Cheapest Dash Cam: Budget-Friendly Picks for Drivers

We have researched 13 dash cams for you.

For drivers looking to enhance their on-road safety without breaking the bank, finding a reliable dash cam that delivers on performance yet remains easy on the wallet is a priority. The dash cam market is filled with a plethora of options, offering a variety of features at different price points.

In this selection, we've honed in on the most affordable dash cams that ensure quality and essential functionalities. Designed to cater to the budget-conscious consumer, these picks ensure you don't have to compromise on security for the sake of savings.
To simplify the price comparison, we determine the prices for the individual articles on Amazon, Ebay and other shops and link the offers via partner links where applicable. This means that we receive a commission if you buy something that we recommend - the price does not change for you.

What to Look for in Cheapest Dash Cams

Important criteria

  • Video quality
  • Reliability
  • Low light performance
  • Storage capacity
  • Loop recording
  • Auto start and stop

1.) Video Quality and Resolution

The resolution of a dash cam determines the clarity of the footage, which is crucial for identifying important details like license plate numbers in the event of an incident. Aim for a camera that offers at least 1080p resolution, also known as Full HD. Some cheaper models may offer lower resolutions, which can result in grainy or unclear images. Higher resolution models, such as 2K or 4K, will provide clearer images but may come at a higher cost. Additionally, consider the camera's low-light performance since many incidents occur during dusk or at night.

2.) Reliability and Durability

The reliability of a dash cam is critical, especially in extreme temperatures which car interiors often experience. Cheap models may not be built to withstand such conditions and could fail when you need them most. Look for a dash cam with a solid build quality and good reviews from other users regarding its long-term performance. Consider factors such as the type of storage it uses; for example, capacitor-based dash cams tend to be more heat-resistant than those with lithium-ion batteries.

3.) Features and Functionality

Basic features to expect from a cost-effective dash cam include loop recording, auto on/off, and a g-sensor that detects collisions and saves the relevant footage from being overwritten. More advanced features, such as GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smartphone integration, are typically found in higher-end models. Decide which features are must-haves for you. Remember that additional functionalities may increase the cost but can add significant value and convenience to your experience.

4.) Ease of Use and Installation

The user-friendliness of a dash cam can impact your daily experience with the device. Consider how easy it is to install and whether it requires professional assistance. Some dash cams are designed with plug-and-play operation in mind, making them simple to set up. Additionally, the interface and controls should be intuitive to use while driving, without causing distraction. A complicated device may deter you from using it to its full potential, undermining the investment.

