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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jul 18, 2024 07:35
Corgis have captured the hearts of many with their distinctive appearance and vibrant personalities, making them one of the most adored dog breeds across the globe. With so many of these charming canines gaining fame through social media, films, and television, it can be quite a task to track which Corgi stands out the most. Our interactive ranking system allows fans like you to have a say in who climbs to the top. By participating in this community-driven ranking, you help create a dynamic list that reflects the current favorites based on collective preferences. Your vote matters in highlighting the most beloved Corgis and provides a fresh perspective on the trendy and adored characters of our time. Just a simple click can significantly influence the rankings and bring attention to new or deserving Corgis.

Who Is the Most Famous Corgi?

  1. 1

    Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis

    Perhaps the most famous corgis globally, belonging to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Over her lifetime, she owned more than 30 corgis, starting with Dookie, the first corgi she received as a child.
    • First Corgi: Dookie
    • Number of Corgis Owned: Over 30
  2. 2


    A Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by YouTuber Ryen Lung, known as VlogAfterCollege. Gatsby has become a social media sensation, featuring in many of Lung's vlogs.
    • Owner: Ryen Lung
    • Social Media: Instagram Star
  3. 3
    Sutter Brown

    Sutter Brown

    The 'First Dog' of California during Jerry Brown's term as governor. Sutter, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was known for his charismatic presence and political 'influence.'
    • Title: First Dog of California
    • Owner: Jerry Brown
  4. 4


    A Pembroke Welsh Corgi who became famous for his skateboarding skills, showcased in various media outlets and social media platforms.
    • Skill: Skateboarding
    • Media Presence: Featured in Media
  5. 5


    A social media famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi known for his charming antics and large following on Instagram.
    • Social Media: Instagram Star
    • Followers: Large Following
  6. 6


    A fictional Pembroke Welsh Corgi featured in the anime series 'Cowboy Bebop.' Ein is a 'data dog' with enhanced intelligence, making him a significant character in the series.
    • Series: Cowboy Bebop
    • Type: Data Dog
  7. 7


    The first corgi owned by Queen Elizabeth II, received as a gift when she was a young girl. Dookie was the start of the Queen's lifelong love for the breed.
    • Owner: Queen Elizabeth II
    • Significance: First Corgi
  8. 8


    A therapy dog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi who participates in programs designed to relieve stress and bring joy to university students, hospital patients, and others.
    • Role: Therapy Dog
    • Activities: Stress Relief Programs
  9. 9


    One of the last corgis owned by Queen Elizabeth II, Willow was a direct descendant of Susan, the corgi given to the Queen on her 18th birthday. Willow's passing in 2018 marked the end of the Queen's purebred corgi line.
    • Owner: Queen Elizabeth II
    • Significance: End of Purebred Line
  10. 10


    Owned by Stephen King, Tasha was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who inspired the character of Rosalita in his novel 'Under the Dome.'
    • Owner: Stephen King
    • Inspired Character: Rosalita

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More about the Most Famous Corgi

Corgis have captured the hearts of many people around the world. These small, sturdy dogs come from Wales. They were originally bred to herd cattle. Their short legs and long bodies make them unique. Despite their size, they are strong and agile.

Corgis have a distinct look. They have large ears that stand up, and their faces often seem to smile. Their coats are thick and can be red, sable, fawn, or black and tan. Some have white markings. Their tails are often docked, but not always.

These dogs are intelligent and eager to please. They learn quickly and respond well to training. They are known for their playful nature and high energy. They need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. This can include walks, playtime, and mental challenges.

Corgis are loyal and affectionate. They bond closely with their families. They are good with children and other pets if socialized early. They can be wary of strangers at first but warm up once they feel safe. They are also known to bark, which makes them good watchdogs.

Their history is rich and interesting. They have been part of royal households and have appeared in many stories and legends. Their connection to royalty has made them even more popular. People often associate them with elegance and charm.

Corgis have also become stars in media. They appear in movies, TV shows, and books. Their cute looks and lively personality make them appealing to audiences. Many people recognize them instantly because of their distinctive features.

Owning a Corgi comes with responsibilities. They need regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition. They shed a lot, so frequent brushing is necessary. They also need a balanced diet and regular vet check-ups. Their long backs can be prone to issues, so it's important to keep them at a healthy weight.

Training a Corgi can be fun but requires consistency. They are smart but can be stubborn. Positive reinforcement works best. They enjoy activities like agility, herding, and obedience training. These activities keep them engaged and happy.

Corgis are adaptable. They can live in various environments, from apartments to large homes. They do best in homes where they get plenty of attention and activity. They thrive on companionship and can become lonely if left alone for long periods.

In summary, Corgis are a delightful breed with a lot to offer. They are charming, intelligent, and full of energy. Their history and connection to royalty add to their appeal. They make wonderful pets for those willing to meet their needs. Their popularity continues to grow, and it's easy to see why.

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