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Updated on Sep 28, 2023 05:40
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion takes flight! We're delighted to bring you an exciting new ranking that's set to make your inner dragon roar – "What is the most beautiful dragon in HTTYD?". Unleash your passion for these majestic creatures as you dive into our carefully curated list and vote for your favorite stunning dragon from the enchanting world of How to Train Your Dragon. But wait, there's more! Don't see your beloved dragon on the list? Don't let them be left out in the cold – you can suggest a missing option and add your own fiery touch to the ranking. Soar into the vibrant skies of StrawPoll and let your voice be heard as we embark on this exhilarating quest to discover the most mesmerizing dragon of them all!

What Is the Most Beautiful Dragon in HTTYD? (October 2023)

  1. 1

    Light Fury

    DreamWorks Animation
    The Light Fury is a stunning dragon with a sleek white body and piercing blue eyes. She is graceful and agile, making her a favorite among fans.
    The Light Fury is a stunningly beautiful dragon with a sleek and graceful appearance. Its body is covered in shimmering, pearl-white scales, resembling a glowing white light. With large, expressive eyes that glisten with an otherworldly blue color, the Light Fury possesses an enchanting and captivating presence. Its wings are expansive and seem almost translucent, enabling it to effortlessly glide through the skies. The Light Fury has a slender frame, giving it exceptional agility and speed.
    • Species: Light Fury
    • Coloration: Pearl-white
    • Eye Color: Glistening blue
    • Wing Structure: Expansive and translucent
    • Agility: High
  2. 2
    Toothless is a Night Fury, and his sleek black body and large green eyes make him one of the most beloved dragons in the series. His playful personality and loyalty to his human friend, Hiccup, make him a fan favorite.
    Toothless is a Night Fury dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) franchise. He is known for his sleek and stealthy appearance, with jet-black scales that shimmer in the moonlight. Toothless has bright green eyes that seem to glow, adding to his mystique. He is incredibly nimble and has retractable teeth that resemble a pair of sharp prongs. Toothless has a playful and loyal personality, forming a deep bond with his rider, Hiccup.
    • Species: Night Fury
    • Color: Jet-black
    • Eye Color: Bright green
    • Scale Texture: Sleek and smooth
    • Flight Abilities: Extremely agile and fast
    Toothless in other rankings
  3. 3
    The Stormcutter is a majestic dragon with a unique ability to control the weather. Her large wings and colorful scales make her a beautiful addition to any scene.
    The Stormcutter is a majestic dragon known for its stunning appearance and powerful abilities. It is one of the most beautiful dragons in the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) universe.
    • Size: The Stormcutter is a large dragon, measuring up to 28 feet long.
    • Wingspan: With an impressive wingspan of 54 feet, it can soar through the sky with grace.
    • Appearance: It has a sleek and aerodynamic body structure with sharp edges and vibrant coloration. Its most notable feature is the magnificent fan-like array of spines on its head and neck, resembling a crown.
    • Sonic Blast: The Stormcutter possesses a unique ability to release powerful sonic blasts, capable of causing disorientation and immobilizing its enemies.
    • Strength: With strong wings and muscular limbs, it is exceptionally agile and possesses incredible strength.
  4. 4


    Cressida Cowell
    The Bewilderbeast is a massive dragon with the ability to control other dragons. His icy blue scales and imposing size make him a formidable opponent.
    The Bewilderbeast is an awe-inspiring dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It is known for its colossal size and majestic appearance. Its body is covered in icy blue scales, with large, curved horns adorning its head. The Bewilderbeast possesses a fearsome presence, commanding respect from all other dragons.
    • Size: Colossal
    • Color: Icy blue
    • Horns: Large and curved
    • Presence: Powerful and commanding
  5. 5
    The Death Song is a dragon with a beautiful, hypnotic voice. Her fiery orange and red scales make her a standout dragon in the series.
    The Death Song is a magnificent dragon featured in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. With its unique appearance and abilities, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful dragons in the HTTYD universe.
    • Size: The Death Song is a medium-sized dragon, with an average wingspan of 16 feet.
    • Coloration: It has vibrant scales that range from deep purples and blues to fiery oranges and yellows, creating an impressive and mesmerizing color scheme.
    • Flame Type: This dragon possesses a unique flame, which is an amber-colored sap-like substance that oozes from its mouth when it breathes fire.
    • Wing Shape: The Death Song has large, sail-like wings that allow it to maneuver gracefully in the air.
    • Melodic Call: It is known for its enchanting, melodic call, which can hypnotize dragons and Vikings alike.
  6. 6
    The Razorwhip is a dragon with sharp spines and beautiful blue scales. Her agility and speed make her a difficult opponent to defeat.
    The Razorwhip is a stunning dragon featured in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It has a sleek and aerodynamic physique, with vibrant colors that range from deep blues and purples to electric greens and yellows. Its most striking feature is its razor-sharp tail, equipped with serrated blades along the edges, which it can use for both offensive and defensive purposes.
    • Wingspan: 45-60 feet
    • Size: Medium-Large
    • Weight: 1,500-2,000 pounds
    • Speed: Extremely Fast
    • Firepower: Moderate to High (explosive plasma blasts)
  7. 7


