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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Mar 2, 2024 06:48
Welcome to StrawPoll, where we host countless polls and rankings on a wide array of topics – and now it's time for you to have your say on one of the most debated subjects in recent times - "What is the most reliable news source in the UK?" In an era where the term 'fake news' has become all too familiar, it's more important than ever to determine which sources can be trusted to deliver accurate, unbiased, and timely information. So, we've curated a list of the UK's top news sources for you to vote on, or even suggest an option we may have missed. Engage with fellow news enthusiasts, share your thoughts, and help us create a definitive ranking of the most reliable news sources in the UK!

What Is the Most Reliable News Source in the UK?

  1. 1
    BBC News
    Michal Bělka · CC BY-SA 4.0
    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a public service broadcaster that operates several television channels and radio stations. It is considered one of the most reliable news sources in the UK due to its impartiality and dedication to accurate reporting.
    BBC News is a popular news app that provides users with up-to-date and reliable news from around the globe. It offers a wide range of news categories covering various topics including politics, business, technology, entertainment, and more. The app allows users to stay informed with breaking news alerts, personalized news recommendations, and in-depth articles.
    • Available Platforms: iOS, Android
    • News Categories: Politics, Business, Technology, Entertainment, and more
    • Breaking News Alerts: Yes
    • Personalized News Recommendations: Yes
    • In-depth Articles: Yes
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    The Guardian
    Bryantbob · CC BY-SA 3.0

    The Guardian

    C. P. Scott
    The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that provides in-depth coverage of national and international news, politics, and culture. It is known for its progressive stance and investigative journalism.
    The Guardian is a popular daily newspaper in the UK known for its liberal and progressive stance on politics, social issues, and environmental concerns. It has a reputation for investigative journalism, in-depth analysis, and editorial independence.
    • Format: Broadsheet
    • Language: English
    • Headquarters: London, UK
    • First Published: 5. May 1821
    • Circulation: 150,000+ (print)
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  3. 3
    The Times
    London Times · Public domain

    The Times

    John Walter
    The Times is a daily national newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, and entertainment. It is respected for its balanced reporting and editorial independence.
    The Times is a highly popular daily newspaper in the United Kingdom, known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, business, and culture. It offers in-depth reporting, analysis, and commentary, making it a trusted source of news for millions of readers.
    • Format: Broadsheet
    • Frequency: Daily
    • Language: English
    • First Published: 1 January 1785
    • Headquarters: London, England
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  4. 4
    Financial Times
    Financial Times · Public domain
    The Financial Times is a daily newspaper that focuses on business and financial news. It is considered an authoritative source of information on global markets and economics.
    The Financial Times (FT) is a leading daily newspaper in the United Kingdom. It is known for its in-depth coverage of financial news, business, and economic topics. The newspaper focuses on providing authoritative analysis, market insights, and commentary on global finance and commerce.
    • Type: Daily newspaper
    • Publisher: Nikkei Inc.
    • Founded: 1888
    • Language: English
    • Circulation: Over 700,000 copies per day
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  5. 5

    The Independent

    Andreas Whittam Smith
    The Independent is a British daily newspaper that offers a diverse range of news and opinion pieces. It is known for its commitment to investigative journalism and unbiased reporting.
    The Independent is a daily newspaper in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1986 and is known for its independent and progressive editorial stance. Initially published as a broadsheet, it switched to a compact format in 2003 and became an online-only publication in 2016. Despite ceasing print operations, it continues to be one of the leading news sources in the UK.
    • Format: Broadsheet (1986-2003), Compact (2003-2016), Online (2016-present)
    • Frequency: Daily
    • Political Stance: Independent, progressive
    • Established: 1986
    • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
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  6. 6

    Sky News

    Sky plc
    Sky News is a British news channel that provides 24-hour coverage of national and international news. It is considered a reliable source of breaking news and live coverage of current events.
    Sky News is a reputable news source in the UK known for providing reliable and comprehensive coverage of national and international news.
    • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
    • Launch Date: 5 February 1989
    • Website:
    • TV Channel: Sky Channel 501
    • Owned By: Comcast
  7. 7

    Channel 4 News

    Channel 4
    Channel 4 News is a British news programme that covers national and international news, politics, and culture. It is known for its investigative journalism and impartial reporting.
    Channel 4 News is a British television news program broadcast on Channel 4. It provides reliable and up-to-date news coverage across a wide range of topics in the United Kingdom and around the world. The program aims to deliver in-depth analysis and investigative journalism to inform its viewers.
    • Broadcast Schedule: Daily
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Language: English
    • Format: Television news program
    • Focus: National and international news
  8. 8
    The Economist
    The Economist · Public domain

    The Economist

    James Wilson
    The Economist is a weekly magazine that provides analysis and commentary on global politics, business, and finance. It is respected for its in-depth coverage and unbiased reporting.
    The Economist is a weekly international news and business publication with a strong focus on politics, economics, science, and technology. It offers in-depth analysis and commentary on global affairs, as well as covering cultural and social issues. The magazine's articles are well-known for their thought-provoking and authoritative perspective.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • First Published: 1843
    • Language: English
    • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    • Headquarters: London, England
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  9. 9
    Reuters is a global news agency that provides coverage of breaking news, business, and financial news. It is considered one of the most reliable sources of real-time information on the world's events.
    Reuters is a widely recognized and trusted news app that provides users with real-time news updates and in-depth analysis from around the world. It offers comprehensive coverage across various categories including politics, business, technology, sports, and entertainment. The app is known for its unbiased reporting, journalistic integrity, and emphasis on accuracy.
    • Real-time Updates: Provides immediate access to the latest news as it happens.
    • Global Coverage: Covers news from around the world, ensuring a global perspective.
    • In-depth Analysis: Offers insightful analysis and commentary to provide a deeper understanding of news events.
    • Customizable Categories: Allows users to personalize their news feed by selecting preferred categories.
    • Multimedia Content: Includes photos, videos, and interactive visuals to enrich the news reading experience.
  10. 10
    The Telegraph
    Daily Telegraph · Public domain

    The Telegraph

    Arthur B. Sleigh
    The Telegraph is a daily national newspaper that covers news, politics, and business. It is known for its conservative editorial stance and extensive coverage of international affairs.
    The Telegraph is a UK-based daily newspaper that provides news, analysis, and opinions on a range of topics including politics, business, culture, and sport. It covers both domestic and international news and is known for its comprehensive and in-depth reporting.
    • Founded in: 1855
    • Headquarters: London, UK
    • Format: Print and online
    • Language: English
    • Coverage: National and international

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Ranking factors for reliable news source

  1. Accuracy of information
    The news source should provide accurate and comprehensive information, with sources cited where necessary.
  2. Independence and impartiality
    The news source should demonstrate independence from political or commercial interests and present a balanced view without bias.
  3. Editorial standards
    The news source should adhere to high editorial standards, including fact-checking and ethical guidelines.
  4. Reputation and credibility
    The news source should have a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, built over time through accurate and responsible journalism.
  5. Transparency and accountability
    The news source should be transparent in how it operates, including its ownership and funding, and be open to feedback and corrections from its audience.

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