The Most Famous Killer in Massachusetts: An Intriguing Examination of Notorious Crime Figures

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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Apr 15, 2024 08:18
Step right into the chilling world of Massachusetts' most notorious killers with StrawPoll's latest spine-tingling ranking! Unravel the twisted tales of infamous murderers who have haunted the Bay State and cast your vote for the most famous among them. Delve deep into their heinous crimes, shocking motives, and sinister legacies that have left an indelible mark on history. But beware, the darkness can be addictive, and you may find yourself drawn to explore the lesser-known names lurking in the shadows. Think we've missed a menacing figure? Then bring them to light by suggesting a missing option. Remember, every vote counts, so join the spine-chilling journey and help us uncover the most famous killer in Massachusetts. Can you handle the suspense?

Who Is the Most Famous Killer in Massachusetts?

  1. 1
    Albert DeSalvo
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) -Strangler Bureau · Public domain
    Known as the "Boston Strangler," DeSalvo was responsible for sexually assaulting and murdering 13 women in the Boston area in the early 1960s. He confessed to the crimes and was sentenced to life in prison, where he was later killed by another inmate.
  2. 2
    Aaron Hernandez
    Jeffrey Beall · CC BY 3.0
    A former NFL player, Hernandez was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013 and was later found guilty of a double murder in 2012. He committed suicide in prison in 2017.
  3. 3
    Bulger was a notorious organized crime boss in Boston who was convicted of 11 murders in 2013. He was found dead in prison in 2018.
    James "Whitey" Bulger in other rankings
  4. 4
    In 1994, Salvi opened fire at two abortion clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts, killing two people and injuring five others. He was later found dead in his prison cell.
  5. 5
    A biology professor at the University of Alabama, Bishop shot and killed three colleagues during a faculty meeting in 2010. She had previously been involved in a shooting in Massachusetts in 1986, where her brother was killed.
  6. 6
    Sampson was convicted of killing three people in Massachusetts in 2001. He had previously served time for other violent crimes and was on parole at the time of the murders.
  7. 7
    Known as the "Bedroom Basher," Nassar was responsible for a string of rapes and murders in the Boston area in the 1970s. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1978.
  8. 8
    Although not from Massachusetts, Ray's crimes were discovered in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, he was known as the "Toy-Box Killer" and was responsible for the kidnapping, torture, and rape of multiple women. He died in prison in 2002.
  9. 9
    Also known as the "Hillside Strangler," Bianchi was responsible for the murders of 10 women in California in the late 1970s. He later moved to Bellingham, Massachusetts, where he was arrested for the murder of two more women.
  10. 10
    A con artist who posed as a member of the Rockefeller family, he was convicted of kidnapping his daughter in Boston in 2008. He had previously been involved in a murder in California in the 1980s.

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Ranking factors for famous killer

  1. The number of victims
    The more victims a killer has, the more notorious they may be.
  2. Infamy
    The level of notoriety and publicity a killer has received in media.
  3. Methodology
    The manner in which the killer selected and carried out their crimes.
  4. Motive
    The reasons why a killer committed their crimes can often add to their infamy.
  5. Historical significance
    Using a historical lens, a killer may have particular cultural or social relevance in context to the time in which they lived.

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Background Information: Massachusetts, known for its rich history and cultural heritage, has been the site of some of the most notorious and gruesome killings in American history. From the infamous Boston Strangler to the chilling case of the Boston Marathon bombers, Massachusetts has seen its fair share of shocking crimes. But who is the most famous killer in Massachusetts? Is it the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger or the infamous Lizzie Borden? Or is it someone else entirely? Join us as we delve into the dark and twisted world of Massachusetts' most infamous killers.

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