The Cheapest Dash Cams of our Choice

Our Pick
SASINON Dash Camera, 4K/1080p Dash Cam
SASINON Dash Camera, 4K/1080p Dash Cam
Type/Color: Black
  • 4K+1080P dual recording with front and rear cameras.
  • 170 degrees front and 120 degrees rear viewing angles.
  • G-sensor detects collisions and locks relevant footage.
  • Supports loop recording for continuous recording on low storage.
  • Equipped with advanced night vision technology for low-light conditions.
  • Automatically activates and starts recording upon detecting vibrations.
  • Built-in WiFi and APP support for easy video management.
  • Recorded videos can be easily shared on social media.
  • Comes with a 64GB SD card included.
  • Easy installation and setup with detailed instructions and support.
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support provided.
  • Direct customer support via Amazon or email.
$ 89.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
COOLCRAZY Dash Cam, 4K UHD Dash Camera for Cars Built-in GPS
COOLCRAZY Dash Cam, 4K UHD Dash Camera for Cars Built-in GPS
Model: N7 Type/Color: Black
  • 4K UHD recording mode reduces blind spots.
  • Single dash cam with super night vision.
  • Uses ADAS for safe driving, advanced sensor.
  • Crystal night version with HDR & WDR.
  • Increased light intake in extreme dark scenarios.
  • GPS tracking and Wi-Fi for live monitoring.
  • Accident lock, 24/7 parking monitor features.
  • Easy to use, with unique Type C port design.
$ 69.99 *
on Amazon
FocuWay Dash Cam Front Rear Built-in GPS 5GHz WiFi
FocuWay Dash Cam Front Rear Built-in GPS 5GHz WiFi
Model: T6
  • 4K dual dashcam front and rear cameras.
  • Sony sensor and WDR for optimal visibility.
  • Voice control and digital LED screen operation.
  • Enhanced 5G Wi-Fi and built-in GPS connectivity.
  • Parking monitoring with collision detection and time-lapse recording.
  • Loop recording and G-sensor protection.
  • Dedicated customer service with 12-month warranty.
$ 99.99 *
on Amazon
Price Pick
iZEEKER Dash Cam for Cars
iZEEKER Dash Cam for Cars
Model: 100 NEW Type/Color: Black
  • User-friendly setup & easy to use
  • Ideal for documenting and storing traffic accidents
  • Sleek design and impressive packaging for gifting
  • 1080P Full HD resolution for high-quality footage
  • 170° wide angle lens to reduce blind spots
  • 3" LCD display for easy monitoring and replay
  • MicroSD card included for automatic recording
  • Loop recording for continuous video storage
  • Aweek of recording with 32GB MicroSD card
  • Automatic emergency recording for evidence
  • Manual lock button for capturing important footage
  • Two parking modes for effective vehicle protection
  • Enthusiastic after-sales service with technical support
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind
  • USB power cable available for non-cigarette lighter cars
$ 25.47 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
SUVCON Dash Cam, 3 Channel Dash Cam
SUVCON Dash Cam, 3 Channel Dash Cam
Model: J06 Type/Color: Black Size: Large
  • 3 channel dash cam for all-around protection.
  • Wide-angle front camera + cabin + waterproof rear camera.
  • IPS panel screen for clear picture at any angle.
  • G-sensor for emergency recording during collisions.
  • Loop recording with automatic overwrite oldest videos.
  • Equipped with 32GB SD card for storage.
  • Night vision for capturing footage in low light.
  • WDR technology adjusts exposure for balanced images.
  • Plug and play with simple installation process.
  • Easy to understand display and friendly key settings.
$ 50.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
ChilinoA1 Dash Cam, 3 Channel Dash Cam
ChilinoA1 Dash Cam, 3 Channel Dash Cam
Type/Color: Black-R Size: Black-R
  • 4K FULL FHD & 3 channel dash cam
  • Super night vision & 24H parking monitor
  • G-sensor & accident lock
  • Free 32GB SD card & loop record
  • Easy to install & super after sales
$ 39.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
Prilotte Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside
Prilotte Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside
Type/Color: New Black
  • UHD 4K front camera with wide coverage angles
  • Enhanced color accuracy in low light conditions
  • Easy installation with plug-and-play setup
  • 24-hour continuous recording with parking mode
  • U3 32GB Micro-SD card for seamless recording
  • Sudden impact detection and heat-resistant chipset
  • Front and rear coverage with interior camera
  • Night vision capabilities for enhanced driving safety
$ 69.99 *
on Amazon
Icesky 3 Channel WiFi Dash Cam with 64GB Card
Icesky 3 Channel WiFi Dash Cam with 64GB Card
Model: M4 Type/Color: Silver Black
  • High Definition Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside
  • Connect with Your Smartphone with Dash Cam App
  • Flexible 4K+1080P Dual Dash Cam Modes
  • Seamless Loop Recording & Reliable Witness for Accident
  • 24 Hours Parking Mode-Protect Your Property
  • 64GB SD Card Include / Car Camera Charger with USB Port
  • Simplified Installation & 24 Month Warranty
$ 109.99 *
on Amazon
GMAIPOP Dash Cam Front and Rear,4K+1080P
GMAIPOP Dash Cam Front and Rear,4K+1080P
Model: G900 Type/Color: Grey
  • Real 4K+1080P Dual Dash Cam
  • Front cam - ultra 4K resolution, 30FPS
  • Rear/inside cam - FHD 1080P, 30FPS
  • Wide angles: Front 170°, Rear 160°
  • Capture road signs and vehicle plates
  • WiFi & Phone APP Control available
  • Optional Inside/Rear Camera installation
  • Crystal Night Version With HDR features
  • Accident lock & 24/7 Parking monitor included
  • 1 Year Warranty & 24/7 Customer Service
  • WiFi Wireless dash cam for easy control
$ 69.99 *
on Amazon
Otovoda Dash Cam for Cars
Otovoda Dash Cam for Cars
Type/Color: Black Size: 3 inch
  • 2K Front Dash Cam with wide-angle lens.
  • Quality images for day and night recording.
  • Smooth WiFi and APP control for ease.
  • Super night vision for clear footage.
  • Compact design with easy installation process.
  • 24-hour parking monitor for continuous security.
  • Reliable after-sales service with good warranty.
$ 49.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
zhiroad Dash Cam 1080P FHD Front Dash Camera for Cars
zhiroad Dash Cam 1080P FHD Front Dash Camera for Cars
Model: Q22 Type/Color: Black
$ 39.99 *
on Amazon
lensuge Dash Cam Front and Rear
lensuge Dash Cam Front and Rear
Model: A4 Type/Color: Black Size: M
  • 8K front camera and 2.5K rear camera.
  • 170° wide-angle front, 150° rear coverage.
  • Enhanced night vision with 6-layer glass lens.
  • Wi-Fi control via dedicated mobile app.
  • Built-in GPS records location and speed.
  • Optional 24-hour parking monitor feature.
  • Complimentary U3-32GB memory card included.
  • Loop recording and emergency video protection.
$ 119.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
E-YEEGER Dash Cam 2.5K 1440P Front Dashcam for Cars
E-YEEGER Dash Cam 2.5K 1440P Front Dashcam for Cars
Type/Color: Black Size: V100-2
  • 2.5K*1440P resolution with advanced starvis sensor
  • Front 160° wide angle reduces blind spots
  • Super night vision technology with large aperture
  • Smooth 2.4G WiFi-APP Control for real-time stream
  • Safe& Mini Design with heat-resistance chipset
  • Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor for automatic protection
  • 24H Parking&Time Lapse with hardwire kit
  • Free 32G SD Card&256G Max Support for memory
$ 49.99 *
on Amazon
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Find Affordable Dash Cams for Every Type of Driver

