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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:17 (Updated on Dec 3, 2023 05:34)
Welcome to StrawPoll, your one-stop destination for the most exhilarating polls and rankings! We invite you to participate in our latest ranking, "What is the most beautiful board game?" where you can make your voice heard and celebrate the mesmerizing artistry found in your favorite board games. With thousands of options to choose from, our list is a visual treat that will leave you awestruck and inspire you to explore new games. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this realm of enchanting board game designs, vote for your top pick, or suggest a stunning game that deserves the spotlight. Together, let's unravel the captivating world of board games and crown the most beautiful one. Happy voting!

What Is the Most Beautiful Board Game?

  1. 1
    The colorful tiles and intricate designs make this game visually stunning.
    Azul is a stunning and strategic board game that is known for its captivating beauty and elegant gameplay. Created by Michael Kiesling, this game takes inspiration from the intricate patterns found in Portuguese azulejos, or ceramic tiles. The goal of the game is to decorate the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora with these tiles, earning points along the way. Players must carefully plan their moves and make strategic decisions to maximize their points and outmaneuver their opponents.
    • Number of Players: 2-4
    • Average Playtime: 30-45 minutes
    • Recommended Age: 8+
    • Game Mechanics: Tile Placement, Set Collection
    • Difficulty Level: Medium
  2. 2
    The dreamy illustrations and imaginative storytelling make Dixit a beautiful and enchanting game.
    Dixit is a beautifully designed and artistic board game where players use their imaginations to communicate through abstract and dreamlike illustrations. Each player takes turns as the storyteller, creating a clue or a phrase based on one of the vivid and enchanting cards in their hand. The other players then select a card from their own collection that best matches the clue, trying to deceive opponents into choosing their own. The goal is to find the correct card while avoiding being too obvious or too obscure. With stunning artwork and open-ended storytelling, Dixit offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.
    • Number of Players: 3-6 players
    • Playing Time: 30 minutes
    • Age Range: 8 and up
    • Genre: Party, Deduction, and Creative
    • Components: 84 unique cards, scoring track, scoring tokens, and game rules
  3. 3
    This game features gorgeous, three-dimensional trees and a lush, natural setting.
    Photosynthesis is a stunning strategic board game that revolves around the life cycle of trees. Players take on the role of competing woodland spirits, aiming to grow and develop their forests through the strategic placement of their seeds and trees in the ever-changing sunlight. The game offers a visually captivating experience as the board represents a vibrant forest that comes to life with lush 3D trees and dynamic lighting effects.
    • Player count: 2-4
    • Playing time: 45-60 minutes
    • Age range: 8 and up
    • Mechanics: Action Point Allowance System, Grid Movement, Tile Placement
    • Complexity: Medium
  4. 4
    The detailed gemstones and elegant illustrations make Splendor a visually appealing game.
    Splendor is a visually stunning board game that combines strategy, resource management, and set collection in an engaging gameplay experience. Set in the Renaissance period, players take on the role of wealthy merchants tasked with building their gemstone trade empire.
    • Players: 2-4
    • Playtime: 30 minutes
    • Age range: 10 and up
    • Components: 40 gem tokens, 90 development cards, 10 noble tiles, and 30 gold tokens
    • Mechanics: Engine Building, Card Drafting, Set Collection
  5. 5
    The blue and white buildings against the backdrop of the Aegean sea create a serene and stunning game board.
    Santorini is a visually stunning, strategy-based board game that is inspired by the beauty and architecture of the Greek island Santorini. The goal of the game is to build, move, and climb on top of buildings to outmaneuver your opponents and be the first to reach the third level of a building.
    • Players: 2-4
    • Playing Time: 20-40 minutes
    • Age Range: 8 and up
    • Game Mechanics: Tile Placement, Grid Movement
    • Strategy Level: Medium
  6. 6


