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Welcome to StrawPoll's Ultimate Skyrim Showdown! Are you ready to dive into the mystical world of Skyrim and determine which class="font-bold">class truly reigns supreme? Thousands of adventurers like you have embarked on thrilling quests, slaying dragons, and exploring the vast realms of Tamriel. But the time has come to settle the age-old debate – "What is the most fun class to play in Skyrim?" Cast your vote for your favorite class, be it the stealthy Assassin, the powerful Mage, or the resilient Warrior. Or perhaps you have a unique class that deserves a spot in our epic ranking? Don't hold back! Share your wisdom, suggest a missing option, and together, we shall crown the ultimate Skyrim class champion! The fate of Tamriel lies in your hands – let the battle commence!

What Is the Most Fun Class to Play in Skyrim? (October 2023)

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    This class is incredibly fun as you can sneak around and take out enemies with your bow without them even knowing you're there. It's also great for exploring as you can avoid a lot of fights.
    The Stealth Archer is a popular and enjoyable build in Skyrim that focuses on silent and long-range combat. It involves using a bow and arrow to deal massive damage from a distance while remaining undetected. This build offers a thrilling experience for players who prefer a sneaky and strategic playstyle.
    • Playstyle: Stealthy and long-range combat
    • Main Weapon: Bow and arrows
    • Skills: Archery, Sneak, and Light Armor
    • Playstyle Focus: Remaining undetected and dealing high damage
    • Perks: Stealth perks for increased sneakiness, Archery perks for more damage, and Light Armor perks for enhanced mobility
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    Destruction Mage

    Bethesda Game Studios
    This class is all about using magic to deal damage. You can set enemies on fire, freeze them, or shock them with lightning spells. It's a lot of fun to see the different effects your spells can have.
    The Destruction Mage in Skyrim is a spellcasting class that focuses on harnessing the power of destruction magic to obliterate enemies. With a wide range of destructive spells at their disposal, these mages are capable of inflicting devastating damage from a distance.
    • Primary Skills: Destruction, Restoration, Enchanting
    • Preferred Armor: Robes, Light Armor
    • Weapon of Choice: Destruction Spells, Staves
    • Favored Attributes: Magicka, Health
    • Playstyle: Offensive, Ranged
  3. 3

    Two-Handed Warrior

    Bethesda Game Studios
    This class is all about using big, heavy weapons to smash your enemies. It's satisfying to see them go flying when you land a hit.
    The Two-Handed Warrior in Skyrim is a class that focuses on wielding a massive two-handed weapon to deal devastating damage to enemies. With their immense strength and skill with heavy weapons, they are able to overpower opponents with single strikes. The Two-Handed Warrior is known for their ability to cleave through multiple enemies at once, making them a fierce force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
    • Weapon Proficiency: Skilled in the use of two-handed weapons such as greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers.
    • Power Attacks: Capable of unleashing powerful and deadly strikes that can stagger enemies.
    • Sweep: Able to perform a wide sweeping attack that hits multiple targets.
    • Critical Strikes: Has a high chance to land critical hits, causing even more damage.
    • Armor: Usually wears heavy armor for added protection in close combat situations.
  4. 4

    One-Handed Warrior

    This class is similar to the two-handed warrior, but you use smaller weapons like swords and axes. It's a bit faster-paced and you can use a shield to block attacks.
    The One-Handed Warrior is a class build in Skyrim, focused on utilizing one-handed weapons and heavy armor to excel in close combat. This playstyle offers an exciting and dynamic experience, allowing players to quickly dispatch enemies with powerful weapon strikes while maintaining a sturdy defense. The One-Handed Warrior is a versatile class that combines high damage output with increased survivability.
    • Combat Style: Close quarters combat, relying on one-handed weapons.
    • Armor: Heavy armor for maximum protection.
    • Weapons: One-handed swords, axes, maces, and shields.
    • Skills: Focus on One-Handed, Block, and Smithing skills.
    • Perks: Invest in perks that boost one-handed weapon damage and defensive abilities.
  5. 5

    Illusion Mage

    This class is all about using magic to manipulate your enemies. You can make them fight each other, run away in fear, or even forget they saw you. It's a lot of fun to see the different effects your spells can have.
    The Illusion Mage is a unique class in Skyrim that harnesses the power of illusion magic to manipulate enemies and control their minds. This class focuses on using spells and abilities to create chaos and confusion in combat, turning foes against each other and rendering their attacks ineffective.
    • Magic Specialty: Illusion
    • Primary Skills: Illusion, Alteration
    • Secondary Skills: Destruction, Sneak
    • Race: High Elf or Breton for magic bonuses
    • Favored Attributes: Magicka and Stamina
  6. 6
    This class is similar to the stealth archer, but you use daggers to take out enemies up close. It's satisfying to sneak up on someone and take them out with a single hit.
    The 'Sneaky Assassin' is a playstyle in Skyrim that focuses on stealth and precision, employing sneaking and assassination techniques to dispatch enemies silently and swiftly. This class excels in surprise attacks and strategic eliminations, with a combination of archery, one-handed weapons, and illusion magic. The 'Sneaky Assassin' relies on careful planning, positioning, and shadowy tactics to overcome foes without being detected.
    • Primary Skills: Archery, Sneak, One-handed, Illusion
    • Weaponry: Bow and arrows, Dagger/Blade (One-handed)
    • Armor: Light armor for improved sneaking abilities
    • Magic: Illusion spells (such as Muffle and Invisibility) for enhanced stealth
    • Perks: Sneak perks (e.g., Stealth, Backstab), Archery perks (e.g., Eagle Eye, Power Shot), One-handed perks (e.g., Armsman, Assassin's Blade)
  7. 7

