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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jun 21, 2024 07:22
Farmers face numerous challenges from planting to harvest, crucial among them is the choice of a reliable combine. A dependable combine harvester can greatly influence the efficiency of harvesting operations by minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent, high-quality yields. This makes the selection of the right combine not just an operational decision but a critical business one. Through voting on the reliability of various combines, users contribute to a dynamic aggregate of real-world experiences and insights. Such data helps paint a clearer picture of which makes and models stand up to the rigors of farm life, thereby assisting others in making informed purchasing decisions. Your votes and reviews shape this ranking, providing valuable guidance to the farming community.

What Is the Most Reliable Combine?

  1. 1

    John Deere S790

    A top-tier combine known for its advanced technology and high efficiency.
    • Engine Power: 543 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 400 bushels
  2. 2

    New Holland CR10.90

    Holds the world record for the most wheat harvested in eight hours, showcasing its reliability and efficiency.
    • Engine Power: 700 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 355 bushels
  3. 3

    Case IH Axial-Flow 9250

    Offers excellent productivity and grain quality with its Axial-Flow technology.
    • Engine Power: 550 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 410 bushels
  4. 4


    Known for its high performance and efficiency, the LEXION 8900 sets new standards in combine harvesting.
    • Engine Power: 790 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 510 bushels
  5. 5

    Kubota PRO 688Q

    A compact and versatile combine, ideal for smaller fields and diverse crop types.
    • Engine Power: 68 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: Not specified
  6. 6

    AGCO Fendt IDEAL 10

    A smart combine that brings together cutting-edge technology and efficiency, designed for the most demanding harvesting needs.
    • Engine Power: 790 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 485 bushels
  7. 7

    Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9T

    Part of AGCO's IDEAL range, this combine is celebrated for its innovative design and efficiency.
    • Engine Power: 647 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 485 bushels
  8. 8

    Versatile RT520

    Known for its robust design and ease of maintenance, this combine is a reliable choice for various harvesting operations.
    • Engine Power: 360 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 300 bushels
  9. 9

    Challenger 680B

    Offers a balance of power and efficiency, designed to maximize harvest productivity.
    • Engine Power: 378 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 350 bushels
  10. 10

    Sampo Rosenlew Comia C6

    A compact combine that is highly efficient and easy to operate, making it ideal for smaller scale farming.
    • Engine Power: 185 hp
    • Grain Tank Size: 210 bushels

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More about the Most Reliable Combine

John Deere S790
Rank #1 for the most reliable combine: John Deere S790 (Source)
Combines have transformed farming. They allow farmers to harvest crops quickly and efficiently. Before combines, harvesting was slow and labor-intensive. Farmers used scythes, sickles, and other manual tools. The first combines appeared in the 19th century. They combined three tasks: reaping, threshing, and winnowing. This innovation saved time and effort.

Modern combines are complex machines. They have advanced technology. GPS systems help with precision farming. Sensors monitor crop yield and moisture. This data helps farmers make decisions. Combines also have large headers. These allow them to harvest wide swaths of crops. This increases efficiency.

Reliability is key for combines. Breakdowns can delay harvest. This can result in crop loss. Reliable combines have strong engines. They can run for long hours without overheating. They also have durable parts. This reduces the need for frequent repairs. Regular maintenance is important. It ensures the combine runs smoothly. Farmers should check belts, chains, and other parts. Replacing worn parts can prevent breakdowns.

Combines must also handle different crops. They should be versatile. Some crops are tougher to harvest. A reliable combine can adapt. It has adjustable settings for different crops. This includes grain, corn, and soybeans. The combine should also handle varying field conditions. Wet fields can be challenging. A reliable combine has good traction. It can move through muddy fields without getting stuck.

Ease of use is another factor. Modern combines have comfortable cabs. They have air conditioning and ergonomic seats. This reduces operator fatigue. Controls should be intuitive. This allows the operator to focus on harvesting. Some combines have automated features. These can adjust settings on the go. This makes the operator’s job easier.

Fuel efficiency is also important. Combines consume a lot of fuel. A reliable combine uses fuel efficiently. This reduces operating costs. It also has a lower environmental impact. Some combines have hybrid engines. These combine diesel and electric power. They are more fuel-efficient.

Combines are a big investment. Farmers should consider the total cost of ownership. This includes purchase price, maintenance, and fuel costs. A reliable combine may cost more upfront. But it can save money in the long run. It has fewer breakdowns and lower repair costs. It also has a longer lifespan.

Farmers should also consider the manufacturer’s reputation. Some manufacturers have a history of producing reliable combines. They offer good customer support. This includes parts availability and service. Farmers should read reviews and talk to other farmers. They can learn from others’ experiences.

In summary, reliable combines are essential for efficient farming. They have strong engines, durable parts, and are versatile. They are easy to use and fuel-efficient. Farmers should consider the total cost of ownership and the manufacturer’s reputation. Investing in a reliable combine can lead to better harvests and lower costs.

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