    DreamWorks Animation
    The Skrill is a dragon with electric blue scales and the ability to control lightning. His unique abilities and striking appearance make him a fan favorite.
    The Skrill is a fearsome dragon known for its striking beauty and electric powers. With a sleek and aerodynamic body, it possesses majestic, shimmering blue scales that glisten in the sunlight. It has large wings, enabling it to soar through the skies with incredible agility. The Skrill's eyes glow with an intense blue hue, adding to its captivating appearance. It has two pairs of sharp, retractable teeth and powerful jaws that allow it to effectively hunt and defend itself.
    • Size: Large
    • Color: Blue
    • Wingspan: Wide
    • Abilities: Electrokinesis, lightning blasts
    • Speed: Extremely fast
  8. 8
    The Hideous Zippleback is a dragon with two heads and the ability to breathe fire and gas. His quirky appearance and playful personality make him a lovable dragon.
    The Hideous Zippleback is a dragon species from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It is a medium-sized, two-headed dragon with a serpentine body. Its most distinctive feature is the ability to emit flammable gas from one head and ignite it with sparks from the other head, resulting in fiery explosions. Despite its name, it is actually a very beautiful and mesmerizing creature.
    • Size: Medium-sized
    • Heads: Two
    • Body type: Serpentine
    • Coloration: Vibrant, with various combinations of green, purple, and blue scales
    • Wingspan: Wingspan approximately equal to its body length
  9. 9


    Cressida Cowell
    The Gronckle is a dragon with a tough exterior and a soft heart. His rocky exterior and adorable personality make him a favorite among fans.
    The Gronckle is a dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise known for its sturdy and compact build. It has a round body with a bumpy texture, and its wings are small in proportion to its size. The Gronckle has a short snout, sharp teeth, and a prominent underbite. Its scales range in color from shades of green and brown to gray and black, providing excellent camouflage in rocky environments.
    • Size: Medium to large
    • Weight: Heavy, around 1,000 to 3,000 pounds
    • Habitat: Mountains, caves, and rocky terrains
    • Fire Type: Lava blasts (molten liquid fire)
    • Diet: Mainly rocks and minerals, supplemented with occasional livestock
  10. 10
    The Monstrous Nightmare is a dragon with a fiery personality and the ability to breathe fire. His imposing size and intimidating presence make him a beautiful dragon to behold.
    The Monstrous Nightmare is a fearsome and majestic dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It is known for its inferno-like appearance and intimidating size, making it one of the most beautiful dragons in the series.
    • Size: Ranges from 25 to 40 feet in length.
    • Wingspan: Up to 50 feet.
    • Weight: Can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.
    • Appearance: Flaming red scales with a dark underbelly.
    • Horns: Large, curved horns on its head, often used for defense.

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Ranking factors for beautiful dragon

  1. Color and pattern
    A beautiful dragon should have vibrant, unique, and visually appealing colors and patterns on its body. This can include the overall body color, as well as any additional markings, stripes, or spots.
  2. Body shape and proportions
    Aesthetically pleasing dragons should have a well-balanced body shape and proportions. This can include factors such as the size and shape of its wings, tail, head, and limbs.
  3. Facial features
    A dragon's face should be expressive and have distinct features, such as its eyes, snout, and teeth. A beautiful dragon should have symmetrical and harmonious facial features.
  4. Elegance and gracefulness
    A beautiful dragon should move with elegance and grace, both in flight and on the ground. This can include the fluidity of its movements and posture.
  5. Unique and distinctive features
    A truly beautiful dragon should possess unique and distinctive features that make it stand out from other dragons. This can include specialized abilities, such as creating sparkles or having bioluminescence, or having an unusual body part, like having extra wings or a special tail.
  6. Personality and behavior
    A dragon's personality and behavior can also contribute to its overall attractiveness. A beautiful dragon should have a charming and appealing demeanor, showing intelligence and loyalty, or perhaps a playful and adventurous spirit.
  7. Rarity
    A dragon's rarity can also contribute to its overall beauty. A rare or one-of-a-kind dragon may be viewed as more beautiful than a more common dragon due to its uniqueness and exclusivity.
  8. Cultural significance
    Some dragons may be considered more beautiful based on their cultural significance or mythology. For instance, a dragon that represents good fortune or signifies strength and power might be viewed as more beautiful.
  9. Size
    A dragon's size can also play a role in its overall beauty. While some people might be drawn to larger, more imposing dragons, others might find smaller, more delicate dragons to be more attractive.
  10. Connection to characters
    Finally, a dragon's beauty might also be influenced by the connection it shares with its rider or other characters in the story. A strong bond between a dragon and its human companion can make a dragon seem even more beautiful and appealing.

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