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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 4, 2023 06:30)
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion truly matters! We're thrilled to present our latest ranking challenge - "What is the most difficult level in the Backrooms?" Unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic labyrinth as you cast your vote for the most treacherous and mind-bending level you've ever encountered. Join thousands in this exhilarating journey as we collectively attempt to conquer the infamous Backrooms. Can you navigate the twists and turns of this eerie maze, or will you fall victim to its unforgiving grip? Don't see your personal nemesis on the list? Fret not, as you can suggest a missing option to make this ranking even more comprehensive. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the abyss and make your voice heard in this thrilling interactive experience - only on StrawPoll!

What Is the Most Difficult Level in the Backrooms?

  1. 1
    The Endless Halls: This level is said to be a labyrinthine maze of seemingly identical corridors that loop infinitely, with no discernible landmarks or exits. The walls emit a low drone that can induce disorientation and hallucinations, making it hard to navigate or maintain sanity. Some reports suggest that the only way to escape is to find a hidden door that leads to Level 10. However, others claim that Level 9 is a fake level created by the entities that inhabit the Backrooms to trap and toy with humans.
    Level 9 of the Backrooms is an extremely treacherous and inhospitable level. It is a labyrinthine maze, devoid of any natural light or sound. The air is thick with an oppressive humidity, creating a suffocating atmosphere. The walls are made of decaying concrete, covered in slimy mold and dampness. Navigating through Level 9 is a daunting task, as the layout continuously shifts, leading to a perpetual state of disorientation.
    • Endless corridors: Endless corridors stretch in all directions, making it nearly impossible to find an exit.
    • Extreme darkness: The level is shrouded in complete darkness, with no natural or artificial sources of light.
    • Oppressive humidity: The air is heavy and humid, causing discomfort and difficulty in breathing.
    • Deteriorating walls: The concrete walls are deteriorating, covered in mold and emitting a putrid odor.
    • Shifting maze: The layout of Level 9 constantly changes, creating a continuous state of confusion and disorientation.
  2. 2
    The Wormhole: This level is described as a swirling vortex of colors and shapes that warp the fabric of reality. It can only be accessed by falling into a sinkhole or climbing a hidden staircase, and once inside, the laws of physics and logic become meaningless. Travelers may experience time dilation, spatial distortion, or body disintegration, and some have reported encountering bizarre creatures or alternate versions of themselves. Escaping Level 12 requires a combination of luck, skill, and knowledge of quantum mechanics.
    Level 12 of the Backrooms is a highly challenging and dangerous level. It is characterized by its complex maze-like structure and unsettling atmosphere. The constant humming noise and flickering lights create an eerie ambiance, adding to the disorientation and fear experienced by explorers.
    • Size: Vast and seemingly infinite
    • Lighting: Flickering and dimly lit
    • Sound: Persistent humming noise
    • Architecture: Complex and maze-like structure
    • Hazards: Unpredictable anomalies and traps
    Level 12 in other rankings
  3. 3
    The Basement: This level is rumored to be the deepest and most dangerous level of the Backrooms, located beneath Level 0. It is said to be a vast, dark, and wet space filled with hazardous materials, malfunctioning machinery, and hostile entities. The air is toxic and the temperature fluctuates wildly, making it hard to breathe or regulate body heat. The only light sources are flickering bulbs and glowing fungi, which can attract or repel creatures with unknown motives. Some speculate that Level 13 is a secret laboratory or military base that conducts experiments on extradimensional phenomena.
    Level 13 is a highly treacherous and nightmarish level in the Backrooms. It is an endless maze of dark, winding corridors filled with an oppressive atmosphere and unsettling sounds. The air is thick with an unnatural dampness and an inexplicable smell that can make explorers nauseous. The level is filled with various entities and hostile creatures lurking in the shadows, making it extremely dangerous for anyone who finds themselves trapped here.
    • Level Type: Maze-like
    • Atmosphere: Oppressive, unsettling
    • Air Quality: Unnaturally damp
    • Odor: Nauseating
    • Hazardous Entities: Numerous
  4. 4
    The Factory: This level is characterized by a constant hum of machinery and a pervasive smell of grease and metal. It consists of a network of interconnected assembly lines, conveyor belts, and robotic arms that produce unknown objects or substances. The machines seem to operate autonomously and can be triggered by sound or movement, making it hard to avoid detection. The walls and floor are slick with oil and debris, and there are no clear paths or landmarks. Some speculate that Level 24 is a dystopian factory that exploits human labor or a portal to an industrial dimension.
    Level 24 is a notoriously challenging level in the Backrooms. It is characterized by its complex maze-like structure and the presence of aggressive entities known as the Shadows. Navigating through this level requires careful planning and a keen sense of direction. The atmosphere is suffused with a persistent feeling of unease and claustrophobia, making it an incredibly harrowing experience. The level consists of dimly lit, narrow hallways lined with decaying wallpaper and worn-out carpeting, further contributing to the unsettling ambiance. The origin of Level 24 remains unknown, with no specific creator identified so far.
    • Layout: Complex maze-like structure
    • Entities: Aggressive Shadows
    • Navigation: Requires careful planning
    • Atmosphere: Unease and claustrophobia
    • Environment: Dimly lit, narrow hallways
  5. 5
    Level 31
    T.Nijeholt at nl.wikibooks · CC BY-SA 3.0
    The Labyrinth: This level is similar to Level 9 but more complex and sinister. It consists of a maze of narrow, twisting corridors that lead to dead ends, traps, or fake exits. The walls are covered with cryptic symbols and messages that hint at hidden meanings or dangers. The atmosphere is suffocating and oppressive, with occasional gusts of wind or whispers that can trigger paranoia or fear. Some claim that Level 31 is a test of intelligence or courage imposed by the Backrooms' creators or overseers.