    The simple wooden pieces and elegant game board evoke a sense of timeless beauty.
    Tak is a beautiful abstract strategy board game that challenges players to create a road from one side of the square board to the opposite side. Each player takes turns placing and moving their pieces to strategically build a larger road while blocking the opponent's progress. With its simple rules and elegant design, Tak offers a deep and engaging gameplay experience.
    • Number of Players: 2
    • Playing Time: 20-60 minutes
    • Ages: 12 and up
    • Components: Board, wooden pieces
    • Difficulty Level: Medium
  7. 7
    With its vibrant flower petals and peaceful pond, Lotus is a visually stunning game.
    Lotus is a visually stunning board game that combines strategy and elegance. It is set in a serene garden where players compete to grow and collect the most beautiful flowers. The game features exquisite artwork and a peaceful theme that immerses players in a tranquil gaming experience.
    • Number of Players: 2-4 players
    • Playing Time: 30-45 minutes
    • Recommended Age: 8 and up
    • Game Mechanics: Set Collection, Hand Management, Tile Placement
    • Beautiful Artwork: Stunning illustrations of flowers and garden elements
  8. 8
    The colorful stained glass windows and intricate patterns make Sagrada a beautiful game to behold.
    Sagrada is a visually stunning board game that takes players into the world of stained glass artwork. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu, this game captures the beauty and complexity of creating a stained glass masterpiece.
    • Player Count: 1-4 players
    • Playing Time: 30-45 minutes
    • Age Range: 14 and up
    • Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Pattern Building, Set Collection
    • Theme: Art, Stained Glass
  9. 9
    The minimalist design and serene game board create a beautiful, zen-like experience.
    Tsuro is a captivating and visually stunning board game that takes players on a journey of strategic maneuvering and intricate paths. The game revolves around placing tiles on a grid to create a path for your own colored token, while also attempting to avoid colliding with other players' tokens or reaching the edge of the board. The ever-changing paths created by the tiles make each game unique and exciting.
    • Number of Players: 2-8
    • Average Playtime: 15-20 minutes
    • Recommended Age: 8 and above
    • Genre: Abstract strategy
    • Publisher: Calliope Games
  10. 10
    The colorful landscapes and peaceful journey through Japan make Tokaido a visually stunning game.
    Tokaido is a visually stunning board game that takes players on a journey along the East Sea Road in ancient Japan. The game is known for its beautifully illustrated board and cards, with vibrant colors and intricate details depicting the landscapes and cultural landmarks of the Tokaido route.
    • Players: 2-5
    • Playing Time: 45 minutes
    • Recommended Age: 8+
    • Game Type: Strategy, Exploration
    • Components: 1 game board, 5 traveler pawns, 5 player mats, 50 coins, 10 traveler tiles, 10 panorama cards, 30 hot spring cards, 32 meal cards, 32 souvenir cards, 14 encounter cards, 4 achievement cards, 7 achievement tiles, 20 journey point tokens, 10 panorama point tokens, 5 traveler tokens, 1 start player token, 5 player color tokens, 1 rulebook

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Ranking factors for beautiful board game

  1. Visual appeal
    A beautiful board game should have visually appealing components, including the game board, cards, tokens, and other pieces. High-quality artwork, color schemes, and overall design aesthetics play a significant role in enhancing a game's beauty.
  2. Theme and story
    The board game's theme and storyline can add to its beauty, creating a compelling and immersive experience for the players. A well-conceived theme will evoke emotions, spark imagination, and resonate with the players.
  3. Quality of components
    High-quality, durable components made from premium materials can significantly enhance a board game's beauty. Sturdy game boards, finely detailed miniatures, and well-crafted cards and tokens all contribute to the perception of a board game's beauty.
  4. Game mechanics and rules
    A well-designed game with easy-to-understand rules and smooth gameplay will be considered more beautiful. Complexity and depth can also add to the beauty of the game, as long as they don't detract from the overall playing experience.
  5. Harmony of components
    A beautiful board game should have components that mesh well together and create a cohesive visual and gaming experience. The various elements of the game should complement each other rather than clash or feel out of place.
  6. Player interactions
    A game can be considered more beautiful if it encourages positive player interactions and fosters a sense of camaraderie among the participants.
  7. Replay value
    A beautiful board game should be enjoyable to play again and again. Games with high replay value offer varied experiences and strategies, ensuring that players remain engaged and entertained over multiple sessions.
  8. Packaging and presentation
    The packaging of a board game can contribute to its beauty. A well-designed box with attractive artwork, secure storage for game components, and easy-to-read instructions can enhance the overall appeal of the game.
  9. Innovation and creativity
    Unique and novel game mechanics, themes, and concepts can contribute to a board game's beauty, as they pique players' curiosity and provide a fresh gaming experience.
  10. Emotional impact
    Finally, a beautiful board game should evoke emotions from the players, engaging their senses and providing a memorable gaming experience. Games that evoke joy, wonder, excitement, or even nostalgia can be considered more beautiful as a result.

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