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Updated on May 26, 2024 08:05
Many often wonder which of the numerous entities on the Upper Moon garners the most favoritism among enthusiasts. Establishing a clear ranking helps satisfy this curiosity, offering a snapshot of prevailing tastes and interests. By casting votes, individuals contribute to a collective judgment, crafting a list that reflects broader preferences. Each vote plays a crucial role in shaping the dynamic list that constantly changes as more opinions are cast. This process not only informs new visitors about what is considered top-notch by existing fans but also encourages lively discussion and deeper engagement with the content. Engaging in this voting process thus has the dual benefit of enlightening the community and giving each participant a voice in determining the standings.

Who Is the Most Popular on the Upper Moon?

  1. 1


    The strongest of the Upper Moon demons, formerly known as Michikatsu Tsugikuni when he was a human. He is the older twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni.
    • Rank: Upper Moon One
    • Breathing Style: Moon Breathing
  2. 2


    Known for his cowardly nature and ability to split into multiple bodies, each representing a different aspect of his personality.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Four
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  3. 3


    She becomes an Upper Moon after the death of Hantengu, known for her ability to manipulate the Infinity Castle.
    • Rank: Upper Moon
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  4. 4


    Initially introduced as Lower Moon One, Enmu is given a chance by Muzan Kibutsuji to prove himself and ascend in rank, known for his ability to manipulate dreams.
    • Rank: Lower Moon One (aspired for Upper Moon)
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  5. 5


    A martial arts master turned demon, Akaza is known for his refusal to consume weak humans and his desire to fight strong opponents to improve his skills.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Three
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  6. 6


    Gyutaro's younger sister, known for her beauty and cruelty. She shares the rank of Upper Moon Six with her brother.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Six (with Gyutaro)
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  7. 7


    The second strongest Upper Moon, known for his carefree and hedonistic personality. He is a major antagonist faced by the Demon Slayer Corps.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Two
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  8. 8


    A demon with a bizarre appearance, Gyokko takes pride in his art, which he incorporates into his murderous methods.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Five
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art
  9. 9


    A former Demon Slayer who turned into a demon, Kaigaku inherits the position of Upper Moon Six after betraying the Demon Slayer Corps.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Six
    • Breathing Style: Thunder Breathing
  10. 10


    A demon who shares his Upper Moon Six rank with his sister Daki. He is known for his brutal and vindictive personality.
    • Rank: Upper Moon Six (with Daki)
    • Breathing Style: None, uses Blood Demon Art

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More about the Most Popular on the Upper Moon

Rank #1 for the most popular on the Upper Moon: Kokushibo (Source)
The Upper Moon is a mystical realm filled with legends. It is home to powerful beings who hold great influence. These beings are often the subject of stories and myths. They captivate the imagination of many.

The Upper Moon is a place of mystery. It is said that the beings who reside there possess immense power. They are revered and feared by those who know of them. Their strength is unmatched, and their presence commands respect.

Many tales speak of the origins of these beings. Some say they were once mortals who achieved greatness. Others believe they were born with their powers. Regardless of their beginnings, their impact is undeniable.

The beings of the Upper Moon are often depicted as warriors. They engage in battles that shape the fate of the realm. Their skills in combat are legendary. They wield weapons with great precision and strength. Their tactics are unmatched, and their strategies are brilliant.

These beings are not just fighters. They possess wisdom and knowledge. They are often seen as leaders and guides. Their decisions influence the course of events. They are respected for their insight and judgment.

The realm of the Upper Moon is not without its challenges. It is a place where conflicts arise. The beings must navigate these challenges with skill and determination. They face adversaries who seek to challenge their power. These battles test their abilities and resolve.

The Upper Moon is also a place of beauty. It is described as a realm of stunning landscapes. The scenery is breathtaking, with vast expanses and majestic views. The beings who reside there are said to draw strength from this beauty. It inspires them and fuels their resolve.

The beings of the Upper Moon are often solitary. They prefer to work alone, relying on their own strength. They are self-reliant and independent. This trait is admired by many who hear their stories.

Despite their solitary nature, these beings are not without alliances. They form bonds with those they trust. These alliances are based on mutual respect and shared goals. Together, they achieve great feats and overcome obstacles.

The Upper Moon is a realm that continues to fascinate. Its stories are passed down through generations. The beings who reside there remain a source of inspiration. Their tales of strength, wisdom, and beauty captivate all who hear them.

In conclusion, the Upper Moon is a realm of great power and mystery. Its inhabitants are legendary figures who inspire awe and respect. Their stories of combat, wisdom, and beauty are timeless. They remind us of the potential for greatness within us all.

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