Budget Shoppers
If you're looking for a dash cam that provides value without breaking the bank, we've curated a list of cost-effective options. These models offer basic features that meet the needs of most drivers. Start your search here to find a balance between affordability and functionality.
Tech-Savvy Consumers
For those who love gadgets and want a dash cam with the latest tech features, we've selected options that won't empty your wallet. These dash cams come with advanced capabilities, such as smartphone integration or enhanced night vision, at a reasonable price.
Safety-Conscious Drivers
Safety doesn't have to come with a high price tag. We've found dash cams that prioritize features like reliable recording and emergency response without costing a fortune. Explore our recommendations for safety-focused dash cams at an affordable price.
Commercial Vehicle Owners
Commercial drivers require dependable dash cams to protect their livelihood. Our list includes durable, easy-to-use cameras that provide the footage you need without a hefty cost. Investigate these options tailored for commercial vehicles.

Questions You Might Ask

When buying a dash cam, you should consider video quality, field of view, storage capacity, loop recording, GPS integration for location tracking, parking mode for recording when the vehicle is off, night vision capabilities, and ease of installation. Additionally, you may want to look at whether it has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for easy video transfer, and if it comes with a screen for immediate playback.
Video resolution is very important in a dash cam as it determines the clarity of the footage captured. Higher resolution like 1080p or 4K provides clearer images which can be critical for capturing readable license plates or other small details during an incident. However, higher resolution videos also require more storage space.
If you frequently drive at night or in low-light conditions, a dash cam with night vision can be beneficial. It uses infrared lights or advanced sensors to provide a clearer picture during nighttime or in a dark environment, which can be crucial for capturing useful footage during these times.
Loop recording is a feature that allows the dash cam to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with new content when the storage is full. This ensures continuous recording without the need for manual intervention to clear space, which can be crucial in always capturing the latest footage, especially in the event of an accident.
A built-in GPS can provide valuable data such as your vehicle's location, route, and speed during the trip, which can be extremely helpful in the event of an accident or for personal tracking. It can also synchronize the time and date of the footage, ensuring that your videos are accurately timestamped.

