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Howdy, partners! Saddle up and join us on an exciting journey to discover the most famous cowboy in Texas. StrawPoll proudly presents a thrilling ranking of legendary cowboys who've made their mark in the Lone Star State. But we need your help to crown the ultimate cowboy! Cast your vote for your favorite or suggest a missing gunslinger in our epic showdown of Texas' finest. With thousands of polls and rankings covering a vast range of topics, StrawPoll is the ultimate destination for you to make your voice heard. So grab your boots, don your cowboy hat, and let's ride into the sunset as we uncover the most revered cowboy in Texas history. Yeehaw!

Who Is the Most Famous Cowboy in Texas?

  1. 1
    Davy Crockett
    ABC Television · Public domain
    He was a folk hero and frontiersman who fought in the Texas Revolution and died in the Battle of the Alamo. His image and legend have become synonymous with Texas.
    Davy Crockett is a legendary American folk hero known for his frontier adventures and larger-than-life persona. He is often depicted as a skilled frontiersman, hunter, and soldier, embodying the spirit of the American West.
    • Birthdate: August 17, 1786
    • Birthplace: Greene County, Tennessee, United States
    • Occupation: Frontiersman, hunter, soldier, politician
    • Famous Exploits: Fought in the Texas Revolution, particularly at the Battle of the Alamo
    • Nickname: King of the Wild Frontier
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  2. 2
    He was a politician, soldier, and statesman who played a crucial role in the Texas Revolution and became the first president of the Republic of Texas. He is often portrayed as a cowboy in popular culture.
  3. 3
    He was a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers who became known as the "Texas Cowboy." He grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas and is a symbol of the state's cowboy culture.
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  4. 4
    Chuck Norris
    Staff Sgt. Tony Foster · Public domain
    He is an actor, martial artist, and former professional fighter who has become a pop culture icon. He is often associated with the tough, rugged image of a cowboy.
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  5. 5

    Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson
    He is a country music legend and cultural icon who was born in Texas and has written many songs about the state's cowboy heritage. He is often seen as a symbol of the "outlaw" cowboy lifestyle.
    The Willie Nelson version of 'Hallelujah' is a renowned rendition of the iconic song originally written by Leonard Cohen. Willie Nelson, a legendary American country music singer-songwriter and guitarist, gave his unique interpretation of this timeless classic.
    • Year of Release: 1984
    • Genre: Country
    • Album: Various Artists - 'Various Positions' (Leonard Cohen tribute album)
    • Length: 4:59
    • Chart Performance: The song did not receive significant chart success but became a fan-favorite and a classic within Willie Nelson's discography.
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  6. 6
    Roy Rogers
    Joseph Kane · Public domain
    He was a singer, actor, and cowboy who starred in many Western films and TV shows. He was known for his clean-cut image and wholesome values, which made him a popular hero to children.
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  7. 7
    He was a rodeo cowboy who invented the sport of bulldogging, which involves wrestling a steer to the ground by biting its lip. He is considered a pioneer of modern rodeo and a symbol of Texas cowboy culture.
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  8. 8
    Tom Mix
    National Photo Company · Public domain

    Tom Mix

    E.N. Dally
    He was a silent film actor and cowboy who starred in many Westerns during the early 20th century. He was known for his flashy costumes, daring stunts, and heroic image.
    The 'Tom Mix' is a style of cowboy hat that gained popularity in the early 20th century. It is characterized by its distinctive high crown and wide brim, which provided ample protection from the sun. The hat has a prominent crease along the top of the crown and often features decorative accents such as a hatband or silver conchos.
    • Crown Height: Approximately 6 inches
    • Brim Width: Around 4 inches
    • Crease Style: Rancher crease
    • Material: Typically made of felt or straw
    • Color Options: Various earth tones
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  9. 9
    He is a country music singer and songwriter who has been called the "King of Country." He is known for his traditional style and songs that celebrate the cowboy way of life.
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  10. 10
    He was a legendary actor who starred in many Western films and became known as the epitome of the American cowboy. He was known for his rugged, masculine image and his portrayal of heroic characters.
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    The cowboy's impact on Texan history and legacy.
  2. Popularity
    The cowboy's popularity among the public and throughout history.
  3. Achievements
    The cowboy's accomplishments as a cowboy, rancher, or rodeo star.
  4. Cultural Significance
    The cowboy's representation of Texan culture and identity.
  5. Longevity
    The cowboy's longevity as a prominent figure in Texan history and culture.
  6. Popular Culture Representation
    The cowboy's representation in movies, TV shows, literature or music.

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Texas is known for many things, from its BBQ to its oil fields, but perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of the Lone Star State is the cowboy. Cowboys have been an integral part of Texas history and culture for well over a century, helping to build the state's economy and shape its identity. From their distinctive hats and boots, to their rugged independence and adventurous spirit, cowboys have come to embody the very essence of Texas itself. But who is the most famous cowboy in Texas? It's a question that has been debated for years, with many different names being put forward as contenders. In this article, we'll explore some of the top candidates and try to determine just who deserves the title of Texas' most famous cowboy.

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