Softest Pillow Case: Your Key to Restful Sleep

We have researched 13 pillow cases for you.

Drifting into a restful slumber is about more than just the right mattress or a calming bedtime routine. It's the little touches that whisper comfort into our nighttime repose. Imagine the gentle caress of a cloud against your cheek, a sensation that can only be brought forth by the perfect selection of bedding accessories.

Our search for the pinnacle of plushness has led us to compile a list that promises to elevate your sleep experience. Revel in the luxury of our carefully curated collection of pillowcases, each promising unparalleled softness to cradle your head in silky serenity as you journey into the realm of dreams.
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What to Look for in Softest Pillow Cases

Important criteria

  • Material quality
  • Thread count
  • Breathability
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Durability
  • Ease of care

1.) Material Quality

When looking for the softest pillow case, material quality should be your primary concern. Natural fibers such as Egyptian cotton, silk, and bamboo are known for their smoothness and can provide a luxuriously soft feel. These materials not only offer comfort but also possess breathability which helps in regulating temperature, making them suitable for various climates. Opting for higher thread counts within these materials can further enhance the softness and overall feel of the pillowcase.

2.) Weave and Finish

The weave of the fabric significantly affects the texture of a pillowcase. For the softest touch, sateen is a popular choice due to its silky surface and lustrous finish. Additionally, look for brushed finishes, as these can increase the softness of materials like cotton. Keep in mind that the finishing process, such as chemical treatments and dyes, can also impact the softness and feel of the pillowcase, so consider looking for natural finishes with minimal processing for the utmost comfort.

3.) Care Requirements

Before purchasing a pillowcase, check the care instructions to ensure they align with your willingness to maintain the product. Some materials, such as silk, may require special care routines, including hand washing or using specific detergents. If convenience is important to you, look for pillowcases that are machine washable and resistant to wrinkling. It's important to balance the softness of the pillowcase with practical maintenance needs.

