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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 07:29
Understanding the most notorious crime families offers a glimpse into a hidden side of history, shaped by underground dealings and the quest for power. It sheds light on how certain families rose to prominence, influencing both illegal and legitimate spheres. Such knowledge serves as a critical resource for educational and informative purposes, helping to demystify complex networks. On this site, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion by voting for who you think are the most influential crime families. Each vote contributes to a live ranking, reflecting current public perception and interest. By participating, you help create a dynamic snapshot of crime family notoriety, enriching your understanding and that of others interested in the topic.

Which Is the Most Famous Crime Family?

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    Chicago Outfit

    An American criminal organization based in Chicago, distinct from the New York families.
    • Notable Leader: Al Capone
    • Founded: 1910s
  2. 2


    Another member of the 'Five Families'. Known for their influence and control over organized crime in the United States.
    • Notable Leader: Vito Genovese
    • Founded: 1890s
  3. 3


    The youngest of the 'Five Families' that controls organized crime activities in New York City, USA.
    • Notable Leader: Joseph Colombo
    • Founded: 1928
  4. 4


    An Italian Mafia-type crime syndicate, or secret society, originating in the region of Campania.
    • Notable Leader: Raffaele Cutolo
    • Founded: 17th century
  5. 5


    A powerful New York City-based Mafia family, one of the 'Five Families'.
    • Notable Leader: Joseph Bonanno
    • Founded: 1900s
  6. 6


    One of the 'Five Families' that dominates organized crime activities in New York City, USA.
    • Notable Leader: Carlo Gambino
    • Founded: 1900s
  7. 7


    Part of the 'Five Families' that dominate organized crime in New York City, with strong influence in the construction industry.
    • Notable Leader: Tommy Lucchese
    • Founded: 1920s
  8. 8

    Los Zetas

    A Mexican criminal syndicate, known for its violent tactics and diversified criminal activities.
    • Notable Leader: Heriberto Lazcano
    • Founded: 1999
  9. 9


    A transnational organized crime syndicate originating in Japan, known for their strict codes of conduct.
    • Notable Group: Yamaguchi-gumi
    • Founded: 17th century
  10. 10

    Sinaloa Cartel

    One of the most powerful international drug trafficking syndicates, based in Mexico.
    • Notable Leader: Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán
    • Founded: 1989

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More about the Most Famous Crime Family

Chicago Outfit
Rank #1 for the most famous crime family: Chicago Outfit (Source)
Crime families have always fascinated people. Their stories often mix power, loyalty, and betrayal. These families operate outside the law, using their own rules. They thrive in secrecy and fear. The most famous crime families often have a long history. They start small, then grow through illegal activities. These can include gambling, drugs, and extortion.

These families usually have a strict hierarchy. At the top is the boss, who makes all the big decisions. Below him are the underboss and consigliere. They help manage the day-to-day affairs. Soldiers and associates carry out orders and tasks. Loyalty to the family is crucial. Betrayal often leads to severe punishment, sometimes even death.

The rise of these families often ties to times of economic hardship. People turn to them for protection or financial help. In return, they owe favors or money. This builds a network of influence and control. Law enforcement finds it hard to infiltrate these families. They communicate in code and trust only insiders.

These crime families also have a strong cultural aspect. Many come from tight-knit communities. Family ties and traditions play a big role. They often support local businesses and charities. This helps them gain public support and hide their illegal activities.

Media has played a big role in their fame. Movies, books, and TV shows often glamorize their lives. They show the power and wealth but also the violence and betrayal. This duality intrigues people. It creates a mix of fear and admiration.

Law enforcement has tried to dismantle these families for years. They use undercover agents, wiretaps, and informants. Sometimes they succeed, but the families often adapt. They find new ways to operate and continue their activities.

Despite their criminal nature, these families follow a code of honor. They have rules about respect, loyalty, and family. Breaking these rules can lead to severe consequences. This code helps maintain order and discipline within the family.

The impact of these families extends beyond crime. They influence politics, business, and society. Their reach can be global, affecting many countries. Yet, they remain elusive, always one step ahead of the law.

Understanding these crime families requires looking beyond their illegal actions. They are complex organizations with their own culture and rules. They thrive in the shadows but leave a lasting impact on society. Their stories continue to captivate and warn, reminding us of the thin line between order and chaos.

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