The Most Famous Person in Cork: A Ranking of Notable Figures

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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 17, 2024 07:16
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! Today, we're diving into the heart of the Rebel County to settle the debate on "Who is the most famous person in Cork?" From legendary sports stars to iconic musicians, Corkonians have made their mark on the world stage. But who truly deserves the title? We've curated a list of the top contenders, and now it's time for you to weigh in! Cast your vote for your favorite Corkonian, or suggest a missing luminary that deserves a spot in the ranking. Join the conversation, make your voice heard, and be part of determining Cork's ultimate claim to fame, right here on StrawPoll!

Who Is the Most Famous Person in Cork?

  1. 1
    Former professional footballer and manager, born in Cork and played for both Cork City and Manchester United. Known for his fierce temperament on the pitch and controversial comments off it.
    Roy Keane in other rankings
  2. 2
    Irish revolutionary and politician who played a leading role in the struggle for Irish independence. Born in Cork, he was a key figure in the Easter Rising and later became a member of the Irish Free State government.
    Michael Collins in other rankings
  3. 3
    Television presenter, comedian, and actor, born in Cork and known for his irreverent wit and charm. Host of the popular chat show The Graham Norton Show.
  4. 4
    Irish blues and rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter, born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, and raised in Cork. Known for his virtuoso guitar playing and passionate live performances.
  5. 5
    Hurling legend and one of the greatest players of all time. Born in Cork, he won eight All-Ireland medals and was named Hurler of the Year three times.
  6. 6
    Frank O'Connor
    Unknown photographer · Public domain
    Writer and literary critic, born in Cork and known for his short stories and memoirs. Considered one of the leading figures of modern Irish literature.
  7. 7
    Former Olympic athlete and world champion in track and field, born in Cobh, County Cork. Known for her success in long-distance running and her competitive spirit.
  8. 8
    Ronan O'Gara
    Clément Bucco-Lechat · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Former professional rugby player and current coach, born in San Diego but raised in Cork. Known for his success with Munster and the Irish national team, as well as his kicking skills.
    Ronan O'Gara in other rankings
  9. 9
    Actor known for his roles in films such as Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, and Peaky Blinders. Born and raised in Cork, he is known for his intense and brooding performances.
    Cillian Murphy in other rankings
  10. 10
    Former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, born in Cork and known for his leadership during a turbulent period in Irish history. He served as Taoiseach twice and was also a successful sportsman, playing for both Cork GAA and the Irish rugby team.

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Ranking factors for famous person

  1. Accomplishments
    The individual's achievements and contributions to their respective field, whether it be in the arts, sports, business, or other domains. 2. Recognition: The level of recognition the person has received locally, nationally, and internationally. This can include awards, honors, and media coverage.
  2. Impact
    The individual's impact on Cork, its communities, and the wider world. This can include positive contributions to society, philanthropy, or any notable influence on the city and its people.
  3. Popularity
    The person's overall popularity and public appeal, including factors such as fan base, social media presence, and general public interest.
  4. Legacy
    The lasting impression the person has made on Cork's history and culture, as well as their influence on future generations.
  5. Cultural significance
    The individual's representation of Cork's identity, values, and traditions, and how they have contributed to its cultural heritage.

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More information on most famous person in cork

Cork is a bustling city located in the south of Ireland, known for its rich culture, history, and vibrant nightlife. It has produced many famous personalities over the years, including musicians, actors, writers, and politicians. The city has also been home to some of the most renowned athletes and sports personalities in Ireland. With so many notable figures hailing from Cork, it's no surprise that the question of who is the most famous person in Cork has sparked much debate and speculation. From legendary musicians like Rory Gallagher to acclaimed actors like Cillian Murphy, Cork has produced many famous names that have left their mark on the world stage. So, who will take the crown as Cork's most famous personality? Let's find out through our StrawPoll!

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