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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Jun 20, 2024 07:59
Fans of wrestling know how dynamic and engaging the athletes of AEW can be, each bringing their unique flair and skills to the ring. With such a wide array of talent, it becomes intriguing to see which wrestler resonates the most with the audience. A ranking based on fan votes provides a clear picture of who is capturing the audience's admiration the most. This live ranking system allows you to vote for your favorite AEW wrestlers and see how they stack up against their peers according to the preferences of fans around the world. Your participation directly influences the ranking, giving you a voice in determining who is the most celebrated wrestler in AEW. It also keeps the list updated and reflective of current fan opinions.

Who Is the Most Popular AEW Wrestler?

  1. 1

    Chris Jericho

    A veteran wrestler with a career spanning over three decades, known for his charisma and adaptability.
    • Championships: First AEW World Champion
    • Nickname: Le Champion
  2. 2

    Kenny Omega

    A Canadian professional wrestler known for his athleticism and high-flying style.
    • Championships: AEW World Champion, AAA Mega Champion
    • Style: High-flying, technical
  3. 3

    Jon Moxley

    Known for his intense style and mic skills, Moxley is a former AEW World Champion.
    • Championships: AEW World Champion
    • Former WWE Name: Dean Ambrose
  4. 4

    Cody Rhodes

    One of the founding members of AEW, known for his storytelling and legacy in wrestling.
    • Championships: AEW TNT Champion
    • Legacy: Son of Dusty Rhodes
  5. 5

    The Young Bucks

    Matt and Nick Jackson, known for their high-flying tag team maneuvers and being EVPs of AEW.
    • Championships: AEW World Tag Team Champions
    • Style: High-flying
  6. 6


    Maxwell Jacob Friedman, known for his excellent mic skills and being one of the top heels in AEW.
    • Championships: None
    • Gimmick: Heel
  7. 7

    Darby Allin

    Known for his daredevil style and unique persona, Allin is a former TNT Champion.
    • Championships: AEW TNT Champion
    • Style: High-risk
  8. 8

    Hangman Adam Page

    A crowd favorite for his cowboy persona and in-ring ability.
    • Championships: AEW World Champion
    • Gimmick: Cowboy
  9. 9

    Orange Cassidy

    Known for his laid-back style and minimal effort gimmick, Cassidy is a fan favorite.
    • Gimmick: Minimal effort
    • Championships: None
  10. 10


    A high-flying wrestler from England, known for his agility and strength.
    • Former WWE Name: Neville
    • Style: High-flying, technical

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More about the Most Popular AEW Wrestler

Chris Jericho
Rank #1 for the most popular AEW wrestler: Chris Jericho (Source)
All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has grown fast since its start in 2019. The promotion offers a mix of high-flying action, strong storytelling, and unique characters. Fans enjoy the blend of athleticism and drama. Wrestlers in AEW come from various backgrounds, adding to the rich tapestry of the show.

One key to AEW's success is its roster. The wrestlers bring different styles and skills to the ring. Some excel in technical wrestling, while others bring a brawling style. High-flyers add excitement with their acrobatic moves. This variety keeps fans engaged and eager for more.

AEW's wrestlers often have deep connections with the audience. They build these bonds through their charisma and in-ring performances. Many wrestlers interact with fans on social media, adding another layer to their appeal. This connection helps create a loyal fan base.

Storylines in AEW are another draw for fans. Wrestlers often have long-term feuds and rivalries. These stories add depth to the matches and give fans reasons to care about the outcomes. The promotion also allows wrestlers creative freedom, which leads to unique and compelling narratives.

AEW's wrestlers often have experience from other promotions. This experience adds to their skill and knowledge. Many have honed their craft in places like Japan, Mexico, and Europe. This global experience enriches the product and offers fans a diverse range of styles.

The promotion also focuses on tag team wrestling. This aspect sets AEW apart from other wrestling companies. Tag teams in AEW are given time to shine and develop their stories. This focus adds another layer of excitement to the shows.

AEW's women's division is also a key part of its success. The promotion showcases talented female wrestlers who deliver high-quality matches. These athletes often steal the show with their performances. The women's division continues to grow and improve, offering fans more reasons to tune in.

AEW's wrestlers are not just athletes; they are also entertainers. They use their skills to tell stories in the ring. This blend of athleticism and storytelling makes AEW unique. Fans appreciate the effort and dedication of the wrestlers.

The promotion also values its fans. AEW often listens to fan feedback and makes changes based on it. This approach helps build a strong relationship with the audience. Fans feel like they are part of the promotion's growth and success.

AEW's wrestlers often have a strong work ethic. They train hard and push themselves to deliver the best performances. This dedication shows in their matches and helps build their reputations. Fans respect the effort and passion of the wrestlers.

AEW continues to grow and evolve. Its wrestlers are a big part of this success. They bring their best to every match and engage with fans. This combination of skill, storytelling, and fan connection makes AEW a standout promotion in the wrestling world.

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