The Softest Pillow Cases of our Choice

Our Pick
NTBAY Queen Pillowcase Set
NTBAY Queen Pillowcase Set
Type/Color: Dark Grey Size: Queen (20" x 30")
  • Includes 4 Queen size pillowcases (20"x30").
  • Premium quality microfiber fabric, stain and wrinkle resistant.
  • Good sewing stitch and exquisite workmanship.
  • Active and environmentally friendly dyeing technology.
  • Covers and protects pillows, decorates your bedroom.
  • Suitable for all seasons with various color options.
  • Machine washable, easy care instructions.
  • 90 days return and replacement service.
  • Lifetime free customer service.
$ 13.99 *
on Amazon
Elegant Comfort Luxury Ultra-Soft 2-Piece Pillowcase Set
Elegant Comfort Luxury Ultra-Soft 2-Piece Pillowcase Set
Type/Color: White Size: King/California King
  • Elegant Comfort: Extra Durable weave for everlasting softness.
  • Silky-smooth bedding for a heavenly sleeping experience.
  • Microfiber material is shrinkage-resistant and fade-resistant.
  • Superior performance with fine, strong microfiber yarns.
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant colors that stay vibrant over time.
  • Easy, energy-efficient care with cold-water wash and low heat drying.
  • Durable linens that maintain smooth, wrinkle-resistant quality over time.
$ 11.11 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
Cosy House Collection Luxury Cooling
Cosy House Collection Luxury Cooling
Type/Color: White Size: King
  • Seriously soft Rayon derived from Bamboo blend pillowcases
  • Airy, light, and buttery smooth material
  • Designed for all-night comfort
  • Lightweight pillowcases for hot sleepers
  • Moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry
  • Stronger Rayon derived from Bamboo blend than cotton
  • Resistant to stains, odors, wrinkles, and shrinkage
  • Easy to care for with machine washable cases
  • Long-lasting fabric, resisting allergens
  • No fading colors or need for ironing
  • Secure envelope enclosure to keep pillowcover in place
  • Pairs well with Cosy Luxury Sheet set
  • Wide selection of colors available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with World Class service
$ 24.95 *
on Amazon
Comphy by Coop SoftSpa Pillowcase Set of 2
Comphy by Coop SoftSpa Pillowcase Set of 2
Type/Color: White Size: Queen
  • Elevate your sleep with Coop's SoftSpa pillow case
  • Crafted from double-brushed SoftPhiber for plush feel
  • Experience ultimate softness with king or queen size
  • Buttery smooth texture for sensitive skin comfort
  • Super breathable with ultra breathability design for freshness
  • Stay clean, fresh & free from breakouts while sleeping
  • Durable & resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles after washes
  • Reliable pillow cases maintaining snug fit and softness
  • Professional luxury at home with Comphy pillow cases
  • Product trusted by 97% of Forbes luxury resorts
  • Add touch of luxury to bedroom sanctuary with elegance
  • Sustainably better: 2-3 times more durable than cotton
  • Machine washable and quick-drying for convenience
  • Stain-releasing properties for hassle-free cleaning
$ 36.00 *
on Amazon
Price Pick
FLXXIE 2 Pack Microfiber Queen Pillow Cases
FLXXIE 2 Pack Microfiber Queen Pillow Cases
Type/Color: Dark Grey Size: Queen (20" x 30")
  • Size: Queen (20" x 30") Color: Dark Grey (exclude pillow, pack of 2)
  • Made of breathable, stain and wrinkle resistant microfiber
  • Good sewing stitch and exquisite workmanship for durability
  • Unique envelope closure to protect and keep pillow in place
  • Applicable to guestrooms, bedrooms, and sofas
  • Simple design with durability and softness for quality sleep
  • Suitable for all seasons with a variety of color options
  • Machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle
  • Cool iron if necessary, do not bleach
  • 90-day return and replacement service available
$ 9.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
Threadmill Luxury Pillow Cases King Size
Threadmill Luxury Pillow Cases King Size
Type/Color: Hotel White Solid Size: Pillowcases - King
  • 100% pure cotton with sateen weave
  • Ultimate softness, comfort, breathability
  • 600 thread count, long-lasting shine
  • Lightweight, cooling for night sweats
  • King size set for fluffy pillows
  • Generously sized, luxurious comfort
  • Premium quality, easy to care
  • No pilling, fade-resistance, long-lasting
  • Brilliant addition to home linens
  • 600 thread count, high-quality dyes
  • Elegant look, lustrous shine, royale feel
  • Certified, sustainable with satisfaction guarantee
  • OEKO TEX certification, wind solar powered
$ 28.99 *
on Amazon
Zozojo Silky Satin Pillowcase
Zozojo Silky Satin Pillowcase
Type/Color: Dark Grey Size: Queen (20" x 30")
$ 5.49 *
on Amazon
Mellanni Pillow Cases
Mellanni Pillow Cases
