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Stories often captivate us most when they reach a peak moment of tension or unexpected twists that hold significant impact for the characters involved. In 'The Model Millionaire' by Oscar Wilde, such moments not only add depth to the narrative but also challenge the protagonist's outlook and life decisions. Identifying which of these moments resonate most with readers can enhance our understanding of the story's appeal and the moral lessons it conveys. By participating in the ranking of the most dramatic moments, users engage directly with the text, reflecting on how each event shapes the story and its characters. This process allows for a collective judgement that can highlight diverse interpretations and insights, enriching the reading experience for everyone. It's an opportunity to see how different aspects of the same story affect readers individually and as a group.

What Is the Most Dramatic Moment in the Story of "the Model Millionaire"?

  1. 1

    Hughie's Discovery of the Model's True Identity

    The moment Hughie discovers that the model he pitied and gave his last sovereign to is actually a millionaire.
    • Identity Revealed: The model is revealed to be Baron Hausberg, a millionaire.
  2. 2

    The Introduction of the Model

    The initial appearance of the model in Trevor's studio, mistaken by Hughie as a beggar.
    • First Impression: Mistaken as a beggar
  3. 3

    The Moral Conclusion

    The story's conclusion, emphasizing the moral that not all that appears poor is poor, and the value of generosity.
    • Moral of the Story: Value of generosity
  4. 4

    Baron Hausberg's Generous Gift

    The climax where Baron Hausberg sends Hughie a cheque for £10,000, rewarding him for his kindness.
    • Cheque Amount: £10,000
  5. 5

    Hughie's Act of Kindness

    Hughie giving his last sovereign to the 'beggar' in the studio, showcasing his genuine compassion.
    • Last Sovereign: Hughie's last piece of money
  6. 6

    Hughie's Desperation

    Hughie's despair over his financial situation and inability to marry Laura.
    • Reason for Despair: Financial situation
  7. 7

    Hughie's Reflection on Kindness

    Hughie reflecting on his kind act, unaware of the model's true identity and forthcoming fortune.
    • Reflection: On his act of kindness
  8. 8

    The Model's Gratitude

    The model (Baron Hausberg) expressing his gratitude towards Hughie's kindness indirectly through the generous cheque.
    • Form of Gratitude: Generous cheque
  9. 9

    Alan Trevor's Revelation

    The moment Alan Trevor reveals to Hughie the true identity of the model and his act of generosity.
    • Revealer: Alan Trevor
  10. 10

    The Engagement

    Hughie's engagement to Laura, setting the stage for his need for money.
    • Engagement: To Laura

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More about the Most Dramatic Moment in the Story of "the Model Millionaire"

Hughie's Discovery of the Model's True Identity
Rank #1 for the most dramatic moment in the story of "The Model Millionaire": Hughie's Discovery of the Model's True Identity (Source)
In the story of "The Model Millionaire," a young man named Hughie Erskine faces a critical moment. Hughie is a charming, but poor, gentleman. He loves a beautiful woman, Laura Merton. Laura loves him back, but her father, Colonel Merton, will not allow them to marry until Hughie has ten thousand pounds.

Hughie visits his friend, Alan Trevor, one day. Alan is a talented painter. When Hughie arrives, Alan is painting a beggar. The beggar looks old and tired. His clothes are torn, and his face is full of sorrow. Hughie feels pity for the beggar. He reaches into his pocket and gives the beggar a sovereign. The beggar thanks Hughie with a kind smile.

Later, Hughie learns a shocking truth. The beggar is not a beggar at all. He is Baron Hausberg, one of the richest men in Europe. Alan had asked the Baron to pose as a model for his painting. This revelation stuns Hughie. He feels embarrassed and foolish. He worries about what the Baron will think of him.

The next day, Hughie receives an unexpected visitor. It is a messenger from Baron Hausberg. The messenger brings a letter and a gift. Hughie opens the letter and reads it. The letter reveals that the Baron was moved by Hughie's kindness. He admires Hughie's generosity, despite his own financial troubles. The letter also contains a surprise. The Baron has given Hughie a check for ten thousand pounds. This amount is exactly what Hughie needs to marry Laura.

Hughie is overjoyed. He rushes to tell Laura and her father the good news. Colonel Merton is impressed by Hughie's fortune and agrees to the marriage. Hughie and Laura's future is now secure, thanks to Hughie's kind heart and the Baron's generosity.

This moment is dramatic because it changes Hughie's life. It shows the power of kindness and generosity. Hughie's simple act of giving a sovereign leads to a life-changing event. The story teaches that true wealth lies in the goodness of one's heart.

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