    Conjuration Mage

    Bethesda Game Studios
    This class is all about summoning creatures to fight for you. You can summon everything from skeletons to daedra to help you in battle. It's a lot of fun to see the different creatures you can summon.
    The Conjuration Mage is a unique class in Skyrim that focuses on summoning and controlling various creatures and beings to aid them in combat. With powerful summoning spells and a wide range of conjuration-based abilities, this class offers a fresh and exciting playstyle for players who enjoy magic-centric gameplay.
    • Summoning Spells: Master the art of summoning various creatures, such as Atronachs, Undead, and Daedra.
    • Bound Weapons: Conjure weapons to enhance your combat prowess, including bows, swords, and axes.
    • Soul Trap: Capture the souls of defeated enemies to recharge your magical powers and create powerful enchanted items.
    • Ritual Stone: Harness the power of the Ritual Stone to raise fallen enemies and allies as powerful undead minions.
    • Necromancy: Pursue the path of necromancy and gain control over undead creatures, commanding them to fight for you.
  8. 8

    Heavy Armor Warrior

    This class is all about using heavy armor to tank through enemy attacks. You can take a lot of damage and keep fighting. It's satisfying to feel invincible in battle.
    The Heavy Armor Warrior in Skyrim is a build centered around wearing heavy armor and using melee weapons to decimate enemies in close combat. Created by the renowned Skyrim player and modder, FudgeMuppet, this class offers a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience.
    • Armor Focus: Puts emphasis on maximizing the armor stats to become an impenetrable tank.
    • Weapon Mastery: Proficient in one-handed weapons or two-handed weapons, based on personal preference.
    • Melee Brute Force: Utilizes brute strength and powerful melee attacks to overpower opponents.
    • Shield or Dual Wield: Offers the choice of utilizing a shield for extra defense or dual-wielding weapons for increased offense.
    • Smithing Expertise: Mastering the Smithing skill tree to enhance armor and weapons.
  9. 9

    Light Armor Warrior

    Skyrim Player's Guide
    This class is similar to the heavy armor warrior, but you use lighter armor to move faster and be more agile. It's a bit more challenging, but can be a lot of fun.
    The Light Armor Warrior is an exciting class in Skyrim that combines the agility and speed of a light armor user with the combat prowess of a warrior. This playstyle focuses on fast-paced, maneuverable combat and swift movements, allowing the player to quickly close in on enemies and swiftly dispatch them with their weapons of choice.
    • Armor Type: Light Armor
    • Combat Style: Melee
    • Main Weapons: One-handed weapons (swords, axes, maces)
    • Secondary Weapons: Bows/crossbows, throwing weapons
    • Perks: Archery, One-Handed, Light Armor, Sneak
  10. 10
    This class is all about using magic to heal yourself and your allies. It's a great support class and can be very helpful in tough battles.
    The Restoration Mage is a versatile and rewarding class to play in Skyrim. This class focuses on the Restoration school of magic, using spells to heal oneself and allies, cleanse diseases, and turn undead creatures. It combines essential support abilities with moderate offensive capabilities, making it a valuable asset in any combat situation. The Restoration Mage offers a unique playstyle that emphasizes maintaining the health and well-being of both the player character and their companions.
    • Primary Skills: Restoration, Alteration
    • Secondary Skills: One-handed, Destruction
    • Armor Types: Light Armor, Clothing
    • Recommended Races: Breton, Altmer
    • Recommended Standing Stones: The Atronach, The Lady

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Ranking factors for fun class

  1. Playstyle preference
    Each player has their own playstyle, which can be influenced by their gaming experience and general preferences. Some players enjoy stealth-based classes, while others prefer melee or magic-based ones.
  2. Versatility
    Classes that allow for a variety of gameplay options, such as combat styles, crafting options, and diverse skill trees, are generally more fun to play as they let players experiment with different approaches to situations.
  3. Skill progression
    A rewarding and diverse skill progression system can make a class more enjoyable to play. Classes that offer a good mix of active and passive abilities, as well as interesting perk choices, will rank higher in terms of fun.
  4. Combat mechanics
    Engaging and varied combat mechanics can contribute to the fun factor of a class. Classes with dynamic combat mechanics, such as powerful spells or impressive melee moves, can be more enjoyable to play.
  5. Balance between challenge and ease
    A class should ideally offer a balance between being challenging enough to not be too easy and boring but without being overly difficult and frustrating to play.
  6. Unique abilities or mechanics
    Classes that have unique abilities or mechanics that set them apart from the others can be more interesting and enjoyable to play. For example, a class may have an exclusive power or skill tree that only they can access.
  7. Interaction with game world and NPCs
    How a class interacts with the game world and non-playable characters (NPCs) can influence how fun it is to play. Some classes may have unique dialogue options, affiliations, or storylines that make for a more engaging experience.
  8. Aesthetic appeal
    The visual appearance and style of a class, including armor and weapon styles, can have an impact on the overall enjoyment of playing that class.

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