peaceful journey through the colorful blooms and the calming fragrance of lavender.
    • Duration: 26 minutes
    • Category: Sleep Stories
    • Theme: Nature
    • Narrator: Anna Acton
    • Background Sounds: Gentle nature sounds
  4. 4
    Game of Thrones fans may recognize Jerome Flynn's voice in this sleep story, where he takes listeners on a journey through the Scottish Highlands.
    The Traveler by Jerome Flynn is a popular sleep story on Calm that takes listeners on a soothing journey through captivating landscapes and dream-like scenarios. It is designed to help listeners relax, unwind, and fall into a peaceful sleep. With calming narration and ambient sounds, this sleep story invites listeners to escape their busy minds and embark on a tranquil adventure.
    • Category: Sleep story
    • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Voice: Calming narration by Jerome Flynn
    • Mood: Relaxing, peaceful
    • Background sounds: Ambient and soothing
  5. 5
    Erik Braa's soothing voice and calming sound effects of the ocean waves make this sleep story a favorite for those who love the sound of the ocean.
    The Ocean by Erik Braa is a popular sleep story on Calm that takes listeners on a soothing journey to the serene depths of the ocean. With the calming voice of Erik Braa, listeners can drift off to sleep while envisioning the gentle swaying of underwater currents and the peaceful creatures that inhabit the oceanic world.
    • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Genre: Sleep Story
    • Voice Style: Calming and soothing
    • Background Sounds: Gentle ocean waves and ambient underwater sounds
    • Narration Style: Relaxing and descriptive
  6. 6
    Another sleep story by Erik Braa, The Nordland Night Train takes listeners on a journey through Norway's scenic countryside aboard a train.
    The Nordland Night Train is a popular sleep story available on the Calm app. It exudes a serene journey through the scenic landscapes of Nordland, a region in Norway. The story is narrated by Erik Braa, whose soothing voice guides listeners into a deep, restful sleep.
    • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Genre: Sleep story
    • Setting: Nordland, Norway
    • Theme: Serene train journey
    • Narrator: Erik Braa
  7. 7
    Stephen Fry narrates Oscar Wilde's classic story of a prince and a swallow, with a message of compassion and kindness.
    The Happy Prince by Stephen Fry is a popular sleep story available on Calm. It is a beautiful tale of selflessness and compassion. The story follows the statue of a prince who was once very wealthy and lived a luxurious life. Even after his death, the prince continues to help those in need by giving away all of his gold and jewels to the poor and suffering people of the city. The story highlights themes of kindness, empathy, and the true value of wealth.
    • Language: English
    • Duration: Approximately 25 minutes
    • Narrator: Stephen Fry
    • Genre: Fiction, Fairy Tale
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  8. 8
    Rainn Wilson's playful narration of Dr. Seuss's classic children's book is a favorite for those who want a lighthearted sleep story.
    The Cat in the Hat by Rainn Wilson is a popular sleep story on Calm that is based on the beloved children's book written by Dr. Seuss. It tells the story of a mischievous cat who brings chaos and excitement to the lives of two young children on a rainy day. The story takes listeners on a whimsical adventure filled with rhymes, imagination, and valuable life lessons.
    • Length: Approximately 20 minutes
    • Narrator: Rainn Wilson
    • Genre: Children's Literature
    • Mood: Calming and playful
    • Age Group: Suitable for all ages
  9. 9
    Tamara Levitt takes listeners on a journey to a tranquil lagoon in the middle of the forest, complete with calming bird sounds and gentle waterfalls.
    The Secret Lagoon by Tamara Levitt is a popular sleep story on Calm that takes listeners on a peaceful journey to a hidden lagoon. As the story unfolds, it guides the listener through a tranquil oasis of calm and serenity. The soothing narration and calming background sounds create a relaxing atmosphere, helping the listener unwind and prepare for a restful sleep.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • Background Sounds: Nature sounds
    • Genre: Sleep story
    • Narrator: Tamara Levitt
    • Difficulty Level: Easy
  10. 10
    Clarke Peters narrates a story about an elephant who teaches a woman the importance of embracing her own unique qualities.
    The Elephant in the Room by Clarke Peters is a popular sleep story on Calm. It is a soothing and imaginative story that takes listeners on a journey through an enchanting and peaceful forest. With Clarke Peters' calming voice as the narrator, this sleep story guides the audience into a state of relaxation and tranquility, helping them fall into a deep and restful sleep.
    • Story Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Narrator: Clarke Peters
    • Theme: Nature and tranquility
    • Ambient Sounds: Nature sounds, gentle wind, and rustling leaves
    • Background Music: Soft, calming music

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Ranking factors for popular sleep story

  1. User ratings and reviews
    This is an important factor in determining the popularity of a sleep story. If a particular story has high ratings and positive reviews, it's likely more popular among Calm users.
  2. Number of listens
    The number of times a sleep story has been listened to is also an important factor. If a story has been played frequently, it's a good indication that it's popular among Calm users.
  3. Length of the story
    Shorter stories are generally more popular because they require less time commitment from the user.
  4. Narrator
    The voice of the person reading the story can greatly impact its popularity. A soothing, calming voice is usually preferred for sleep stories.
  5. Theme and content of the story
    The theme and content of the story are important factors in its popularity. Stories that help users relax, unwind, and fall asleep easily are generally more popular.

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