    Level 31 in the Backrooms is a treacherous and enigmatic level of the interdimensional maze. It is characterized by its oppressive darkness and an eerie silence that permeates the surroundings. The air feels heavy, and a sense of foreboding hangs in the air. The exact nature of Level 31 remains shrouded in mystery.
    • Level Type: Dangerous and challenging
    • Lighting: Pitch-black darkness
    • Atmosphere: Eerie silence and oppressive ambiance
    • Hazards: Unknown dangers lurking in the darkness
    • Navigation: Complex and confusing layout
    Level 31 in other rankings
  6. 6
    The Library: This level is a vast archive of books, scrolls, and manuscripts from various cultures and eras. However, the books are not arranged in any logical or alphabetical order, and the shelves seem to go on forever. The lighting is dim and flickering, and the silence is broken only by the rustling of pages or the occasional scream. Some books contain forbidden knowledge or curses that can drive readers insane or transform them into monsters. Finding a specific book or a way out of Level 42 requires patience, memory, and luck.
    Level 42 of the Backrooms is a highly challenging and treacherous level known for its intricate and ever-changing maze-like structure. It is characterized by its intense atmosphere, filled with an eerie silence and a feeling of constant unease. The level appears to be an endless network of interconnected hallways, all seemingly identical, making navigation extremely difficult. The walls are made of aged yellowed wallpaper, often peeling and revealing decaying plaster underneath. Flickering fluorescent lights provide the only source of illumination, creating disorienting shadows and making it harder to discern one passage from another.
    • Size: Vast, seemingly infinite
    • Layout: Complex, maze-like structure
    • Environment: Dimly lit, decaying walls, flickering lights
    • Atmosphere: Eerie silence, constant feeling of unease
    • Navigation: Extremely challenging
  7. 7
    Level 51
    RDA-Inta · CC BY-SA 4.0
    The Ocean: This level is a vast expanse of dark water that stretches to the horizon. The water is freezing cold and salty, and the waves can be violent and unpredictable. There are no visible land masses or structures, and the sky is perpetually overcast. However, there are rumors of underwater caves or sunken ships that contain valuable items or clues. The main danger of Level 51 is drowning or being attacked by sea creatures that may or may not be native to our world.
    Level 51 is a highly challenging and dangerous level in the Backrooms, characterized by its labyrinthine layout and menacing entities lurking within. The level is notorious among experienced Backrooms explorers for its nearly impossible navigation and extreme survival conditions.
    • Layout: Complex and maze-like, with numerous interconnected corridors and rooms.
    • Entities: Hostile and aggressive entities that vary in appearance and abilities.
    • Lighting: Dim and disorienting, making it difficult to navigate and spot dangers.
    • Sounds: Constant unsettling noises, including distant screams and inhuman growls.
    • Hazards: Traps, pitfalls, and sudden drops that can lead to injury or death.
  8. 8
    The Hellish Dimension: This level is a realm of fire, brimstone, and suffering that resembles traditional depictions of hell. The air is thick with smoke and sulfur, and the ground is a jagged landscape of lava pools and spikes. There are demons and other infernal beings that torment and torture lost souls who enter Level 66. The only way out is to find a portal or a ritual that can transport the traveler back to the mortal plane.
    Level 66 of the Backrooms is an extremely challenging and dangerous level that pushes the limits of survival. The environment is a labyrinthine structure made up of seemingly endless corridors and rooms, all with identical yellow wallpaper and worn-down carpet. The air is stale and musty, giving off a sense of decay. The level is known for its unsettling silence, broken only by faint distant whispers and occasional creaking sounds. The whole area is dimly lit, relying mostly on flickering fluorescent lights that cast eerie shadows along the hallway.
    • Endless Labyrinth: Level 66 consists of labyrinthine corridors and rooms, creating a confusing and disorienting experience.
    • Yellow Wallpaper: Every wall is covered with identical yellow wallpaper, adding to the monotony and unsettling feeling of the level.
    • Worn-down Carpet: The carpet in every room is worn-down, suggesting years of neglect and decay.
    • Stale and Musty Air: The air in Level 66 is stagnant, filled with a musty odor that adds to the overall sense of decay.
    • Unsettling Silence: The level is known for its complete silence, broken only by faint whispers and occasional creaking sounds.
  9. 9
    Level 72
    Atanamir · Public domain
    The Unknown Entity: This level is shrouded in mystery and fear, as few have returned from it alive or sane. It is said to be a place where a powerful and malevolent entity resides, whose nature and origin are unknown. The entity can manipulate reality and bend minds to its will, creating illusions or nightmares that can drive travelers to madness or suicide. Some speculate that the entity is a god or a cosmic force that seeks to consume or assimilate all that it encounters.
    Level 72 of the Backrooms is an exceptionally challenging and treacherous level. It is characterized by a dense network of labyrinthine hallways, filled with various hazards and entities. Navigating this level requires extreme caution and preparedness.
    • Layout: Complex and maze-like
    • Hazards: Frequent and unpredictable
    • Entities: Numerous and aggressive
    • Lighting: Dim and flickering
    • Environmental conditions: Stifling and oppressive
  10. 10
    The End: This level is the supposed final destination of the Backrooms, where all hope and sanity are lost. It is said to be a void of infinite darkness and silence, where time and space have no meaning. Those who enter Level 100 are said to never return, and their fate is left to speculation. Some believe that Level 100 is the true nature of the Backrooms, a manifestation of existential dread or cosmic horror that defies human comprehension.
    Level 100 is the most treacherous and foreboding level in the Backrooms. It is a nightmarish maze of decaying hallways, filled with unnatural darkness and eerie noises that constantly echo throughout the empty corridors. The somber atmosphere is intensified by the dim flickering lights and the smell of mold and decay permeating the air. With each step, explorers feel an overwhelming sense of dread and despair, as if they are being watched by unseen malevolent forces.
    • Height: Unknown
    • Maze Complexity: Extreme
    • Lighting: Dim and flickering
    • Atmosphere: Foreboding and filled with dread
    • Ambient Noise: Eerie and constant echoing