Type/Color: 1364 Light Gray Size: Standard / Queen
  • Good Housekeeping Bedding Award Winner in 2023
  • Mellanni's Iconic Collection offers soft bedding
  • Affordable Standard/Queen Size pillowcases, great Christmas gift ideas
  • Temperature regulating, breathable, and silky microfiber
  • Ideal for all sleepers, including sensitive skin
  • Easy care, quick drying, stain-resistant pillowcases
  • More durable than cotton, fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Envelop closure for complete pillow protection, no zippers
  • Mellanni Lifetime Promise, hassle-free returns
$ 17.97 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
STWIENER 100% Viscose Made from Bamboo
STWIENER 100% Viscose Made from Bamboo
Type/Color: Blue Fog Size: Standard (20''x 26'')
  • Breathable moisture-wicking bamboo fiber keeps you cool
  • Highly absorbent for a fresh and clean feeling
  • Silky soft pillowcase reduces hair damage and creases
  • Suitable for all seasons, strong and tear-resistant
  • Easy to care for, machine washable and long-lasting
$ 11.99 *
on Amazon
Bare Home Microfiber Pillow Cases
Bare Home Microfiber Pillow Cases
Model: BKT0096 Type/Color: 03 - Grey Size: 20x30 Standard/Queen (2 Pack)
  • Includes 2 Standard Size Pillowcases (20" x 30")
  • Premium quality and comfort with exceptional softness
  • Long lasting durability for your pillow
  • Stain, fade, and wrinkle resistant
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified for safety
  • Easy care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • 30-night trial period for a full refund
$ 11.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
Type/Color: 01 - White Size: Standard / Queen
  • Softest 100% Cotton Pillowcases - Set of two 500 thread count cotton pillowcase set
  • Made from 100% extra long-staple cotton & royal sateen weave
  • Soft as silk, cool, and pure white
  • Match with our sheet sets too!
  • Cool Pillow Cases - Linen soft cotton pillowcase set
  • Ultra comfort, soft as silk for kids and adults
  • Similar to Egyptian cotton pillow covers
  • Breathable pillow cases for cool and comfortable sleep
  • Standard Queen Size - Fit snug on standard and queen-sized pillows
  • 4-inch wide hem prevents pillows from slipping out
  • Natural & Gentle On The Skin - Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX
  • Perfect for kids, sensitive skin, and allergies
  • 30 Day Return Guarantee - Luxury soft comfort
  • Amazon money back guarantee
  • Machine washable cotton pillowcases, don’t shrink, fade, or wrinkle
$ 19.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
WARMDERN Beige Pillow Covers Queen Standard
WARMDERN Beige Pillow Covers Queen Standard
Type/Color: Beige Size: Queen/Standard
  • Soft microfiber fabric, simple appearance, strong, durable
  • White queen standard pillow cover, unique texture tufted design
  • Multifunctional features, prevent pillows from getting dirty, decorative accessory
  • Envelope closure adds touch of elegance, keeps pillow securely
  • Multiple colors available, high color fastness, suitable for all seasons
  • Care instructions: wash gently in cold water, tumble dry
  • Turn pillowcase inside out when washing, use laundry bag
  • Includes 2 pillowcases 20x26 inches, envelope closure
  • Contact us for questions, promise to reply within 24 hours
  • Request full refund or replacement within 90 days
$ 9.89 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
Bedsure Cooling Pillow Cases Queen Set of 2
Bedsure Cooling Pillow Cases Queen Set of 2
Type/Color: 01 - Dark Grey Size: Queen (20" x 30")
  • Cool & Breathable: Made of rayon derived from bamboo
  • Temperature-regulating pillowcase set is cooler to the touch
  • More moisture-wicking than cotton
  • Ideal for hot sleepers and cozy, dry sleep
  • Silk Soft: Premium fabric is silky, light, and smooth
  • Twill weave for extra softness and smoothness
  • Lessens tension on hair and skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and hair loss for a rejuvenating sleep
  • Giftable: Silky hand feel in elegant natural hues
  • Elevates room style and perfect for loved ones
  • Thoughtful Details: Envelope closure prevents hair entanglement
  • Prevents pillow from sliding out
  • Neat tuck-in or casual loose look
  • Easy Care: Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Machine wash on cold with like colors
  • Use non-chlorine bleach if necessary
  • Tumble dry low and cool iron if needed
  • Please remove from dryer immediately to reduce wrinkles
  • What You Can Get: Queen size pillowcase set
  • Includes 2 pillowcases (20" x 30")
  • Rayon derived from bamboo may naturally shrink after washes
  • Size increased to compensate for natural shrinkage
$ 12.99 *
on Amazon
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Top Picks for the Softest Pillow Cases

