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Are you a die-hard NBA fan who loves to dig deeper into the league's hidden gems? If so, StrawPoll has got the perfect challenge for you! We've compiled a ranking of the "Most Underrated NBA Teams" and we want your input. With thousands of polls and rankings on various topics, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate platform for fans to make their voices heard. So, don't just sit on the sidelines – jump into the game and cast your vote for the team you believe deserves more recognition. Think we've missed a key contender? Don't worry, you can suggest a missing option and let others back your choice. Unleash your basketball wisdom and make a slam dunk – by participating in our quest to discover the NBA's best-kept secret!

What Is the Most Underrated NBA Team?

  1. 1

    Utah Jazz

    Larry H. Miller
    Despite having one of the best records in the league, the Jazz are often overlooked due to their small market and lack of star power. However, they have a deep and talented roster, with a dominant defense and an efficient offense.
    The Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The team was created in 1974 as the New Orleans Jazz and later relocated to Utah in 1979. Despite being one of the most successful teams in the NBA, the Jazz have often been overshadowed by other franchises.
    • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Founded: 1974
    • Relocated: New Orleans to Utah in 1979
    • Conference: Western
    • Division: Northwest
  2. 2
    Led by Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the Suns have emerged as a legitimate contender in the Western Conference. They have a well-rounded team with a strong defense and a potent offense.
  3. 3
    Denver Nuggets
    Howcheng · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Despite losing Jamal Murray to injury, the Nuggets have continued to play at a high level, thanks to the MVP-caliber play of Nikola Jokic. They have a talented supporting cast and a strong home-court advantage.
  4. 4

    New York Knicks

    Ned Irish
    The Knicks have exceeded expectations this season, thanks to the coaching of Tom Thibodeau and the breakout play of Julius Randle. They play tough defense and have a scrappy, never-say-die attitude.
    The New York Knicks is a professional basketball team based in New York City. They are a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and compete in the league's Eastern Conference. The team was established in 1946 and has since become an iconic and beloved franchise in the basketball world.
    • Home City: New York City
    • Establishment Year: 1946
    • Conference: Eastern
    • Division: Atlantic
    • Arena: Madison Square Garden
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  5. 5
    Despite being a young team, the Grizzlies have shown that they can compete with the best in the league. Led by Ja Morant and a talented supporting cast, they play with energy and intensity on both ends of the court.
  6. 6

    Atlanta Hawks

    The Hawks have been a surprise team this season, thanks to the emergence of Trae Young as an All-Star and the improved play of their young core. They have a dynamic offense and a solid defense.
    The Atlanta Hawks is a professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1946, the team competes in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite being often overlooked, the Atlanta Hawks have a rich history and have produced many talented players over the years.
    • Establishment Year: 1946
    • Conference: Eastern
    • Division: Southeast
    • Home Arena: State Farm Arena
    • Head Coach: Nate McMillan
  7. 7
    Charlotte Hornets
    Escapists606 · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Led by Rookie of the Year candidate LaMelo Ball, the Hornets have shown flashes of brilliance this season. They play an exciting brand of basketball, with a fast-paced offense and an aggressive defense.
  8. 8
    Despite dealing with injuries and inconsistency, the Pacers have a talented roster and a proven track record of success. They have a balanced offense and a solid defense.
  9. 9

    Sacramento Kings

    Leslie Alexander
    The Kings have been a perennially underrated team, but they have a talented roster that can compete with anyone on any given night. Led by De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield, they have a potent offense and a solid defense.
    The Sacramento Kings is a professional basketball team based in Sacramento, California. They were established in 1945 and are a member of the Western Conference's Pacific Division in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite being often overlooked or underrated, the Kings have a rich history and passionate fan base.
    • Founded: 1945
    • City: Sacramento, California
    • Conference: Western
    • Division: Pacific
    • Arena: Golden 1 Center
  10. 10

    San Antonio Spurs

    Peter Holt
    The Spurs may not be the powerhouse they once were, but they still have a talented roster and a winning culture. Led by DeMar DeRozan and a young core, they play disciplined basketball and have a strong home-court advantage.
    The San Antonio Spurs is a professional basketball team based in San Antonio, Texas. They are a member of the Western Conference Southwest Division in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
    • Established in: 1967
    • Home arena: AT&T Center
    • Head coach: Gregg Popovich
    • Number of NBA Championships: 5
    • Conference championships: 6
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Ranking factors for underrated team

  1. Regular-season record
    The team's regular-season record is a good way to gauge how well they performed throughout the year.
  2. Strength of schedule
    The strength of the team's schedule is important because it can impact their record and highlight their ability to win against tough opponents.
  3. Player performance
    The individual performances of the team's players can be a sign of their collective talent and ability to win games.
  4. Team chemistry
    The team's chemistry is crucial to their success, so it is important to evaluate how well the players work together on and off the court.
  5. Coaching
    A good coach can help elevate a team's performance, so it is important to consider how effective the team's coach is.
  6. Playoffs performance
    A team's performance in the playoffs is a good indicator of how underrated they are, as strong performance in the postseason can help a team earn more recognition and respect.

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