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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Nov 27, 2023 10:20)
Step into the captivating world of Yandere Simulator and make your voice heard in our thrilling new ranking: 'What is the most useful club in Yandere Simulator?'! Delve deep into the dynamic gameplay and join thousands of fellow enthusiasts as they vote for their all-time favorites, or suggest a hidden gem we might have missed. Will it be the stealthy Martial Arts Club, the charming Drama Club, or perhaps the mysterious Occult Club? The choice is yours! Engage in the ultimate battle of wits and strategy, and find out where your beloved club stands among the best. Cast your vote now and indulge your curiosity by discovering which club reigns supreme in the world of Yandere Simulator!

What Is the Most Useful Club in Yandere Simulator?

  1. 1

    Photography Club

    Photography Club is provides access to the school rooftop, which is a useful location for stalking and eavesdropping on conversations. It also allows the player to take pictures for Info-chan and earn money.
    The Photography Club is a club in Yandere Simulator focused on capturing moments and documenting school life. Members of this club are equipped with cameras to take pictures and share their art with others.
    • Camera Abilities: The members have access to high-quality cameras for photography.
    • Photography Skill: Club members possess advanced photography skills and knowledge.
    • Club Room: The Photography Club has its own dedicated club room within the school.
    • Club Activities: Members engage in various club activities related to photography, such as photo shoots, exhibitions, and challenges.
    • Photo Sharing Platform: They have a custom platform to share their photos with other club members and the school community.
  2. 2

    Occult Club

    Occult Club - unlocks the ability to perform rituals that grant the player supernatural powers, such as teleportation and mind control.
    The Occult Club in Yandere Simulator is a club that caters to students interested in supernatural and occult topics. Members gather to explore and practice various paranormal activities.
    • Club Room: Located on the first floor of the school building.
    • Activities: Members perform rituals, study occult texts, and investigate paranormal occurrences inside and outside the school.
    • Club Leader: Oka Ruto, a dedicated and mysterious student.
    • Members: A group of like-minded students fascinated with the occult.
    • Ritual Knife: A ceremonial blade used in rituals and sacrifices.
  3. 3

    Martial Arts Club

    Martial Arts Club is improves the player's physical strength and grants access to a variety of martial arts techniques that can be used to incapacitate or kill other students.
    The Martial Arts Club is a club in Yandere Simulator that focuses on teaching students various martial arts techniques. It is a great place for students to learn self-defense and discipline, while also honing their physical abilities.
    • Club Room: Located on the second floor of the school building.
    • Club Leader: Budo Masuta
    • Club Benefits: Improved strength, speed, and self-defense skills.
    • Activities: Members engage in sparring, training exercises, and practice different martial arts techniques.
    • Training Equipment: The club has punching bags, exercise mats, and other essential equipment for training.
  4. 4

    Science Club

    Science Club is provides access to a variety of useful gadgets and tools, such as a tranquilizer dart gun and a robot that can distract other students.
    The Science Club is a club in Yandere Simulator that focuses on scientific experimentation and research. Club members have a keen interest in discovering and understanding various scientific concepts, and they actively engage in conducting experiments to unravel the mysteries of the world. The Science Clubroom is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific equipment and materials, providing members with a conducive environment to explore their scientific curiosity.
    • Club President: Kaga Kusha
    • Club Benefits: Provides access to the Science Clubroom, where members can experiment and research
    • Club Activities: Conduct experiments, research various scientific concepts, share findings with other club members
    • Interests: Physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, robotics
    • Club Room: Equipped with lab equipment, microscopes, telescopes, chemicals, books and various scientific tools
  5. 5

    Gaming Club

    Gaming Club - increases the player's seduction stat and allows them to distract other students with video games.
    The Gaming Club is a club in Yandere Simulator that is dedicated to all things related to gaming. It provides a platform for students to come together and enjoy various types of video games and gaming activities.
    • Club Room: The Gaming Club has its own dedicated club room where members can gather and play video games.
    • Gaming Consoles: The club is equipped with a variety of gaming consoles, including popular ones like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.
    • Game Library: The club has an extensive collection of video games, ranging from different genres and platforms, providing options for every gaming preference.
    • Anime and Manga Corner: There is a dedicated corner in the club room where members can enjoy anime, manga, and related media.
    • Competitions and Tournaments: The Gaming Club organizes regular gaming competitions and tournaments, allowing members to test and showcase their skills.
  6. 6

    Art Club

    Art Club - improves the player's artistic skill and allows them to create fake paintings that can be used to frame other students.
    The Art Club in Yandere Simulator is a club dedicated to promoting creativity and showcasing various art forms.
    • Club Name: Art Club
    • Purpose: Promote creativity and showcase different art forms
    • Club Room: Located on the third floor
    • Club Leader: Kiba Kawaito
    • Club Members: 6 members including the leader
  7. 7

    Drama Club

    Drama Club - improves the player's acting skill and allows them to perform plays that can distract other students.
    The Drama Club in Yandere Simulator is a club dedicated to theatrical arts and performance. It provides an opportunity for students to develop their acting skills, express themselves creatively, and learn about various aspects of theater production.
    • Club Leader: Kokona Haruka
    • Club Activities: Rehearsing and performing plays in the school's drama room
    • Club Benefits: Improves acting ability and expresses creativity
    • Social Interactions: Can socialize with club members and learn acting tips
    • Accessories: Club members may wear theater masks during meetings
  8. 8
    Sports Club
    Hurling123 · Public domain

    Sports Club

    Sports Club is improves the player's athletic ability and grants access to a variety of sports equipment that can be used as weapons.
    The Sports Club in Yandere Simulator is a group dedicated to promoting physical fitness and sporting activities among the students of the high school.
    • Name: Sports Club
    • Activities: Various sports and physical activities, including martial arts
    • Members: A group of athletes and students interested in fitness
    • Leader: Budo Masuta
    • Training Facilities: Access to a dedicated clubroom and a sports field
  9. 9

    Cooking Club

    Cooking Club - improves the player's cooking skill and allows them to poison food that can be served to other students.
    The Cooking Club is a club in Yandere Simulator that focuses on food preparation and culinary skills. It provides a fun and supportive environment for students interested in cooking and related activities.
    • Club Leader: Kokona Haruka
    • Clubroom Location: First floor of the school building
    • Club Activity: Preparing and cooking various dishes
    • Benefits: Improved cooking skills
    • Club Members: Kokona Haruka, Saki Miyu, Amai Odayaka
  10. 10

    Music Club

    Music Club - improves the player's musical skill and allows them to perform concerts that can distract other students.
    The Music Club is a popular club in Yandere Simulator that focuses on the enjoyment and creation of music. It is a gathering place for musically inclined students and offers them a platform to showcase their talents and collaborate with other members.
    • Club Room: Dedicated room in the school building
    • Club Leader: Kizana Sunobu
    • Club Activities: Music practice, live performances
    • Instruments: Piano, guitar, drums, violin, and more
    • Skill Development: Improvement in playing instruments and singing

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Ranking factors for useful club

  1. The club's function
    Different clubs offer different benefits, such as increasing the player's physical abilities, providing access to certain areas of the school, or giving the player new weapons or tools.
  2. The club's relevance to the player's playstyle
    Some clubs may be more useful to players who prefer a stealthy approach, while others may be more helpful for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.
  3. The club's accessibility
    Some clubs may be easier to join than others, depending on the player's current reputation level or their ability to complete specific tasks or challenges.
  4. The club's drawbacks
    Some clubs may come with certain drawbacks or limitations, such as requiring the player to wear specific clothing or not allowing them to carry certain items.

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