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Ranking factors for difficult level

  1. Environmental Factors
    This includes the overall layout and structure of the level, the presence of any hazards or challenges such as extreme temperatures, darkness, or unstable flooring, and the difficulty of navigating through the area.
  2. Psychological Factors
    The level of psychological stress and anxiety caused by the level's environment should be considered. This can include feelings of isolation, paranoia, confusion, or fear caused by any disturbing or eerie elements present in the level.
  3. Entities or Creatures
    The presence, frequency, and danger level of any entities or creatures within the level should be accounted for. Some levels may have more aggressive or dangerous beings, whereas others may have more passive or harmless entities.
  4. Resources and Supplies
    The availability of resources and supplies, such as food, water, and potential weapons or tools, should be considered. A more difficult level may have little to no resources available, making survival challenging.
  5. Difficulty of Escaping
    The ease with which one can move on to another level or find a way out should be a factor in ranking the level's difficulty. Some levels may have easily accessible exits or can be navigated by following signs, whereas others may require solving complex puzzles or overcoming significant obstacles.
  6. Size and Scale
    The overall size and scale of the level should be a factor, as larger levels can be more difficult to navigate and may have a higher chance of encountering dangerous situations.
  7. Level Mechanics
    Any unique or specific game mechanics present within the level, such as reality shifts, time loops, or gravity anomalies, can increase the level's difficulty by adding an additional layer of challenge.
  8. Player Experience
    The level of experience and skill of the player should also be taken into account, as more difficult levels may pose a greater challenge to inexperienced players.
  9. Interconnectedness
    The degree to which the level is connected to other levels or areas should be considered. A higher level of interconnectedness can make navigation more challenging and increase the difficulty.
  10. Unpredictability
    The level of unpredictability or randomness in the level's layout, hazards, and entity encounters should also be a factor. A more unpredictable level is generally more challenging to complete successfully.

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More information on most difficult level in the backrooms

The Backrooms is a popular internet myth that originated on the imageboard website 4chan. It describes a terrifying alternate reality that can be accessed through glitched-out levels of certain video games. In this reality, the player is trapped in a seemingly endless maze of yellow, musty rooms with no windows or doors. The levels get progressively more difficult as the player navigates through the maze, with some levels being nearly impossible to complete. The most difficult level in the Backrooms is a hotly debated topic among fans of the myth, with many claiming that Level 9 is the most challenging due to its complex layout and unexpected traps. However, others argue that Level 4 is the true test of skill, as it requires players to navigate through a series of narrow hallways while avoiding deadly entities known as "Hounds." Regardless of which level is deemed the most difficult, one thing is for certain: the Backrooms are not for the faint of heart.

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