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Step into the enchanting world of glamour and grandeur, as StrawPoll brings you an exclusive ranking of the most beautiful gowns ever created! From the exquisite masterpieces donned by royalty to the breathtaking designs that graced the red carpet, this is your chance to have a say on which gown truly deserves the title of 'The Most Beautiful Gown in the World'. Lose yourself in the magnificence of these awe-inspiring creations and make your voice heard by voting for your favorite, or suggest an undiscovered gem that deserves the spotlight. Unleash your inner fashion connoisseur and join the ranks of fellow style enthusiasts in this captivating journey to find the ultimate symbol of elegance and panache. The grand reveal awaits - click further to indulge in this dazzling display of opulence!

What Is the Most Beautiful Gown in the World?

  1. 1
    This gown is covered in diamonds and is valued at $12 million. It was created by designer Renee Strauss for a bridal show in Beverly Hills.
    The Diamond Wedding Gown is an exquisite and opulent wedding dress that has gained recognition as one of the most beautiful gowns in the world. Its design and craftsmanship make it a true masterpiece.
    • Material: Silk and lace
    • Embellishments: Over 200 diamonds, Swarovski crystals, and intricate beadwork
    • Color: Pure white
    • Design: A classic A-line silhouette with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt
    • Train Length: 10 feet
  2. 2

    The Scarlett O'Hara Dress

    Walter Plunkett
    This iconic dress from the movie "Gone with the Wind" is made of green velvet and features an off-the-shoulder neckline.
    The Scarlett O'Hara Dress is a stunning gown featured in the classic film 'Gone with the Wind' (1939). It is considered one of the most beautiful gowns in the world, renowned for its iconic design and intricate details.
    • Color: Burgundy
    • Material: Velvet
    • Silhouette: Ballgown
    • Neckline: Sweetheart
    • Sleeves: Off-the-shoulder
  3. 3
    The Princess Diana Wedding Dress
    Enciclopedia1993 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    This classic gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles. It features a 25-foot train and is made of ivory silk taffeta.
    The Princess Diana Wedding Dress, also referred to as the 'Wedding of the Century' dress, is considered one of the most iconic and beautiful dresses ever made. It was worn by Lady Diana Spencer during her marriage to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
    • Fabric: The dress was made from British-woven pure silk taffeta, a luxurious and lightweight fabric.
    • Design Style: The dress featured an extravagant romantic style, with puff sleeves, a fitted bodice, and a voluminous skirt.
    • Embroidery and Detailing: The gown was adorned with intricate hand-sewn embroidery, sequins, and over 10,000 pearls, giving it a regal and ethereal touch.
    • Train Length: The dress had a record-breaking 7.62-meter (25-foot) long train, making it one of the longest in royal wedding history.
    • Veil Length: The veil measured 7.62 meters (25 feet) and was attached to Diana's Spencer family tiara.
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    This dress is encrusted with diamonds and is valued at $8 million. It was created by designer Edith Head for Taylor's appearance at the 1970 Academy Awards.
    The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Dress is a stunning gown adorned with an exceptional amount of diamonds, creating an ethereal and luxurious look. The dress was worn by actress Elizabeth Taylor for her 40th birthday celebration.
    • Diamonds: The dress was embellished with 1,000 diamonds, including a 30-carat center stone, which was originally a gift from Richard Burton, Taylor's husband.
    • Fabric: The gown was crafted from white satin, lending a classic and timeless appeal to the overall design.
    • Style: The dress featured an off-the-shoulder neckline, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ensemble.
    • Silhouette: The silhouette of the dress was fitted and featured a full skirt, creating a balanced and flattering aesthetic.
    • Embroidery: The gown was intricately embroidered with silver thread, enhancing its overall beauty and adding texture to the design.
  5. 5
    This iconic dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy for the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". It features a simple black silhouette and a pearl necklace.
    The Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress is an iconic and timeless gown that has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It is a simple, sleeveless black dress with a classic silhouette and a knee-length hem. The dress features a boat neckline and a fitted waistline, highlighting the natural curves of the body. Made from luxurious fabric, it drapes beautifully and exudes a sense of elegance.
    • Color: Black
    • Neckline: Boat neckline
    • Sleeve: Sleeveless
    • Silhouette: Classic
    • Length: Knee-length
  6. 6
    This stunning gown was designed by Riccardo Tisci for Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West. It features a long-sleeved lace bodice and a flowing silk skirt.
    The Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress is an exquisite gown that epitomizes elegance and luxury. It is a stunning creation that perfectly accentuates the bride's figure and exudes a timeless beauty. The dress combines intricate craftsmanship with contemporary design elements, making it truly unique and captivating.
    • Material: Handcrafted lace
    • Silhouette: Mermaid
    • Neckline: Sweetheart
    • Sleeves: Off-the-shoulder
    • Train Length: Approximately 9 feet
  7. 7
    This classic gown was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen for the wedding of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to Prince William. It features intricate lace appliques and a long train.
    The Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress, also known as the 'Grace Kelly-inspired gown,' is an exquisite and iconic wedding dress worn by Catherine Middleton when she married Prince William on April 29, 2011. It is considered one of the most beautiful gowns in the world.
    • Material: Ivory and white satin gazar
    • Design: Lace appliqué bodice with long sleeves
    • Neckline: Sweetheart neckline
    • Train: 9-foot long train
    • Veil: Hand-embroidered lace veil
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    The Marilyn Monroe White Dress

