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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on May 20, 2024 06:53
Fans of Titanfall 2 often debate which Titan stands out as the top contender in versatility and strength. With a diverse arsenal and unique abilities, each Titan has its advocates and enthusiasts. It's beneficial to aggregate preferences to see which Titan captures the most admiration and why this might be the case. This insight can help both new and experienced players make informed choices about their gameplay strategy. By voting for your preferred Titan, you contribute to a dynamic tally that reflects the current fan favorites. This list not only serves as a fun comparison but also as a strategic guide for players looking to optimize their approach in the game. Seeing which Titans garner the most support can influence team strategies and individual player development.

What Is the Most Popular Titan in Titanfall 2?

  1. 1
    Tone is considered the most popular Titan in Titanfall 2 due to its versatility in combat and ease of use. Its homing missiles and Particle Wall ability make it a formidable opponent in both short and long-range engagements.
    Tone is a versatile and highly effective Titan in Titanfall 2, known for its precision and powerful long-range attacks. It is favored by many pilots for its ability to control the battlefield and overwhelm enemies with devastating firepower.
    • Primary Weapon: 40mm Tracker Cannon
    • Tactical Ability: Sonar Lock
    • Defensive Ability: Particle Wall
    • Core Ability: Salvo Core
    • Offensive Ability: Sonar Pulse
  2. 2


    Ion is popular among players who prefer a more tactical playstyle. Its laser rifle and energy management system allow for precise shots and sustained damage output.
    Ion is a versatile Titan in Titanfall 2, designed for long-range precision and energy manipulation. Its advanced energy systems allow it to unleash devastating laser blasts while also having defensive capabilities.
    • Class: Stryder-Class
    • Primary Weapon: Splitter Rifle
    • Tactical Ability: Vortex Shield
    • Defensive Ability: Tripwire
    • Ordnance: Shoulder Laser
  3. 3
    Scorch is a fan favorite for its ability to set enemies and the environment on fire. Its thermite launcher and firewall create a deadly zone that can quickly turn the tide of a battle.
    Scorch is a powerful and heavily armored Titan in Titanfall 2. It is known for unleashing devastating fire-based attacks on its enemies, excelling in close quarters combat and area denial.
    • Class: Atlas
    • Primary Weapon: Thermite Launcher
    • Tactical Ability: Incendiary Trap
    • Defensive Ability: Heat Shield
    • Ordnance: Firewall
  4. 4
    Northstar is a sniper Titan that excels at long-range combat. Its Plasma Railgun and Hover ability make it a difficult target to hit, while its tether traps can immobilize and damage enemies.
    The Northstar is a powerful and agile titan in Titanfall 2. It is designed for long-range precision and excels in hit-and-run tactics. With its flight capabilities and devastating weaponry, the Northstar provides unmatched versatility and strategic advantage on the battlefield.
    • Class: Stryder Class
    • Chassis Type: Light
    • Weight: 18 tons
    • Primary Weapon: Plasma Railgun
    • Offensive Ability: Cluster Missile
  5. 5
    Ronin is a close-quarters combat Titan that relies on speed and agility to outmaneuver opponents. Its sword and phase shift abilities make it a deadly threat to any Titan that gets too close.
    The Ronin is a highly agile and stealth-focused Titan in Titanfall 2. It was designed for hit-and-run tactics, allowing pilots to quickly engage and disengage in combat.
    • Height: 22 feet
    • Weight: 55 tons
    • Primary Armament: Leadwall Shotgun
    • Defensive Ability: Sword Block
    • Offensive Ability: Arc Wave
  6. 6
    Legion is a heavy-hitting Titan that can dish out massive damage with its minigun and power shot ability. Its gun shield and Smart Core make it a potent defensive option as well.
    Legion is a brute-force Titan designed for heavy firepower and sustained warfare. Its imposing presence on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of enemies, and its arsenal of devastating weapons makes it a formidable opponent.
    • Class: Heavy
    • Height: 7.2 meters
    • Weight: 63 tons
    • Primary Weapon: Predator Cannon
    • Offensive Ability: Power Shot
  7. 7
    Monarch is a unique Titan that can customize its loadout mid-battle by stealing weapons and abilities from fallen Titans. Its energy siphon and rearm abilities also make it a self-sustaining force on the battlefield.
    The Monarch is a popular Titan in Titanfall 2, known for its unique upgrade system and adaptability on the battlefield. This Titan is favored by many pilots for its versatility and ability to evolve during combat.
    • Classification: Vanguard-class Titan
    • Primary Weapon: XO16A2 Chaingun
    • Defensive Ability: Electric Smoke
    • Offensive Ability: Rocket Salvo
    • Tactical Ability: Energy Transfer
  8. 8

    Tone Prime

    Kluge Dynamics
    Tone Prime is a cosmetic variant of the Tone Titan that features a unique design and voice lines. It is popular among players who enjoy collecting and customizing their Titans.
    The Tone Prime is a highly popular Titan in Titanfall 2, known for its versatile playstyle and firepower. It combines precision weaponry with defensive abilities, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.
    • Primary Weapon: 40mm Tracker Cannon
    • Ordinance: Sonar Lock
    • Defensive Ability: Particle Wall
    • Tactical Ability: Sonar Pulse
    • Core Ability: Salvo Core
  9. 9

    Scorch Prime

    Respawn Entertainment
    Scorch Prime is a cosmetic variant of the Scorch Titan that also features a unique design and voice lines. It is popular among players who appreciate the aesthetic and lore of the Titanfall universe.
    Scorch Prime is a variant of the Scorch Titan in Titanfall 2. It features a unique appearance and modified abilities, offering a distinctive playstyle for pilots. This variant is often sought after for its aesthetic appeal and additional customization options.
    • Primary Weapon: T-203 Thermite Launcher
    • Defensive Ability: Fire Wall
    • Offensive Ability: Thermite Launcher (Thermite Bomb)
    • Tactical Ability: Incendiary Trap
    • Core Ability: Flame Core
  10. 10
    Ion Prime
    Dr. Radu Mihai Crisan · Public domain

    Ion Prime

    Hammond Robotics
    Ion Prime is a cosmetic variant of the Ion Titan that shares the same benefits as the other Prime Titans. It is popular among players who want to stand out on the battlefield with a unique appearance.
    The Ion Prime is an advanced Titan model, highly regarded for its versatile capabilities and exceptional energy management. It is considered one of the most popular Titans in Titanfall 2.
    • Primary Weapon: Splitter Rifle
    • Offensive Ability: Laser Shot
    • Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield
    • Tactical Ability: Tripwire
    • Core Ability: Laser Core

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    How well-liked is the Titan among the Titanfall 2 player base?
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Background: Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2016 and quickly became a fan favorite due to its fast-paced gameplay and unique mechanics, including the ability to call in giant robot mechs known as Titans. The game features six different Titan classes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. These Titans can be customized with different loadouts and skins to suit the player's preferences. The question of which Titan is the most popular among players is a hotly debated topic. Some argue that the versatile and well-rounded Tone Titan is the best choice, while others prefer the high-damage output of the Scorch Titan or the mobility of the Ronin Titan. Ultimately, the answer to this question is subjective and depends on individual playstyles and preferences. However, by analyzing player data and community polls, we can get a better understanding of which Titan is currently the most popular among the player base.

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