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How to Choose the Best Budget Dash Cam

In the quest for added security and peace of mind while driving, a dash cam can be an invaluable investment. Yet, not everyone wants to splurge on high-end models. This guide is dedicated to helping you navigate the world of budget dash cams without sacrificing essential features. We'll cover what to look for, the trade-offs to be aware of, and tips for finding the best value for your money.

Understanding The Basics

Before diving into the sea of budget dash cams, it's crucial to understand the basics. A dash cam is a small camera mounted on your dashboard or windscreen, recording the road ahead as you drive. It's your first-hand witness that continuously captures footage, which can be invaluable in the event of an accident or incident on the road.
While premium dash cams offer a plethora of features, budget options keep things simple. They often focus on primary functions such as continuous recording, a decent quality video, and perhaps an in-built sensor to detect collisions. Familiarize yourself with these core features as they'll set the foundation for what you'll need in a dash cam.
Even when on a tight budget, don't compromise on video quality. Look for at least 1080p resolution; it’s the point where affordability meets functionality. Low-resolution cameras might be tempting due to their lower price tag, but they can fail to provide clear enough footage to be useful.

Key Features to Consider

When budget is a concern, it's essential to prioritize features. Look for a dash cam with a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the road as possible. Night vision is also important, even in a budget camera; it ensures clarity of footage during low light conditions.
Loop recording is a must; it ensures new video records over the oldest footage once the memory card is full. Similarly, a built-in G-sensor that locks and saves footage on impact can be a lifesaver for proving your case in an accident.
Some budget dash cams offer additional features like parking mode, which records when your car is parked, and built-in GPS, which tags your videos with location data. Consider if these are deal-breakers for you or if you can live without them.

Balancing Cost and Quality

Finding the sweet spot between affordability and quality is key when shopping for a budget dash cam. A very low price may signal a compromise in build quality, video clarity, or the longevity of the unit. Research brands and models with solid reputations for producing reliable, cost-effective dash cams without notorious performance issues.
Reviews and user experiences can be goldmines of information. Pay attention to what others say about the dash cam's durability and reliability. Remember, a slightly higher upfront cost could mean fewer headaches and better performance down the road.
Lastly, don’t overlook warranty and customer support. A good warranty period indicates manufacturer confidence and can be quite reassuring. Customer service is also pivotal should you run into any issues with setup or operation.

Where to Buy and What to Avoid

Now you know what to look for, but where to find it? Reputable retailers, either online or brick-and-mortar, are usually your best bet. They often provide additional protections such as return policies and warranties that buying from individuals or lesser-known sites might not offer.
Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, as they often are. Extremely cheap dash cams may cut corners in essential areas like image sensors or materials, leading to a sub-standard product. Stick to known brands or those with positive consumer ratings.
If you decide to buy a used dash cam, proceed with caution. Used electronics can be hit or miss; you might save money upfront but could end up with a device that has a short lifespan or is out of warranty.

Hands-on Reviews and Recommendations from Discussion-Boards

In this section, we provide a curated selection of resources for those seeking affordable dash cam options. We have chosen to highlight what we believe are the most valuable links available online, which include expert reviews, community forum discussions, insightful Reddit threads, and informative videos. These resources are organized into four distinct categories to help you easily navigate to the type of content you prefer.
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With unique styling and a motorized, rotatable camera this dash cam both looks good in your vehicle and takes detailed captures in any direction.
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My recommendation would be the Viofo A119 V3 which you can currently buy direct from Viofo's web site for $89.99 USD and includes buffered...
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If you're willing to spend a bit more, I got the Viofo A129 Plus Duo (front and rear) cam on Amazon for $140 back in December on sale.
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You won't find much worth bothering with in the $75 range. The cheapest decent one would be Blueskysea. See the sidebar for links.
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Without knowing what you need exactly, in my opinion, the Viofo a119 mini 2 is one of the best bang for your buck options right now. It released...
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BlueSkySea B1W, $55 on amazon. It is the best cheapest dashcam we can recommend here! It is basic as you can get. 1080p, camera body allows...
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