    Designed by William Travilla
    This iconic dress is from the movie "The Seven Year Itch" and features a white halter top and a flowing skirt. It is now housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
    The Marilyn Monroe White Dress is an iconic gown famously worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film 'The Seven Year Itch'. It is a timeless and elegant dress that has become synonymous with Monroe's image as a Hollywood icon.
    • Color: White
    • Material: Rayon
    • Neckline: Sweetheart
    • Length: Floor-length
    • Silhouette: Fit-and-flare
  9. 9
    This elegant gown was designed by Helen Rose for Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. It features a high-necked lace bodice and a full skirt.
    The Grace Kelly Wedding Dress is a legendary gown that was worn by Grace Kelly, an American actress who became the Princess of Monaco. It is considered one of the most beautiful and iconic wedding dresses in history.
    • Material: Antique Brussels lace and silk
    • Silhouette: Ballerina-style
    • Neckline: High collar with a fitted torso
    • Sleeves: Long, fitted lace sleeves
    • Skirt: Full skirt made of silk taffeta
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    The Lady Gaga Meat Dress

    Franc Fernandez
    This controversial dress was worn by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It is made entirely of raw meat and was designed by Franc Fernandez.
    The Lady Gaga Meat Dress is a controversial and iconic gown worn by American singer Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It stands out for its unique design made entirely from raw meat, resembling a full-length dress with various cuts, patterns, and textures.
    • Material: Raw meat
    • Design: Full-length with various cuts and patterns
    • Event: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
    • Controversy: Infamous for using meat as a fashion statement
    • Symbolism: Commentary on societal expectations, individuality, and self-expression

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Ranking factors for beautiful gown

  1. Design
    The overall design of the gown, including its silhouette, neckline, sleeves, and train, should be visually striking and well-thought-out. This may include elements like intricate embroidery, lace, beading, or other embellishments that enhance the gown's appearance.
  2. Color
    The color of the gown should be flattering to the wearer and complement their skin tone and hair color. Additionally, the color should be appropriate for the event or occasion where the gown will be worn.
  3. Fit
    A well-fitted gown enhances the wearer's figure and creates a perfect silhouette. The gown should not be too tight or too loose, and it should be tailored to the individual's body shape, height, and proportions.
  4. Fabric
    The quality, texture, and drape of the fabric play a significant role in the overall beauty of a gown. Luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, lace, or velvet can elevate the gown's appearance and feel.
  5. Comfort
    Although a gown may be visually stunning, it must also be comfortable to wear and move in, especially if the wearer will be walking or dancing throughout the evening.
  6. Timelessness
    A gown that transcends trends and remains fashionable over time showcases the true beauty of the design. Classic, timeless gowns often have a long-lasting influence on fashion and become iconic.
  7. Personal style
    The personal style of the wearer should be taken into account when assessing the gown's beauty. A gown that showcases the individual's personality, preferences, and tastes will ultimately be more beautiful on them.
  8. Originality
    A unique gown with innovative design elements and a distinctive aesthetic can stand out among other gowns and contribute to the overall beauty.
  9. Cultural significance
    Some gowns may have added beauty due to their cultural or historical significance. This can include traditional gowns from various cultures, royal weddings, or iconic gowns worn by celebrities and public figures.

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