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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 1, 2023 14:13)
Unleash your inner music enthusiast and join us at StrawPoll in our quest to determine the ultimate alto! We've compiled a list of the most famous alto singers that have graced the stage with their enchanting voices and unforgettable performances, but we need your expertise to rank them. From the sultry tones of Amy Winehouse to the melodious harmonies of Adele, who do you think deserves the crown for the most famous alto singer? Vote for your favorite songstress, and if you find your beloved alto missing from the list, fear not! You can suggest their name and rally fellow fans to help them climb the ranks. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this melodic showdown and let your voice be heard!

Who Is the Most Famous Alto Singer?

  1. 1
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Lewin/Kaufman/Schwartz, Public Relations, Beverly Hills · Public domain
    Ella Fitzgerald - considered one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, known for her clear and expressive voice.
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  2. 2
    Billie Holiday - known for her unique phrasing and emotional intensity, considered one of the greatest jazz singers of all time.
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  3. 3
    Sarah Vaughan
    William P. Gottlieb · Public domain
    Sarah Vaughan - known for her powerful and versatile voice, often referred to as "The Divine One".
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  4. 4

    Nina Simone

    Nina Simone
    Nina Simone - known for her soulful and powerful voice, as well as her activism in the civil rights movement.
    Nina Simone is a legendary American singer, songwriter, and civil rights activist. Known for her mesmerizing voice and powerful stage presence, Simone is considered one of the most talented and influential musicians of the 20th century. Her music blends elements of jazz, blues, gospel, and classical music, creating a unique and soul-stirring sound that captivates audiences. Simone's lyrics often touch on themes of love, injustice, and the African-American experience, reflecting her strong activism and commitment to social change.
    • Birthdate: February 21, 1933
    • Birthplace: Tryon, North Carolina, United States
    • Genres: Jazz, blues, gospel, soul, R&B, folk, pop
    • Vocal Range: Contralto
    • Discography: More than 40 albums
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  5. 5
    Carmen McRae
    Barbara Weinberg Barefield · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Carmen McRae - known for her distinctive voice and interpretation of jazz standards, often incorporating bebop influences.
  6. 6
    Anita O'Day - known for her unique and improvisational approach to jazz singing, incorporating scatting and vocalese.
  7. 7
    Abbey Lincoln
    Adam · CC0
    Abbey Lincoln - known for her rich and expressive voice, as well as her lyrical and socially conscious songwriting.
  8. 8
    Peggy Lee
    General Artists Corporation (management) · Public domain
    Peggy Lee - known for her cool and sultry voice, as well as her songwriting and acting.
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  9. 9
    Julie London
    CBS Television · Public domain
    Julie London - known for her smoky and intimate voice, as well as her acting career.
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  10. 10
    Al Jarreau - known for his unique vocal style, incorporating elements of jazz, R&B, and pop.
    Al Jarreau in other rankings

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Ranking factors for famous alto singer

  1. Vocal technique and range
    The singer's vocal abilities, including their range, tone, and control, are important factors in determining their fame and success.
  2. Artistic legacy and achievements
    The singer's lasting impact on the music industry, including awards, critical and commercial success, and cultural relevance.
  3. Musical versatility and adaptability
    The singer's ability to perform a variety of musical genres and styles with ease, and their willingness to experiment and push boundaries.
  4. Stage presence and charisma
    The singer's ability to captivate and engage audiences with their performance and personality.
  5. Overall popularity and commercial success
    The singer's popularity among audiences, measured by record sales, concert attendance, and social media following.

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More information on most famous alto singer

Alto singers have always been a prominent part of the music industry. Their unique vocal range and versatility have captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. From jazz to classical, pop to rock, and everything in between, alto singers have graced the stage with their soulful performances and unforgettable melodies. But who is the most famous alto singer of all time? It's a tough question to answer, as there are so many talented singers to choose from. From legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to modern-day icons like Adele and Lady Gaga, the world of alto singing is full of incredible talent. Some of the most influential and beloved alto singers in history include the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner. Their powerful vocals and dynamic performances have left an indelible mark on the music industry and inspired countless artists to follow in their footsteps. Whether you're a die-hard music fan or simply appreciate the beauty of the human voice, there's no denying the impact that alto singers have had on the world of music. So, who is the most famous alto singer of all time? That's for you to decide. Explore our polls and rankings to see what others think and cast your own vote to make your voice heard.

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