Luxury Seekers
Indulge in a touch of elegance and comfort with our handpicked selection of soft pillow cases. Transform your sleep experience with unmatched softness every night.
Budget-Conscious Shoppers
Sleep comfortably without breaking the bank. Explore our list of the softest pillow cases that offer both quality and affordability.
Eco-Friendly Buyers
Rest easy on eco-conscious pillow cases. Our recommendations prioritize softness as well as sustainability for the planet.
Allergy Sufferers
Say goodbye to sleepless nights. We've selected the softest pillow cases designed to resist allergens and provide a soothing sleep.
Tech Enthusiasts
Pair cutting-edge technology with ultimate comfort. Discover pillow cases with the latest fabric technology for a revolutionary softness.

Questions You Might Ask

When choosing a pillowcase material, consider its comfort, breathability, ease of care, and durability. Common materials include cotton, which is soft and breathable; silk, known for smoothness and hair and skin benefits; polyester, which is durable and wrinkle-resistant; and bamboo, which is eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic.
To choose the right size pillowcase, first measure your pillow's dimensions. Match your pillow size with the pillowcase dimensions usually listed on packaging. Standard pillowcases typically fit pillows that are 20x26 inches, queen cases fit 20x30 inches, and king cases fit 20x36 inches.
A pillowcase is designed for sleeping and typically has an open end or an envelope closure to keep the pillow in place. A pillow sham is a decorative cover for pillows, often with a flange border and a more elaborate closure, such as ties or buttons, and is mainly used for decorative purposes.
Pillowcases should be washed weekly to remove oils, dust, and sweat that can accumulate. Replace your pillowcases whenever they start to show signs of wear, such as thinning fabric, fading, or fraying, or typically every 1-2 years. However, investing in high-quality pillowcases may extend their lifespan.
Thread count can be a measure of quality, but it's not the only factor. Higher thread count usually indicates a smoother and more durable pillowcase. However, the quality of the fabric and weave pattern also play significant roles in the comfort and longevity of pillowcases.

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How to Choose the Softest Pillow Case for Blissful Sleep

On the quest for the perfect slumber, the softest pillow case can make a world of difference. With the vast array of materials and brands available, this guide is here to cradle your head in comfort by simplifying your search. Embrace the promise of a cozier night's rest as we unravel the secrets to finding the pillow case that will whisper 'sweet dreams' to you every night.

Understanding Pillow Case Fabrics

The journey to the softest pillow case begins with choosing the right fabric. Cotton is a classic choice, known for its breathability and softness, especially in higher thread counts. For a touch of luxury, silk offers a smooth surface that can be gentle on skin and hair. Meanwhile, microfiber and bamboo blends entice with their plush feel and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool throughout the night.
When delving into specifics, consider Egyptian or Pima cotton for a supremely soft experience. If silky smooth is your aim, look for mulberry silk with a high momme count. As for emerging fabrics, Tencel and Lyocell are eco-friendly options that boast exceptional softness and sustainability.
Keep in mind that the weave of the fabric also plays a major role. A sateen weave will usually feel silkier to the touch, while percale provides a crisp, classic feel. Jersey knit, on the other hand, feels like your favorite cozy t-shirt and can be a comforting choice.

Features to Consider

Don't let the vast options cloud your decision; certain features can help you prioritize your needs. An easy-care pillow case that is wrinkle-resistant can save you time and keep your bed looking immaculate. For allergy sufferers, hypoallergenic materials such as bamboo or special cotton blends can offer a sneeze-free slumber.
Size matters, so always double-check your pillow dimensions before shopping to ensure a snug fit without the frustration of excess fabric or a case that won't fit. Pay attention to closures as well. Envelope closures and hidden zippers not only offer a neater look but also prevent your pillow from sliding out.

Sustainability and Ethical Choices

As we grow more conscious of our environmental impact, consider pillow cases made with sustainable practices. Organic cotton, Tencel, and bamboo are excellent choices that offer softness without the guilt. Check for certifications such as OEKO-TEX or GOTS to ensure that your pillow case meets stringent ecological and social criteria.
The ethical sourcing of materials is another vital consideration. Supporting brands that uphold fair trade practices and provide good working conditions for their workers can contribute to a better global community. This peace of mind might just make your pillow feel even softer.

The Power of Reviews and Trials

Let the experiences of other sleep enthusiasts guide you. Online reviews and testimonials can offer insights into real-world experiences with pillow case softness and durability. Be on the lookout for consistent feedback, both positive and negative, to paint a clearer picture of what you can expect.
Lastly, don't underestimate the value of a good return policy or trial period. The softest pillow case for someone else might not be the perfect one for you. Brands that offer the chance to test their pillow cases at home give you the flexibility to decide if the product meets your own softness standards.

Hands-on Reviews and Recommendations from Discussion-Boards

In the quest for the softest pillowcase, a myriad of sources have been scoured to bring forward the most valuable insights. This includes a selection of various trustworthy reviews, insightful expert forum threads, engaging Reddit discussions, and informative videos. All the content has been meticulously chosen and organized into four key categories, ensuring that readers can access the best resources available on the topic.
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Look in to bamboo viscose. Don't know about Amazon specifically but bed bath and beyond or quince both make good ones!
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These pillowcases are are super soft and fully zip closed so you don't have to worry about the pillowcase riding up.

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