The Most Handsome Vampire in Twilight: A Ranking of Mesmerizing Creatures

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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 24, 2024 07:21
Dive into the world of Twilight and join us in settling the most thrilling debate of the century - Who is the most handsome vampire in Twilight? At StrawPoll, we have crafted a captivating ranking that features your favorite bloodsuckers, from the enigmatic Edward Cullen to the fierce Jasper Hale. We know that choosing just one may be a daunting task, but your vote could make all the difference! Can't find your beloved vampire on our list? Fret not! You can even suggest a missing option, and watch as fellow Twilight fans rally behind your choice. So, sink your teeth into this mesmerizing poll and let's discover together who reigns supreme in the realm of irresistible Twilight vampires. Vote now and quench your thirst for the ultimate vampire heartthrob!

Who Is the Most Handsome Vampire in Twilight?

  1. 1
    Edward Cullen is played by Robert Pattinson, Edward is the protagonist of the Twilight series and is described as having "bronze" hair, "chiseled" features, and a "dazzling" smile. He is considered the most handsome vampire by many fans of the series.
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  2. 2
    Jasper Hale - played by Jackson Rathbone, Jasper is described as having "blond" hair and "sharp" features. He is known for his ability to manipulate emotions and is often described as brooding and intense.
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  3. 3
    Carlisle Cullen is played by Peter Facinelli, Carlisle is the patriarch of the Cullen family and is described as having "blond" hair, "pale" skin, and a "handsome" face. He is known for his compassion and medical expertise.
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  4. 4
    Demetri is played by Charlie Bewley, Demetri is a member of the Volturi guard and is described as having "short, jet-black" hair and "striking" features. He is known for his tracking abilities and loyalty to the Volturi.
  5. 5
    Laurent played by Edi Gathegi, Laurent is a nomadic vampire and is described as having "ebony" hair and a "Greek god's" physique. He is known for his charm and ability to blend in with humans.
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  6. 6


    Aro played by Michael Sheen, Aro is the leader of the Volturi and is described as having "long, jet-black" hair and a "delicate" face. He is known for his intelligence and love of power.
  7. 7
    James played by Cam Gigandet, James is a tracker vampire and is described as having "bronze" hair and a "sinewy" build. He is known for his sadistic nature and desire to hunt Bella.
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  8. 8
    Eleazar is played by Christian Camargo, Eleazar is a member of the Denali coven and is described as having "sharp" features and "intense" eyes. He is known for his ability to sense the gifts of other vampires.
  9. 9
    Garrett played by Lee Pace, Garrett is a nomadic vampire and is described as having "long" hair and "rugged" features. He is known for his rebellious nature and loyalty to his friends.
  10. 10
    Benjamin played by Rami Malek, Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian coven and is described as having "large, liquid" eyes and a "handsome" face. He is known for his ability to control the elements.
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Ranking factors for handsome vampire

  1. Physical appearance
    This includes factors such as facial features, overall beauty, and attractiveness.
  2. Charisma and charm
    The character's ability to captivate others with their presence, charm, and magnetic personality.
  3. Fashion sense
    How well the character's style and fashion choices align with their personality and enhance their overall appeal.
  4. Confidence
    The character's self-assurance and how it adds to their attractiveness.
  5. Screen presence
    How well the actor portrays the character and brings their charm and charisma to life on screen.

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More information on most handsome vampire in twilight

Twilight, the popular book series by Stephenie Meyer, has taken the world by storm with its captivating storyline and intriguing characters. One of the most iconic characters in the series are the vampires, who are known for their unique blend of beauty and danger. Among them, the Cullen family stands out for their striking good looks, with each member possessing a distinct charm that has captured the hearts of many readers. In this poll, we aim to determine who among the Cullen vampires is the most handsome. Will it be the brooding Edward, the charming Jasper, or the ruggedly handsome Emmett? Cast your vote and let your voice be heard!

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