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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! Today, we're on the hunt for the most brilliant student in the world, and we need your help to uncover this extraordinary individual. With thousands of awe-inspiring young minds out there, we've curated a list of exceptional students who've left us speechless with their innovative ideas, groundbreaking achievements, and incredible potential. But the power is in your hands! Cast your vote, make your voice heard, and let's discover together who truly deserves the title of "The Most Brilliant Student in the World." And, if you find that we've missed someone truly remarkable, don't hesitate to suggest an addition to our list. Dive in, explore the genius within, and let the quest for brilliance begin!

Who Is the Most Brilliant Student in the World?

  1. 1
    Terence Tao
    The White House · Public domain
    This Australian mathematician is considered one of the most talented in the world, with an innate ability to solve complex problems at a very young age. He became the youngest person to win a gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad at just 13 years old.
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  2. 2
    Kim Ung-Yong
    Anonymous · CC BY-SA 4.0
    This South Korean prodigy was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the person with the highest IQ in the world, with a score of 210. He was able to read in Korean, Japanese, German, and English by the age of four and is fluent in those languages, as well as French, Spanish, and Chinese.
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  3. 3
    This Brazilian teenager is considered one of the brightest minds in the world. He has an IQ of 162 and has already been accepted to study at three universities in Brazil, one of which is the prestigious University of São Paulo. He has also been recognized by Mensa International, a society for people with a high IQ.
  4. 4
    This Indian child prodigy was only seven years old when he performed his first surgery, and by the age of 12, he was a medical student at Chandigarh College. He is considered one of the smartest children in the world and has an IQ of 146.
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  5. 5
    This British mathematician was a child prodigy who entered the University of Oxford at the age of 12. She completed her PhD at the age of 17 and became the youngest person ever to receive a doctorate from the university.
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  6. 6
    This Belgian child prodigy was only nine years old when he graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He has an IQ of 145 and is currently pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering.
  7. 7
    This Australian mathematician won the prestigious Fields Medal in 2018, considered one of the highest honors in mathematics. He became interested in mathematics at a very young age and has made significant contributions to number theory and related fields.
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  8. 8
    William James Sidis
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    This American child prodigy was a mathematician, linguist, and inventor who was able to read at the age of two and entered Harvard University at the age of 11. He is considered one of the most intelligent people in history, with an IQ estimated to be between 250 and 300.
  9. 9
    Kim Peek
    Dmadeo · CC BY-SA 3.0
    This American savant was the inspiration for the movie "Rain Man" and had an incredible memory, able to read and remember the content of a book in just one hour. He was also able to recall details of every day of his life since he was born.
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  10. 10
    This American astrophysicist became interested in astrophysics at a young age and was awarded a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad at the age of 13. He went on to earn his PhD from Princeton University at the age of 22 and is now a professor at the Ohio State University.

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Ranking factors for brilliant student

  1. Academic achievement
    As education is the primary aspect of being a student, academic achievement is a crucial factor. This can include grades, test scores, research publications, and awards.
  2. Intelligence
    Intelligence plays a significant role in a student's brilliance since it determines their ability to grasp new concepts and critical thinking. Well-rounded individuals with a range of skills and knowledge are key to being considered intelligent.
  3. Creativity
    Innovation, creativity and the ability to think outside the box are vital skills and qualities of a brilliant student. Creative geniuses make an incredible contribution to humanity and knowledge.
  4. Critical Thinking
    The ability to analyze problems, think deeply, and develop strategic solutions is a vital skill that brilliant students must possess.
  5. Contribution
    Students who contribute to the betterment of humanity, influence others to follow in their footsteps, and make significant contributions to their field are deserving of recognition.
  6. Personal qualities
    Students who possess personal characteristics like resilience, determination, perseverance, good communication skills, and leadership qualities should also be taken into account.

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More information on most brilliant student in the world

When it comes to brilliance and intelligence, there are a few names that immediately come to mind. However, determining who the most brilliant student in the world is can be a daunting task. There are countless individuals who have made groundbreaking discoveries, achieved remarkable academic success, and demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills. One example of a brilliant student is Terence Tao, a mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory and harmonic analysis at a very young age. Another inspiring figure is Kim Ung-yong, a South Korean child prodigy who had an IQ of 210 and could speak multiple languages fluently at the age of four. Despite these remarkable individuals, it's important to remember that brilliance comes in many forms and cannot be measured solely by academic achievements or IQ scores. Creativity, innovation, and emotional intelligence are all important factors that contribute to one's brilliance. Ultimately, the most brilliant student in the world is subjective and depends on one's definition of brilliance.

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